Finding the Best IT Talent in a Down Market

When it comes to the great hunt for top of the line candidates who not only demonstrate superior skills in the field of information technology, but also utilize effective communication skills, there is no better time for IT recruiting companies to capitalize on finding qualified candidates than during a down market. IT staffing firms should approach a down market with a strategic plan of attack, focusing specifically on constantly targeting, identifying, and contacting clients and well rounded IT talent – and ultimately bridging the gap between them for a successful partnership.

Economic recessions can create opportunities for IT recruiting firms. However, it takes more work, longer hours and a bigger commitment from the technical recruiters. Now more than ever, IT managers are on the lookout for high-tech candidates who are not only experienced in their specific skill set, but also possess the ability to communicate effectively and comprehend the business aspect of their industry. Candidates who are able to blur the lines between the business world and the information technology world prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to helping their newfound place of employment eventually make the transition from recession to recovery. IT Managers and IT recruiters are narrowing their search for candidates who have a vast technical knowledge as well as industry experience in areas such as healthcare IT, insurance or government. The combination of specific IT skills and project management / leadership experience will continue to remain in high demand long after an economic crisis is resolved.

There you have it, the ideal combination of the perfect IT candidate. But then the question remains – where are the best of the best hiding in a down market? In order to grab hold of the cream of the crop, IT recruiting companies Boston and client companies need to ensure they are searching all of the IT job boards, social media sites, user groups, attend networking events, and most important, continually ask for high-tech referrals.

Once the IT staffing firm identifies a candidate, the technical recruiters should be thorough and honest. Even the most minor miscommunication between a candidate and technical recruiter / client company could make a placement unravel. Although the hiring process of any IT staffing firm should run like well oil machined at all times, in a weakening economy, it’s important to pay attention to detail. Streamlining the interview process must remain a high priority, leaving no stone unturned or candidate question ignored. If an IT recruiter Boston misses leaves out even a minor detail of the position, it can implode the entire placement.

The year 2010 has also shown changes in the traditional process of the IT recruitment method. Due to the economic downturn, there is an abundance of high-tech candidates on the job market. IT recruiters MA will not be successful if they are not utilizes all of the IT job boards and websites available to them. The most successful IT staffing companies track which methods of recruiting bring the most viable candidates. Careful consideration should be taken when deciding which method would work best for a specific job requirement. For example, the most common job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder will work best for IT recruiting network professionals. Career fairs would prove to be most valuable for a position that is looking for someone directly out of college. In a down market companies should take the opportunity to think outside the box, and look for new ways to step up their IT recruiting methods, setting the bar higher than the competition.

There is a silver lining for IT recruiting agencies in a down market. A down market can provide opportunity. With the abundance of prospective candidates on the market, the IT recruiting firms with the most open requirements can propel their growth. In addition, the strong/hard-working IT recruiting companies capitalize on the smaller/weaker companies who don’t survive. However, the key ingredient to success in a strong or weak market is simple: hard work.

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