How do IT Recruiters Find Candidates?

Looking for a new technical job can be difficult and sometimes lengthy process.  One way to improve your job search is to distribute your information and resume through multiple channels. When it comes to a job search it is important to use every resource available and to reach the largest audience possible. With the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Linkedin or job boards such as Monster, Dice and CareerBuilder reaching a large audience has never been this simple. So how do technical recruiters find you or your resume? Many of the channels utilized are social networking sites, IT job boards, job fairs, as well as referrals. To help improve your job search it is necessary to understand where IT recruiters look to find you:

  Resume Databases:  Resume database are often the first stop for many technical recruiters in the IT staffing industry.  IT Recruiters Boston commonly use resume databases such as: Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed,, and SimplyHired. In addition to searching national job boards recruiters often use local or regional job boards such as BostonWorks (found on  The draw for most technical recruiters is the fact that candidates are typically active.  The IT recruiter can search by the date in which the candidate posted his or her resume.  Therefore, one recommendation to prospective candidates is to simply refresh your resume on a weekly basis to ensure your information sits atop most search results.  Another tip would be to make your profile public.

  Online job boards: Online job boards are often the first stop with IT recruiters Boston. Many of these sites have a generous number of IT jobs to search through.  However, technical recruiters will not always post jobs to these boards, especially when they’re confident that they can identify their candidates through natural resume searches.

  Social networking sites: Although social networking sites are not designed to post your resume they are designed to expand your network. When searching for a technical job networking can be invaluable. High-tech Recruiters will search social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Jobster. If you are currently seeking a job it is recommended that you create profiles on these sites. When creating a profile make sure to include recent job titles as this is one way IT staffing companies will be able to find you. In addition, if you are planning to utilize social networking sites, make sure to keep your profile professional and think about taking advantage of privacy settings.

  Professional groups/organizations: If IT recruiters are searching for a specific technology or skill set; they would contact niche user groups and/or trade organizations.  Therefore, as a prospective candidate, go out of your way to sign up and join as many local and national appropriate groups and organizations that you can find. For example, if a technical recruiter was searching for an IT Auditor, one such local group they would like at is the New England Chapter of IT Auditors. User groups are easy to find online or on social networking sites such as LinkedIn. IT headhunters often search for professionals as well as post jobs in these groups.

  Forums and blogs: Being active in your professional community is a great way to network. Posting projects and being part of discussions not only helps to keep you current in your field but it is an effective way to network and meet various IT recruiting agencies as well as hiring managers.

  Job fairs: IT job fairs can be a valuable resource for a job seeker as they allow for face-to-face meetings with technical recruiters MA as well as potentially even IT managers. To ensure that you get the most out of a job fair first take some time to identify and research the specific IT recruiting firms or client companies that you would like to visit with. Create a schedule for the job fair and remember to bring plenty of copies of your resume and business cards. Virtual job fairs are becoming more popular and can also be effective (you obviously just lose the ability to put a face with the name).

  Referrals: To increase the chances of your resume falling into the right hands it is important to reach out to your professional network. Reach out to ex-colleagues who have moved on to new companies or your college alumni network and send your resume to them. One approach could be to send your resume to contacts in your network and have those contacts pass it along to high-tech recruiters and IT managers in their network. This will not only help to distribute your resume but it will help to ensure that it reaches the right individuals.

These are only some of the channels which IT recruiters Boston use to find you but if you take advantage of these methods the effectiveness of your technical job search can be greatly improved.

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