How IT Recruiters Are Like Sports Agents

The most common feedback from job seekers using an IT recruiter to assist with their job search is that they feel like nothing more than a number. The most difficult aspect of a technical recruiter’s job is to make a candidate feel like you are working solely with them. What is missing from this equation is trust. Instead of working with multiple IT staffing companies and dealing with multiple IT recruiters, the key is to find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable and start to look at him or her as your own personal “sports agent”.

The first step is to build a strong rapport with your IT sports agent / recruiter. He or she must understand all your strengths (personal and technical), weaknesses, commute radius, shift/hours, and additional IT job requirements. This allows the technical recruiter to work on your behalf and will allow you to relax knowing that they have your best interest in mind and know exactly what it will take to get you your ideal job.

How can you tell which IT recruiter would be the best fit for you and act, in effect, as your sports agent? These are a few key things to keep an eye out for:

Are they candid in conversations? Top notch IT recruiters will ask general questions about your background and not just specific ones for the current job they’re working on. They understand the big picture and make an effort to help you beyond just the short term.

Do they call you immediately upon receiving feedback? A trustworthy technical recruiter is forthcoming with information, knowing that it allows you the ability to make the most informed decision possible. Another sure sign is a recruiter who checks in with you, even when there is no feedback.  Good IT recruiters check in just to let you know that they are still actively working with you.

Do they understand your industry and the current job climate? It does you no good to work with an IT recruiter who has no knowledge of information technology and/or the niche that you specialize in. It is absolutely critical to find a high-tech recruiter who can direct you towards specific companies and work environments that are well suited to your personality and technical background.

Are they willing to meet with you in person? The reality is that time is limited in the world of IT recruiting. Therefore when a technical staffing specialist asks to get together and meet in person, it typically separates them from the competition and shows that they want to help make the right placement instead of making a fast buck. They should take this opportunity to create a game plan for your IT job search. This may include companies you would love to work for, companies that are a realistic match for your experience (and commute), as well as companies you want to avoid.

Do they have the necessary relationships? A job search can be a funny thing. There are more positions available than just the ones posted on the IT job boards. A strong technical recruiter will proactively market your resume around to their reputable clients and more trusted managers. It’s an easy sell when IT recruiters can speak to a manager directly about your attributes and explain why you would be a fit in their company. More often than not, the manager will give the candidate an initial opportunity to showcase their skills. The trust in the technical recruiter, and ultimately the IT staffing company, works on both ends.

Identifying a select few trustworthy local IT recruiters will prevent the saturation of your resume in the market place and can help you avoid the dreaded “double submittal.” You want to uncover the right opportunity — not just the first opportunity. Therefore, find a couple of technical recruiters that you feel comfortable with and can put faith in their abilities. Remember, working with a recruiter is often like an athlete working with a sports agent. You’re both incentivized to make the right placement for the highest possible compensation.


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