How to Send a Proper “Thank You” Note After an Interview

You spent a significant amount of time preparing for your IT job interview.  After properly researching the company and formulating informative questions for the interviewers, you’re confident that you nailed the interview.  However, your work is not done, as you still need to write a proper “Thank You” note when you get home.

With the advent of email, “Thank You” notes have been a mandatory piece of the job interview process.  It takes little time and effort to put one together, and then send electronically to the clients or IT recruiters that you met with.

“Thank You” notes show the employer that you have the initiative to go above and beyond.  However, if not done properly, it could actually hurt your chance of landing the position.  Therefore, our technical recruiters in Boston put together the following tips on how to send a proper “Thank You” note after an interview to help you put your best foot forward:

1.    Email your “Thank You” note as opposed to sending it in the mail
Although taking the time to write a hand-written note gives more of a personal touch and shows that you’re one to go above and beyond, sending an email is a better option.  For one, emails are instantaneous and should strengthen your candidacy while your interview is still fresh in the mind of the hiring managers or IT recruiters in Boston.  An email almost guarantees the interviewer(s) will receive it (as opposed to a note that could be lost in the mail or never make it to the IT manager’s desk).  Additionally, we’re not all blessed with perfect penmanship so the person reading your note may not be able to decipher what it says.  Finally, in today’s age when many employers need to fill their technical jobs as quickly as possible, by the time your note reaches it’s destination, the decision may have already been made and the IT job filled.

2.    Send your “Thank You” note on the same day as the interview – no exceptions
One of the main objectives of a “Thank You” note is to go above and beyond.  Therefore, the message needs to be sent the same day as your technical job interview otherwise it defeats the purpose.  Sending a “Thank You” the next day certainly won’t disqualify you for the position, but it’s not putting your best foot forward.  If you send the note 2+ days after the interview could actually hurt your candidacy rather than help.

3.    Reference some items/topics that you discussed in the IT job interview
Be sure to take careful notes during the interview (see AVID Blog entry: The Art of Interviewing) and then reference some of the topics that you discussed.  This will show that you were listening to what the hiring manager or IT recruiters MA were saying and will further separate you from the competition.

4.    Send each interviewer their own personal “Thank You” note.  Do not cut and paste the
same message to everyone.

As the owner of an IT recruiting firm, I have personally interviewed hundreds of people.  From firsthand experience, I can tell you that it’s a turnoff when candidates cut and paste the same message to every person they meet with (yes,
hiring managers will cross reference the emails).  Doing so actually hurts the prospective job seekers candidacy, rather than help.

Although the overall message can be the same, take the time to change the content.  Try to add something personal to each “Thank You” recipient that was discussed or uncovered in the IT job interview (for example, “congrats again on the recent promotion”).  By making each note personal, you’ll gain more respect from the hiring managers or technical recruiters.

Do not send one email and copy everyone.

5.    Keep the notes short and sweet
The reality is that most IT managers or technical recruiters in Boston are extremely busy throughout the day.  When your “Thank You” note arrives in their mailbox, chances are high that they will take a quick look at it.  Chances are even higher that they’ll read a brief note (which will earn you points for personalizing, sending the same day and hitting a couple of the items discussed during the interview).  Chances are low that they’ll read through the entire message if it’s a novel.  Short, sweet and to the point gives you the best chance for improving your candidacy.

6.    Keep the note professional
There’s obviously no room for swears (even if you’re trying to make a “damn” point), slang, offensive or negative comments in a “Thank You” note.  The content of the email should be professional and the tone positive.

Additionally, don’t take the liberty of shortening the name of a hiring manager or technical recruiter (from “Robert” to “Bob” for example) unless they introduce or clearly refer to themselves as such.  If there is any doubt in your mind as to how to address the interviewer, always go with their first full name.  Besides the fact that calling a female interview “Ms.” or “Mrs.” can be presumptuous, using a prefix along with the person’s last name is too formal.

To summarize, remember that even after nailing a job interview, it doesn’t mean that your work is done.  “Thank You” notes are a mandatory part of the IT recruitment and placement process.  Take our advice as our IT staffing company has helped thousands of people prepare for interviews and land jobs.  Email your “Thank You” note the same day as your interview and send a personalized note to each hiring manger or technical recruiter that you met with.  Keep the notes short, sweet and professional and be sure to reference items discussed in your meeting.

Following these steps won’t guarantee an IT job offer, but it will certainly help you put your best foot forward and drastically improve your chances of landing the position.

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