How You Should Handle a Call from a Technical Recruiter

Even if you’re not active on the IT job market, you might in the near future (whether your choice or that of your employer).  Therefore, when a high-tech recruiter comes calling, it never hurts to talk, or listen, to what opportunity the IT staffing firm can present to you.

Therefore, if you receive a call from an IT recruiter, we suggest that you follow the following steps.

Find a quiet place to talk.  Nobody likes hearing loud background noise on the other end of the phone.  It not only serves as a distraction for the technical recruiter, it may interrupt an otherwise good conversation or even disqualify your candidacy.  If you’re at work, try to find an empty conference room.  If you’re at home, pick a quiet room where you can listen to what opportunity the IT recruiting firm is presenting you.

Find out more about the IT recruiter and the technical staffing firm. When the IT recruiter calls, be sure to get their full name and the technical staffing firm that they work for.  Find the technical recruiter on Linkedin, review their professional experience and make sure you’re comfortable with his or her background.  Have they gone to school for information technology?  Do they have any certifications, joined groups or done anything to separate themselves from the thousands of other IT recruiters Boston?  Check out the IT staffing company’s website.  Is information technology their niche or do they recruit various industries?  Do they have a local office and/or multiple locations?  Browse the high-tech jobs on their website and see if any interest you.  If they have the capabilities to set up IT job alerts, take a few minutes and do so.  Let the technical jobs come to you.

Manage the IT recruiter’s expectations. Let them know how aggressively you’re searching for a new IT job.  If you have a sense of urgency, make sure they understand that so they can act accordingly on their end.  If you’re a passive IT job seeker, also make this known so the technical recruiter isn’t frustrated when they try to expedite client interviews or a placement.

Be clear about your salary requirements.  Don’t waste your time or the technical recruiter’s time with any opportunities that fall short of your compensation requirements.  Let them know what you need to make, whether it’s an hourly IT contract rate or a full-time salary.  Communicate your current salary and be sure to include any guaranteed bonuses or opportunities for additional income.

Inquire about the technical job opportunity.
Although most technical recruiters MA won’t provide the client name during the initial call (to protect their interests and mitigate the chance of a candidate applying directly to the company), it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask.  If the IT headhunter won’t provide the company name, then inquire more about what the company does and where they’re located.  There shouldn’t be any hidden motive other than to simply learn more about your future potential employer to ensure you’re making the right decision if you decide to allow the IT recruiter to present your resume to the hiring manager.

Also ask whether the IT staffing agency has done business with the company before.  Is there a candidate profile, education or background that the client seems to favor?  Has the recruiter spoken with or met the hiring manager?   What is the manager’s background?  What is the company culture?  Dress code?

Speak clear and articulate.   If this is your first call with the IT recruiter, then it’s your chance to make a strong first impression.  Since you’re not meeting face to face, speak clear and articulate to ensure you put your best foot forward.  Also be cognizant of how quickly (or slowly for that matter) you speak.

Communicate your salary expectations: 
IT recruiters can serve as sports agents for prospective candidates.  They can help negotiate your salary and even drive your cost/value up.  Ultimately, they can work to get you a higher salary than you would have received on your own.  The employer is responsible for paying a placement fee based on the percentage of your first year annual salary, therefore both you and the IT staffing firm are both incentivized to find the right technical position that exceeds your compensation goals.

Be honest & look for a long-term partnership.  Look at your relationship with the IT recruiting company as a long-term investment where both sides can prosper. Like any industry or business partnership, honesty is the key to success. Therefore, don’t withhold information, lie or do something deceitful.  Expect and communicate the same in return from your IT staffing representative.  If there is trust on both sides, a long-term partnership can be created.

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