Landing a Job in Information Technology

Landing a new job in information technology is never – especially in today’s tough economy. Whether you’re trying to land your first IT job out of school, were recently laid off, or are just ready to make a change, being prepared, having a strategy and having the right attitude will make all the difference. Having said that, here are a few basic suggestions from IT staffing experts:

Think like a Marketer

Even if you’re highly skilled, the chances of you receiving an unsolicited IT job offer (especially in this economy) is pretty slim. To get a high-tech job, you have to market yourself. Yes, you will be rejected, but as they say, every “no” brings you closer to a “yes.” Commit to applying to a few IT jobs each day. Call employers and IT recruiting agencies Boston to see whether they’ve looked at your resume. Ask about what opportunities they have or may have down the road. Send thank you notes to every person that takes the time to call, write, or interview you—even if they say no. You never know when things will change.

Be Open Minded

If you’ve been searching for your dream job and just aren’t making progress, consider the possibility of taking a job that you’re qualified for—even if it’s not your dream job. This will not only keep your resume current, but you never know the contacts you’ll make (networking is half the battle). Remember, the IT job you take today may ultimately lead to your dream IT job of tomorrow. In addition, be realistic. If you’ve been working on a help desk, then don’t apply to VP IT jobs. You’ll get there one day but there has to be a path.

Do your homework

Some industries are booming despite the recession while others were hurting long before the economy went south. It always helps to focus your IT job search within industries that are growing. The good news is that information technology is here to stay.

Be enthusiastic and optimistic

IT job hunting can be draining, and the longer you go without landing a job, the harder it gets. Keep moving forward with your search no matter what happens. If you get a rejection always think the next conversation will be the last one.


Even if you’ve never actively “networked,” you already have a network to help you. They’re your past coworkers, your peers, your friends and your family. Don’t be embarrassed to let all of them know you’re looking for a new technical job. There are countless sites now that help you connect to all of these people. Give Facebook and Linkedin try and take advantage of their ability to help you network.

Be polished

From your resume down to the clothes you wear on the day of the interview, always put your best foot forward. You may be facing more competition today than at any other time in your technical career. Therefore, don’t leave anything to chance.

Get yourself out there

It’s often easier to get a job through a personal connection than an online job site. But applying for IT jobs online does work. This goes back to marketing yourself. Be aggressive – post your resume, then refresh it often. Search the job boards daily (you can set up job “agents” that will push specific jobs to you). Don’t hesitate to contact employers directly (as stated above, utilize all of the resources possible at your disposal such as Linkedin.

Try IT Contract work

IT consulting can lead to full-time work down the road and provide some great new experiences/technologies to your resume. IT contracting is a large part of the technology world that is not going away. As the economy slowly recovers there are a lot of companies hiring on a contract or contract to permanent basis. Contact IT recruiting firms to jump start your career.

People Who Work Harder Succeed

Many people overlook or discount this basic fact. Hard work pays off in all things: sports, education, relationships, and work. The more you put into something, the better it tends to work out. If you’re looking for a job, you want to send out as many signals as possible that show that not only are you not afraid of hard work.

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