The Difference Between Small and Large IT Recruiting Companies

What makes IT recruiting companies different from one another? Is it what they recruit for such as infrastructure support, applications development or even Healthcare IT positions? Is it the difference in size? Many people can argue one way or another but there are many differences that can be identified between IT recruiting companies Boston. Some of the differences you may see are the interaction between recruiters and candidates, types of positions, and the quality of positions.

Interaction between technical recruiters and candidates can vary between small and large IT staffing companies. Some people can say that IT recruiters are headhunters who just care about positive feedback and in time will disappear.  Unfortunately, in some cases, this is true.  How this differs between large and small IT staffing companies is that larger IT recruiting firms are typically overwhelmed with positions and certain numbers they need to meet weekly and monthly. Smaller IT staffing companies emphasize more about the candidate needs and how they can help rather than seeing a dollar bill floating over their head.  Smaller IT recruiting agencies are also more prone to take the time to sit down with each and every candidate and go over their needs. Remember Jerry Maguire?  “Fewer clients, more attention.”  This will help the candidate get a better understanding about the position and to be submitted to positions that is the best match. In most cases this will result in more placements resulting in a positive experience for both the IT recruiter and candidate.

The number and types of positions are another difference between small and large IT staffing agencies. Usually a larger IT recruiting company is nationwide and has multiple positions from Fortune 500 companies. A candidate who is working with a large IT staffing company can get submitted to several companies after one phone conversation because the technical recruiter is working on several roles that may fit the candidate’s profile. Conversely, the smaller IT staffing firm might have one or two IT jobs but will need to keep them in mind when other positions that may come around. In addition, larger IT recruiting firms can have several different information technology verticals, such as healthcare IT or financial services, which they can recruit for rather than concentrating on just one or two different ones.

The quality of the position is another difference between small and large IT staffing companies. Some can say that smaller IT recruiting firms receive more qualified positions because they take the time to sit down with the client and go over the position. This can help if there is any additional information that needs to be answered. As for a larger technical recruiting company, they may have mass amounts of positions and don’t have time to sit down with each and every client to see what their real needs are.

As we can see, there are many differences between small and large IT recruiting companies. Some candidates will prefer one over the other but both have its pro and cons such as negative/positive interactions with technical recruiters to the amount of qualified positions. Not one is better than the other so I recommend giving both a shot and to come up with your own opinion.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

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