Value of Company Culture – Simple To Define, Difficult To Create

As the owner of an IT recruiting company, I have learned a number of valuable business lessons over the years. Among the most important was creating and constantly reinforcing company culture. When you have a group of people, all on the same page striving for a common goal, you create a culture that fuels success.

Culture can be simple to define, but difficult to create. At AVID Technical Resources, it starts with hard work and dedication and ends with opportunity and reward. We define clear and concise goals and then provide a bonus once we achieve it. Whether it be additional compensation, an office outing or even time off, it’s important to celebrate the victories.

We also have a strong belief system that I think further defines our company culture:

We believe that every employee must have a clear path, a tangible opportunity for advancement. With advancement must also come an increase in salary and additional responsibilities to further challenge and motivate the employee. The career path should utilize the person’s strengths and interests, while aligning with company goals.

We believe in aggressively compensating employees based on individual revenue production, while fostering a team atmosphere. This sounds difficult to achieve, but in reality, it’s not.  This is especially true if the company is sometimes willing to overspend to create this culture. For example, if AVID closes a deal as a result of one of our technical recruiters referring the candidate to the other, we will distribute one-hundred percent of the commissions to both sides, virtually doubling the amount of money that is paid out.

We believe in having a performance bonus for every role. Whether it’s our top IT staffing salespeople, Boston technical recruiters, Chicago IT recruiters, or an administrative assistant, every person at AVID has a bonus incentive tied around his or her job responsibilities. There must always be a motivator to ensure people constantly strive to excel.

Finally, we believe in recognizing IT recruiting achievements whether in the form of praise, an award or even a gift. A simple gift certificate recognizing hard work or an accomplishment can further motivate an employee. We’ve even sent an employee on a small shopping spree with our credit card. It’s the little things that can sometimes go a long way.

These beliefs have helped create a company culture that has helped fuel our success over the last 5 years. It has also set us up for success for the future. We hope to look back years from now and admire the AVID Technical Resources’ IT staffing footprint across America. That is certainly one of our main goals. Although there is no guarantee we will be successful, I can guarantee we’ll work our hardest to get there.

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