What Gives Some IT Recruiters a Bad Name

What gives some IT recruiters A bad name? For many technical job seekers, the search for employment can be a very stressful, frustrating and a time-consuming endeavor. Working with a good IT recruiter can really be a great asset in focusing your job search, cutting through some of the uncertainty and often-times speeding up the process by getting your resume and you in front of the right hiring managers.

There are however, many candidates out there that are reluctant to utilize IT recruiters for assistance in their search.  This is mainly due to the negative connotation often associated with the profession. Unfortunately, for every good IT recruiter out there, there are just as many unprofessional ones that are giving the profession, and even the IT staffing industry as a whole, a bad name.

The following is breakdown of some of the most common complaints job seekers may have when working with an unprofessional recruiter:

Lack of Communication/Follow-Up: The most common complaint from job seekers is that they will speak to a technical recruiter once and never hear from them again, with no explanation as to why.

“Good” IT recruiters know that communication is one of the most crucial components in building strong relationships with candidates, which will in-turn lead to placements. Professional IT recruiters will consistently follow up with candidates to ensure they are always on the same page, that they are informed of any and all updates, and that they have a clear understanding of the process.

“Bad” IT recruiters will generally only follow up with a candidate if there is good news (i.e.: a company would like to setup an interview, there is positive feedback after the interview, and/or the client wants to hire them for the position). However, strong technical recruiters will always follow up with a candidate with any and all updates – whether it is good news, bad news or even just to let you know that there is no news yet but that they haven’t forgotten about you!

If a candidate is out of the running for a position it is important that they receive the update, and any additional feedback, so they can move on and focus their search elsewhere. A professional IT recruiter will provide you with frequent updates and honest feedback without your even having to ask. They will always return your calls and reply to your e-mails in a timely fashion

Lack of Professionalism/Ethics: There are IT recruiters out there that will submit a candidate for a job without their permission to do so. This really will benefit no one in the end and it will reflect poorly on both the technical recruiter and the candidate. For example, if a candidate has already submitted their resume for a job on their own or through another IT headhunter, then they are submitted again for that same role or even for another opening with that company without their knowledge, this can disqualify them for the position altogether. If an IT recruiter has a position they feel would be a good match for a candidate, they should always get the candidate’s permission first to submit them for it before doing so.

Job seekers can also feel at times like they are not getting all of the facts from IT recruiters and are only told what they want to hear (which will inevitably come back to bite them and the candidate in the end). Good IT recruiters should be 100% transparent. They will lay out all of the facts in order for a candidate to make an informed decision – and ensure that all of their questions are answered.

Pushiness: Job seekers can often feel as if they are being pushed into interviewing for, or even taking, a position that they do not feel is the right fit for them.

Good technical recruiters should provide a candidate with as much information as possible about each position and company, including all of the pros and cons of each role, and allow the candidate to decide whether or not it is something they would like to pursue.

Good IT recruiters will not talk a candidate into a job. If a job seeker is hesitant to move forward with a position for any reason, it is likely not going to be the right fit. If anything, good technical recruiters will talk a candidate out of a job that does not meet all of the criteria that they are looking for.

Professional IT recruiters will point out all of the factors of the opportunity, good and bad, that a candidate must be aware of and 100% comfortable with before moving forward. For example, the IT recruiter may say things like: “although the daily commute to this company seems fine now, consider what it would be like during rush hour or in the snow?” or “although this opportunity seems like a good technical job for right now, is this the right next step for your career, or should we switch our focus to positions that allow more growth potential?”

Of course the list goes on, but for every less professional IT headhunter that may exhibit some of the above mentioned negative qualities, there are countless skilled IT recruiters that will be very helpful to work with.

There are indeed many IT recruiters that are just out there to make a quick buck. Those who truly succeed are the ones who build long-term relationships with candidates. Good IT recruiters are people you would recommend to your colleagues and friends and will be there to help you throughout your career.

Like in any profession, there are those who do the job well and there are those who cut corners. Candidates should not let a past experience with a “bad” IT recruiter prevent them from working with a good one. Working with a good IT recruiter is like having your own personal agent.  It is their job to find you a job, so when it’s done well, everyone will benefit.

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