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Vertical IT Staffing Case Studies

Construction IT Staffing Case Study

One of the Boston area’s largest construction companies came to AVID Technical Resources to assist with a number of high-tech voids that were costing them money and efficiency. AVID immediately supplied the client with an IT contractor to assist with SQL Server Administration. Our high-tech consultant was immediately tasked with defining the how well our client currently utilizes the Microsoft database and how to translate customer needs into well formed and documented database designs.

Additional responsibilities included the design & develop databases to drive ASP. NET applications; SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and Reporting services; Data Mart and Data Warehouse Analytical Services architecture; documentation of database designs and architectures; SQL Server 2005 high available cluster solutions; supporting existing database systems including SQL Server and Oracle; database administration; performance tuning and architecture; stored procedures and query optimization and SQL Reporting Services data source infrastructure.

Because of our ability to find our client a highly specialized IT consultant that filled their immediate need, within a very short period of time AVID became a valued partner to this construction company. Today we continue to work very closely with the CIO of this company and have created a strong relationship with the entire Information Technology organization. Additional resources include infrastructure support roles in which our IT contractors have remotely supported workstations in multiple construction site locations.

Because AVID has a strong understanding of the construction and construction management industry, we developed a solid relationship with numerous companies in this vertical market. AVID understands the critical partnership between construction management firms and the actual building contractors and how IT plays a vital role in the communication, efficiency, cost savings and even safety with their projects. Back to Construction Vertical Market

Consulting IT Staffing Case Study

AVID has a long history of partnering with IT consulting companies. One of the area’s largest consulting companies first came to AVID in 2003 when they needed to augment their Operations Center with IT consultants during a transition period in which some of the inbound calls were being routed oversees. AVID successfully provided 12-15 NOC contractors in their Boston, MA location. This quickly spiraled into placing additional IT contractors in their other operation centers around the country.

This company had an unfortunate turn of events one day when their servers all came crashing down. AVID responded with the utmost urgency, providing half a dozen server engineers who were able to start that next very day and bring back the network across the entire organization.

Today, over 5 years later, AVID continues to be this company’s premiere IT recruiting agency as AVID has successfully placed over 30 contractors across multiple lines of business and throughout numerous states. Our ability to augment their staff with specialized IT contractors of any skill set allows them the scalability to go after virtually any business opportunity. We have provided numerous industry experts based upon their client’s projects and technologies. Among these include a large Sharepoint development project, . NET web development assignments and a major CRM implementation. Back to Consulting / Business Services Vertical Market

Education IT Staffing Case Study

One of the world’s most renowned colleges was developing a new software application that was going to revolutionize how research studies were done around the globe. The project was among the largest and most pressing initiatives within the entire school. They had a firm deadline and deliverables, but were unfortunately well behind schedule. That is when they turned to AVID for assistance.

From the very beginning, AVID was tasked with recruiting the very best and brightest developers around the country. There was a complex web-based front-end that communicates with back-end web services using AJAX. Our client needed a JavaScript/HTML/CSS programmer who can design and implement those on the front-ends. The code needed to run on IE, Firefox, and Safari, so the software developer had to understand the quirks of each. In addition, our client wanted this person to also take the lead in defining the architecture of the JavaScript libraries and determine efficient ways of implementing some computationally difficult algorithms.

The demands and expectations were high as our client was already behind schedule and needed very specific resources. However, AVID came through. Within a couple of days, we identified an IT consultant who had the exact development skills and experience needed to help our client meet their initiatives and project deadline.

Months later, with the help of an additional 4-5 specialized AVID IT contractors, our client was back on track with completing one of the most important development projects in their history. Not only did AVID play a critical component to the success of the project, but we filled some long-term voids within our client’s team.

Because of our flexibility, and ability to recruit the very best resources in the country, our client decided to make some of our consultants full-time employees of his group. Back to Education Vertical Market

Financial IT Staffing Case Study

One of the leading companies in the financial services industry relies upon AVID to provide highly technical IT contractors and full-time employees. Our ability to identify very specialized information technology professionals, coupled with industry-leading turn around time, has helped our client grow significantly over the past couple of years.

They approached AVID looking for a senior Project Manager to support the securities trading compliance-reporting projects in a fast-paced, global environment. This was a very high profile position; the ideal candidate would work with the client’s internally developed applications used by their global trading operations in Boston, MA. Further responsibilities included conducting project-planning activities, creating comprehensive test plans and test cases and managing the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).

AVID provided an IT consultant who had the perfect combination of project management and financial knowledge to help our client meet the project goal and deadline.

In addition to this position, AVID Technical Resources has made numerous successful placements with other financial companies on both the infrastructure support and applications development side. Among the IT placements include: Oracle Database Administrators (Oracle DBA’s), Oracle Financial Application Developers, Middleware Developers, Middleware Administrators, ETL Datawarehouse Developers, Java Developers, . NET Developers, Basell II Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, UNIX Administrators, Computer Operators, Helpdesk and Desktop Support professionals. Back to Financial Vertical Market

Gaming IT Staffing Case Study

AVID works with some of the nation’s largest entertainment companies and understands the critical issues each of them face. A well renowned MMO Gaming company approached AVID in need of an accomplished Systems Engineering Business Intelligence Engineer. AVID has a long history of providing top-notch data warehousing talent with a background in the following technologies: Cognos, Informatica, Business Objects and Hyperion. The client was seeking someone with a strong background in software design and development of data migrations, data warehouses, data marts and testing experience. Due to the nature of the fast-paced Gaming Industry, providing candidates that bring full data warehouse development life-cycle experience was critical to the person’s success within this MMO gaming organization. Within three days, AVID provided multiple candidates that were all interviewed. The Gaming client hired the first candidate that they interviewed and remains a consistent client for AVID Technical Resources to this day. Back to Gaming Vertical Market

Government IT Staffing Case Study

As one of the approved IT staffing vendors for the State of Massachusetts, AVID Technical Resources has a thorough understanding of government nuances. From the speed of the hiring process, to the extensive paperwork that can be involved with each placement, AVID has the proven experience of providing IT contractors with government entities. We also understand the sensitivity of the information our IT contractors may be privy too while working on site at a state agency. Therefore, we ensure every one of our consultants complete a thorough background investigation before making any IT job placement.

When one of the State of Massachusetts agencies needed an Oracle Data Architect to provide working and technical leadership and support for database and web development, AVID was there to provide the resource.

Our IT contractor was asked to evaluate, design and manage the database systems in a web-based environment; provide database and professional leadership to their internal staff; help analyze requirements and define specifications for database access, structure, functional capabilities, documentation, security, backup and recovery. In addition, our IT consultant was tasked with the installation, configuration and support/maintenance of their Oracle 9i/10g/11g Database Server and Oracle 9i/10g/11g application server.

AVID Technical Resources has placed numerous IT contractors with the State of Massachusetts, helping a different agencies meet their project goals and deadlines. Among our placements include Data Warehouse Developers, Data Center Managers, Business Analysts, Interwoven Developers, UI Designers, Web Developers, Technical Trainers, System Administrators and a Desktop Support Technicians. Back to Government Vertical Market

Healthcare/Medical IT Staffing Case Study

AVID has a long history with partnering with one of the largest and most prestigious integrated healthcare system providers in the country. This non-profit company supports a number of hospitals, assisting with application development and infrastructure support.

AVID received a request for highly skilled Project Manager needed to work on departmental and enterprise-wide projects with an emphasis on new technology integration within our client’s environment. Further responsibilities included Designing and developing test plans; documenting problems and the solutions platform handbooks and develop a project scope and budget that falls within the organization’s financial capabilities.

AVID met the challenge head on and provided a perfect match as our IT contractor successfully helped our client meet their project deadlines and deliverables. They were so impressed with the results, they made our consultant a full-time employee months later. Due to our ability to find the very best IT talent in the area, as well as our flexible terms, AVID not only helped our client meet their short-term deliverables, we helped them filled a long-term void. Back to Healthcare / Medical Vertical Market

Insurance IT Staffing Case Study

A growing property & casualty insurance company approached AVID Technical Resources to provide a full-time IT Senior Project Manager to oversee a number of high-profile company initiatives. The person would be responsible for managing multiple projects concurrently. Additionally, he or she was expected to complete cost benefit analysis; prepare and maintain project plans; monitor progress within multiple areas; act as liaison between IT and user departments; and prepare presentations for management. Furthermore, the project manager was expected to manage a matrix organization and perform functions such as writing business requirements, business and system specifications, and/or user documentation as needed.

AVID provided our client with a high-level IT Project Manager who actually worked with a competitor company for the last 10 years. The knowledge and experience our candidate brought to the company was invaluable. The person is still managing high profile, complex projects for our client today. Back to Insurance Vertical Market

AVID Technical Resources has a strong relationship with a number of small and large law firms and a long history of successful placements. Many of the common positions we provide to such firms are Helpdesk and Desktop support engineers. We understand your vertical industry can be a very demanding environment. We also understand the time sensitive nature of your business and thus only provide top-notch IT contractors and full-time employees that share the same sense of urgency and passion for their job.

One particular Boston-based firm has repeatedly come to AVID because we have proven to identify the very best and brightest IT support resources in the area. We have provided numerous Help Desk and Desktop Support specialists that have the in-depth experience with troubleshooting very specific technology products and applications. Our IT contractors and full-time individuals work with callers and other help desk specialists to resolve normal and unusual information system problems; monitor types of incoming calls and common resolutions; participate in analysis of client identified issues or problems which may require changes to procedures, standards and systems; respond to telephone calls, e-mail and personnel requests for technical support; then track and monitor the technical issue to insure a timely resolution and follow-up. Back to Legal Vertical Market

Manufacturing IT Staffing Case Study

A growing manufacturing company approached AVID to help firm up their quality assurance team. The hiring manager asked for a number of resources to work in their service depot to test their product and resolve service issues. AVID responded with a number of quality control test engineers working on a contract basis. Our engineers identified a number of faults and an error in our client’s product saving the company millions of dollars in recalls and potentially even lawsuits.

Because AVID understands technology and has the ability to provide resources with virtually and specific skill set, our manufacturing clients come to us when they have contract or permanent IT staffing needs. Back to Manufacturing Vertical Market

Media/Marketing IT Staffing Case Study

When a world-renown marketing firm needed a top-notch Java Developer to help them complete an important interactive marketing initiative with one of their largest clients, they turned to AVID for help. Within a couple of days, we had a resource onsite working on the development project. AVID was not only able to provide them with a highly skilled IT consultant to fill a void that could have not only jeopardized the project, but the entire account, we provided them with the flexibility to augment their staff when they decided to bring our contractor on permanent a few months down the road.

Now, years later, that IT consultant is still employed directly with our client. Back to Marketing / Media Vertical Market

Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology IT Staffing Case Study

AVID IT contractors have helped our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients augment their IT staff and meet project deadlines. We helped one such company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts when they needed someone to help define a more efficient system tied around the design and development of their new products. One week later, AVID provided a Senior Process Engineer. Our IT consultant streamlined the design and implementation of manufacturing systems and high-purity utility systems used in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals at commercial manufacturing and clinical development facilities.

In addition, our IT contractor provided technical leadership and subject matter expertise on capital projects; supported the process automation group by providing process controls requirements and status reports and for project deliverables; performed facility fit assessments for new process introductions into existing manufacturing sites; and supported product pipeline development and facilitated the sharing of best practices across the entire organization.

In the end, our IT consultant created a new and more efficient company-wide system based upon the feedback of their employees. This not only saved our client a substantial amount of money, it helped reinforce that the company values the thoughts and ideas of their people. Back to Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Vertical Market

Retail IT Staffing Case Study

AVID works with some of the nations largest retail companies and understands the critical issues each of them face. Our IT recruiting team has the experience needed to fill any IT job opening from technical support, ERP implementation, to application development.

When a leading retail company came to AVID for a long-term resource to provide management and support of a recently implemented PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning system, we delivered. AVID’s flexibility of service offerings allowed the client to fill a full-time void that they had desperately trying to fill for months. Our resource was responsible for providing analytical and technical skills identifying solutions of business problems and participate in the applying the changes to the PeopleSoft Applications; assist with the technical design of the HCM applications in the PeopleSoft/Unix/Oracle environment using a standard Project Life Cycle methodology; develop and maintain the PeopleSoft HCM Application using PeopleTools and PeopleCode, SQR/SQL programs; then help provide technical coordination between departments. Back to Retail Vertical Market

Technology IT Staffing Case Study

Because of our niche in technology, robust database of IT contractors and full-time resources and our quick turnaround time, AVID has not only earned the trust of numerous technology companies – we’ve earned their business. A large technology company that specializes in network routing came to AVID looking for Quality Assurance resources to test their system interoperability.

AVID was able to immediately identify a very specific, high-level resource with hands-on experience with Bridging, Switching, Spanning Tree, Link Aggregation, VLANs, TCP/IP, IPX, RIP1 & RIP2 Routing, OSPF V2 Routing, BGP-4 and IP Multicast Routing (IGMP, PIM-SM, DVMRP) VRRP and WAN technologies.

Within a couple of days, our IT contractor was onsite successfully testing large, operational WAN-to-LAN networks and building test configurations to include the company’s switch and routing products. Additional responsibilities included analyzing, selecting, procuring and configuring equipment and tools for building test cases and completing testing requirements; following marketing requirements documents, product specifications for determining proper test cases and test approach and writing up test specifications, test plans, steps, procedures, criteria and reporting matrixes. Back to Technology Vertical Market

Utilities IT Staffing Case Study

When a local utility company came to AVID seeking a highly skilled IT contractor to administer their SQL Server Database, we delivered a candidate onsite within a couple of days to help provide management and database development, implementation and support. Additional responsibilities included assisting in the planning, implementation, integration and maintenance of the hardware and software infrastructure that supports a wide variety of our client’s applications including enterprise and development systems.

Our SQL Server DBA provided our client with a cost effective way to bring in a very specialized consultant to address their database problems without a long-term commitment. The savings were significant; not only was our client unburdened with paying significant overhead costs, their database technologies were finally being utilized to their utmost potential. Back to Utilities Vertical Market