Placement Services

Placement Services

At AVID Technical Resources, we offer a number of different IT staffing solutions to address the diversity of each situation:

A popular alternative to full-time employment is the AVID Technical Resources contract IT staffing and IT recruiting service. AVID can engage an IT consultant in a number of scenarios such as W-2 employment, 10-99 independent contracting or corp to corp consulting. Each AVID W-2 consultant is eligible for our contractor benefits including health and dental insurance and our 401k offering through Fidelity Investments.

Do you want our IT consultants? You can have them. We understand finding hard-working, highly technical people who fit into your company’s long-term business plans can sometimes be difficult. Because of this, AVID Technical Resources has created a flexible IT staffing option that provides our clients with the opportunity to hire one of our IT consultants directly. AVID will release any one of our consultants after a six (6) month period of contingent contract employment. This contract to permanent IT staffing arrangement allows both sides to ensure the opportunity is a long-term fit from both a technical and personal perspective.

At AVID Technical Resources, we realize that some clients, and candidates, seek only permanent IT staffing opportunities. In such cases, AVID has a permanent placement offering which charges the client a competitive fee designed to ensure one hundred percent satisfaction. In fact, AVID Technical Resources has an entire permanent IT staffing division devoted to strictly full-time employment. We’ve made hundreds of successful permanent placements in both the Boston, MA area and nationwide.

If you’re a hiring manager, there are times when you may know of someone who could immediately add value to your group, whether it is a former employee or just an acquaintance in the industry. In such cases where a permanent position is not available, or is just not cost effective (such as a summer internship), use our payroll IT staffing service at AVID Technical Resources. Let us incur the overhead costs, such as state and federal taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, unemployment and other associated fees incurred when placing someone on payroll. You will not be bound to any contract, duration of time, or any other fees other than the hourly rate for the individual.

For high-volume IT staffing client companies, AVID Technical Resource can be your IT staffing vendor on premise and provide on-site IT recruiters to manage your hiring needs. You can choose to have one, or even more, AVID IT recruiters to physically sit at your facility. By having an on-site premise, we can meet with hiring managers and help expedite the feedback process as opposed to relying on voicemails and email communication. An AVID technical recruiter, or team of IT recruiters, would serve as an extension of your Human Resources department, assuming all responsibilities involved in the hiring process such as sourcing, pre-screening and the qualifying of all candidates, their timecard collection, payroll and billing. AVID has the capability to provide the weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting of all hiring. Our IT recruiting team works with your hiring managers directly in an effort to help forecast current and future IT staffing needs and ensure you meet any specific project requirements and deadlines.

AVID Technical Resources also provides executive search for prospective upper management professionals in the information technology industry. Whether you’re a Director of Information Technology, Vice-President or C-level executive, AVID provides a confidential service to help you fulfill your career objectives. Our IT recruiters will provide you with the time and attention you need to thoroughly explain your exact career objectives. Most importantly, we will listen to what your ideal job, location and industry might be, and then actively search for that perfect fit.