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Choose AVID As Your IT Recruitment Company

Our philosophy is simple; here at AVID we treat people the way we would want to be treated. To the prospective candidate, this translates into strong and lasting relationships with our IT recruiters. We keep your best interests in mind and will never make a placement just to cash in on a fee. Instead, with every successful IT recruiting effort, we look out for the prospective job seeker and our client to make sure we make the right match for both.

We understand that you have a number of IT recruiting agencies to choose from when looking for a company to assist with your job search. However, why go to an unknown recruiting firm when you can utilize one with the experience of placing thousands of IT contract and permanent professionals for over half a decade?

At AVID Technical Resources, we have the proven success to back our claim of being the premier IT recruiting company in the country. Along with the awards and recognition, here are further reasons why AVID Technical Resources should be your exclusive IT recruitment agency:

Benefit #1: Candidate Reviews

AVID Technical Resources has not only been recognized by local and national business and staffing organizations, but also by its most important critics: satisfied clients and candidates. Check out our 100 plus five-star Google reviews here or take a look at the stellar Glassdoor reviews we’ve received thus far. Feel free to add your own accolades, too if you are satisfied with your experience working with AVID!

Benefit #2: Proven Success

Most companies will promise results, but do they have the proven track record to back it up? At AVID we have grown at an astounding rate over the years by making long-term, sound placements. This tremendous growth has triggered numerous awards and recognition including:

Benefit #3: We’re IT Placement Specialists

Our value to information technology candidates remain the same, we’re knowledgeable and specialized in your industry. We don’t dabble in any other staffing industry. Rather, we remain focused on IT so we can stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. As a result, AVID is able to match up the absolute best talent with our clients.

Benefit #4: Communication

Our philosophy is simple; here at AVID we treat people the way we would like to be treated. Our technical recruiters have been trained to go out of their way to communicate with candidates and keep each thoroughly informed and updated throughout the job search process. In fact, we make it common practice to reach out to our candidates on a weekly basis. Even if we have yet to find that perfect IT job for you, our recruiters will at least call and let you know we’re still working for you. If we have yet to receive feedback after an interview, we’ll at least contact you to let you know we’re trying.

At AVID, our recruiters go out of their way to keep you as updated as they are.

Benefit #5: Weekly Payroll

AVID pays all of our contractors on a weekly basis and provides a very secure, accurate and efficient payroll generating system. In fact, over the past 5 years, AVID’s contractor payroll system has reached a 98% error-free mark. We go through multiple quality checks each week before any paycheck is mailed out or deposited to ensure the accuracy of each.

Do prefer direct deposit? AVID can literally set this up same day as long as our IT consultant provides a voided paycheck and completes our direct deposit form. View your pay stub online via our secured site. If you still like to cash your own paycheck, AVID will be happy to drop it in the mail each week or occasionally deliver the check in person.

Benefit #6: Contractor Benefits

AVID Technical Resources reinvests thousands of dollars each year back into additional benefits for our contractors. Each consultant on our payroll is paid on a weekly basis and provided the chance to receive their check via direct deposit or by mail. Our contractors are eligible to obtain health and dental insurance and can choose from a number of different options that works best for his/her situation and budget. These deductions are also withheld from the consultant’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis. AVID consultants are also eligible for AVID’s 401k retirement plan through John Hancock after a short waiting period. Additional incentives may include paid holiday and vacation time off, referral bonuses and project completion bonuses.

We work hard to keep our contractors happy.

Benefit #7: Qualified IT Job Openings

With every IT job opening we receive, our salespeople work hard to meticulously uncover all of the details to ensure we know exactly what our client’s are looking for. From the technologies and environment, to the company’s culture and even dress code, our salespeople are trained to be as thorough as possible when taking a requirement. At AVID, we’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people. Finding the right technical fit for an IT staffing position is important. However, finding the right technical person, who also fits into the company’s culture and environment, is the most important ingredient to any successful placement.

Benefit #8: Client Contacts & Relationships

At AVID Technical Resources, we not only have access to top employers, we have strong relationships that have been built with their hiring managers over the years. AVID’s senior management team has a combined total of almost 3 decades in the local IT staffing and recruiting world. As a result, relationships have been fostered and strengthened over the years. To the prospective IT job seeker, this translates into getting that critical first interview, or the ever-important “foot in the door.”

Benefit #9: Our Employees

There are numerous IT recruiting agencies out there who will promise to find you that perfect IT job. However, who is truly going to work hard for you and always keep your best interests in mind? AVID’s culture is founded upon hard work and dedication. We respond to our candidates with our utmost sense of urgency because our success is directly tied to your satisfaction.

Benefit #10: Our Focus is You

We work hard to keep you happy. Part of the way we define our success is by how satisfied our candidates are. Our job isn’t over once you start a position. In fact, it has only just begun. We will follow up with you regularly to ensure you are happy in your new role and often meet you for coffee or lunch to ensure we maintain a long lasting business relationship.