About Us

Our Values

Our values at AVID are simple, we treat people the way we would like to be treated. This credo is instilled in every internal employee from the first day they step foot in our office. We constantly reinforce our values to ensure they are never lost or do not fade.

There are six additional qualities that make up AVID and have helped shape our company into who we are today. These values truly help separate ourselves from our competition in the IT staffing industry and are the very fundamental principles that we look for in every employee we hire. Most of all, these values have helped us create a company culture that focuses on hard work, dedication, communication, honesty, integrity and passion.


This is the foundation in which AVID Technical Resources was built upon and the single most important element that has propelled our success in the IT staffing industry. Our work ethic is truly unmatched. We’re focused and driven to service our clients and candidates with the utmost level of urgency to ensure we’re always working in the best interests of both sides.


With hard work comes dedication. These qualities should go hand in hand. At AVID, they do. Our employees are not only dedicated to growing our company and making us the premiere IT staffing agency in our industry, they’re dedicated to servicing each and every client and prospective IT job seeker.


AVID understands that communication is critical in every single interaction we have with our clients and prospective IT job seekers. During any placement process, it’s very important to know both the client’s timeline to hire and a candidate’s availability to begin work. This information must be communicated to both sides to ensure we properly manage the expectations for everyone involved.

AVID keeps our lines of communication open at all times. When a candidate interviews with one of our clients, we go out of our way to keep our hiring manager updated. We also disclose whether the candidate has additional job opportunities that he or she is looking at and potentially how much longer will they remain on the market. From a candidate’s perspective, although it is not always possible to receive immediate feedback after an interview, our IT recruiters will always keep you as updated as we are. Even if the only information we can provide is that we’re still working on the feedback, we will put a call out to you so you don’t feel as though your job opportunity is falling between the cracks.


AVID has a zero tolerance policy with dishonesty from both an internal employee and prospective job seeker’s perspective. We pride ourselves in giving both our clients and candidates the straight answer, even if it’s sometimes not the most popular one. We’re candid with our job seekers and whether we think a specific role is the right match for them and are up front with our clients as we will never promise something we cannot deliver.


At AVID, we pride ourselves in our honest and ethical approach of doing business. We hold every one of our employees to this high standard of excellence and will never compromise our values. Clients and prospective job seekers alike can trust that their best interests will always come first and we will handle every situation with an honest and ethical approach.


Passion runs through our veins. We’re passionate about our jobs. We’re passionate about helping others find IT jobs and passionate about filling our client’s positions. Give us a call; hear the passion in our voice as we work hard to help with your IT staffing needs.