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What kinds of questions should you ask during an interview?

IT recruiters are always prepping their candidates about what type of questions might be asked during an IT job interview. Although it’s important to be prepared and answer the questions effectively, it’s also key that you ask proper questions as well.

Answering questions is just as important as asking questions.  Clients of IT staffing agencies are looking for find candidates who show interest in their company and try to understand the industry.  Think of questions beforehand.  Ask yourself, what type of questions would I think are thought provoking if I were the one doing the IT job interview?

Here are a few questions our IT recruiters believe you should keep in mind:

  1. How did this position open up (is it a new IT job or are you replacing someone?  If you’re replacing someone, do you mind me asking why he or she is no longer with the company?).
  2. Can you provide a snapshot of this IT department over the past couple of years?  Has it grown or decreased in size?
  3. How does upper management see this position fitting within the company’s goals?
  4. What is the organization’s outlook for the next five years and how will this IT department be involved?
  5. What do you enjoy most about working at this company?
  6. Could you get into more detail about the day-to-day responsibilities this job will entail?
  7. Could you describe the management style in this group/company?
  8. What type of employee fits well with this company?
  9. Will there be performance reviews? If so, how and who will be reviewing my performance? IS there a list of criteria in which an employee will be evaluated on? How frequently will performance reviews be made?
  10. Is decision-making shared between Upper-management and employees?