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IT Staffing Agencies vs Human Resources

For IT recruiting companies, human resources is a department that often sparks feuds and a source of friction.  However, in some cases, HR is actually a critical ally for IT staffing firms and various independent technical recruiters.  Here are two scenarious that provide positive and negative repercussions when HR and IT staffing companies collide:

Positive:  In many companies, all contract and permanent IT hiring is channeled through human resources.  Therefore, from the perspective of IT recruiting firms, getting to know the key HR figures is a key component to success for technical staffing agencies.  Furthermore, instead of getting to know every line manager, from the Help Desk to Applications Development, IT recruiters can focus their effort on building relationships with just a handful of key personnel in the Human Resources department to secure all open IT jobs.

Negative:  Some HR departments look at IT recruiting agencies as competition and fear their job may be on the line if they outsource too many high-tech positions to technical recruiting companies.  Therefore, it’s

Additionally, some HR departments are in an internal power struggle with the various IT managers and staff to get everything centralized.  Therefore, when IT staffing agencies circumvent HR and get information technology needs directly from hiring managers, this undermines everything they’re trying to do from a process persective.

Therefore, while HR and technical recruiters can work well with one another, and ultimately need one another, there can be friction in many situations.  IT recruiters Boston never know until they contact each new client as every company is different.