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One Man’s Hacker is Another Man’s IT Professional

IT recruiting firms, like the rest of the world, might increasingly find themselves forced to reconsider their stances on hacking.  IT staffing companies have already been dealing with IT contractors and consultants who may openly or covertly already hack in order to sharpen their own skills and value as potential hires.  As a Bloomberg writer mused back in July, perhaps hacking behind closed doors is perfectly harmless in many instances.  Technical recruiters may often be working with IT consultants who have hacked their own iphones, etc and subsequently learned some valuable development, support, or other skills relating to the device.

Of course, hacking can have more victims than one’s own iphone.   IT recruiting agencies are also finding themselves filling IT jobs that defend against hacking for large amounts of personal information or even information that affects national security.  IT staffing agencies may also knowingly or unknowingly be filling IT jobs that focus on hacking in self defense.  As more and more large companies like Burger King become vulnerable, techniques like placing false information become acceptable to IT staffing firms and the companies they represent.  IT recruiting companies, with the rest of the world, are witnessing the rules change at the speed of the Internet.  What was punishable by law one day may become resume staples for IT contractors and IT recruiters.