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Technical Recruiting – The Plot


A Boston IT recruiting company is given the task of filling IT jobs for a well established firm.  A technical recruiter begins cruising through Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.com to find the most qualified candidate and a resume jumps at him.  He immediately pulls the resume and compares the job qualifications to its listed experience.  Success!

The Introduction

IT recruiters makes the initial contact typically through a phone call or email.  He begins by introducing himself, stating the reason he is calling, and listens for cues of interest.  The IT recruiter will explain the position and answer any of the contractor’s questions.  If the candidate is interested in the position and the technical recruiter has verified all the candidate’s skills and experiences, the recruiter will submit the client’s resume for the job opening.

Rising Action

Hypothetically, the applicant is offered an interview.  The IT headhunter calls the candidate to let him know the good news and prepares him for what to expect.  The recruiter might meet with the contractor before the interview to coach him and ease nerves.  After the interview, the IT recruiter will follow up with the applicant to see how the meeting went and address any questions or concerns.

The Climax

A few days pass and the IT recruiter receives word from the company that they would like to bring the candidate on board.  The IT staffing salesperson calls his client to let him know the exciting news.  He extends the offer.  Before the contractor begins his position, the recruiter will typically meet with him to walk him in and make him feel comfortable on his first day.

Falling Action

Technical recruiters will periodically touch base with the contractor to maintain their relationship and ensure everything is going smooth and see if the contractor has any questions.  The two will stay in touch and relay changes, if any.


Either the techncial recruiter will continue working with the contractor, or they will go their separate ways due to new job opportunities or life changes.  Ideally, the team will end on good terms and the two will share a connection for future networking– and a new plot begins.