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Finding the Balance of Contacting IT Recruiters

IT recruiters speak with hundreds of candidates each week.  Therefore, it’s imperative that information technology professionals keep in touch with their short-list of technical recruiters and their respective IT staffing companies Boston.  However, where is the line?

On one hand, you need to make sure you’re the first person a technical recruiter calls when they receive the appropriate position that fits your technical skills.  Regardless of how strong of a relationship you might have with the IT recruiter, there are likely dozens of other candidates with the same skill set who think the same.  Therefore, finding the balance between staying in touch with technical recruiting firms without being a pest can be difficult.

In our experience, the rule of thumb is no more than one contact (either an email or phone call) is acceptable each week.  This provides a refresher for the IT headhunter and gives you the chance to call at the right time in the event the IT staffing firm happens to receive a position that fits your background that very day.

Anything more than one contact per week crosses the line of harrassment.  Remember, IT recruiters typically make their living by putting people to work.  Therefore, they’re just as motivated to contact you when the right IT jobs open up.  However, timing is everything and candidates do fall through the cracks, so be sure to keep in touch.

Technical Professionals Adjusting to a Project Management Role

Technical Professionals who have become experts in their chosen areas of technical talent may find their career trajectory leading them into a management role, and realizing, once in that role, that their job experience so far hasn’t prepared them for the pressures and challenges of IT management. Project management, a standard step in the promotion ladder in IT, is not only an advancement, it’s a major career shift with a new set of responsibilities and skills required. IT professionals who have become accustomed to a self-directed schedule now need to learn how to manage people, and integrate interactions with others into their daily schedule. Time management, while probably a skill many technical professionals are proficient in, becomes central.

IT recruiters placing seasoned technical consultants in a first project management role are in a position to prep technical talent for the IT job ahead. Technical professionals located on a wide range of the spectrum can qualify for a project management role after a certain number of years working as a successful technical contractor. IT staffing agencies will then see a technical candidate as a desirable placement for a project management role coming from a variety of technical jobs: information technology professionals, engineers, and even medical professionals. Working with IT staffing agencies to make the transition into the new job is a challenge IT headhunters can make easier for technical consultants through solid, targeted advice.

Protect Passwords at IT Recruiting Companies

The computer prompts an IT recruiter to change his password after thirty days, but he uses the same password for all logins out of convenience.  Annoyed, the technical recruiter looks to his desk for support and spots his stapler.  No one will ever guess stapler as his password.  The IT headhunter assumes he is safe, but is he really?

First Mistake- Overused

A common first mistake of IT recruiters is using the same password for all logins because once it is cracked they are vulnerable to any attack.  It might be tedious to remember multiple passwords, but if technical recruiters are ever hacked they will be thankful later.  Also, be sure to update passwords regularly to avoid any potential threats.

Second Mistake- Simplicity

Often IT staffing agencies choose passwords that are simple or may feel they are clever by adding a one digit number.  Hackers can create programs that run through all the words in the dictionary regardless of language, eventually adding numbers to create a match.  An obscure word or object to IT recruiting firms may have no meaning, but it may also cost them their privacy.  Try purposely misspelling words or substitute characters for a’s and E’s with @ and 3.

Third Mistake- Length

Stapler is only six characters long.  Add length and use characters to passwords by creating an acronym or abbreviation out of a sentence, such as I have a stapler becomes 1_h_@_sT@pl3R!.  If uncertain of how strong the password is, check its strength using Microsoft’s password checker.

Most Important- Keep It Private

Never share passwords.  It might be easy to share passwords with friends, family, and coworkers, but avoid doing so.  If IT headhunters must share their password, immediately change it after.  They might feel paranoid or overly obsessive, but they will not let a security breech slip through the cracks.  Recruiters can trust their friends, but what if their friends’ information is hacked?  The recruiters may be next.

Unfortunately, there is no direct approach to combat hackers from desktops, but thankfully there are ways to put a stop to their harm by protecting ourselves!

IT Staffing Firms Enjoy Apple Treats

October 21st is a festival called Apple Day for residents of the United Kingdom.  Over here in New England, everyday can be Apple Day in the fall.  Rinse off those apples you picked a few weeks ago and get ready to bake for your IT recruiting office!

The Baked Goods

Most IT staffing agencies have a designated baker along with a clan of voluntary eaters.  If you have a surplus of apples, go with classic favorites such as apple pie or apple crisp.  Want to really win over IT recruiters?  Bring in a gallon of vanilla ice cream to go with the warm treat.

If you are concerned about temperature sensitive dishes, bake an apple strudel or bread.  When making bread and muffins, substitute apple sauce for any oil to cut down on fat and extra calories.  Cookies and muffins are also excellent solutions in terms of portion control and serving sizes for the diet conscious IT headhunter.

The Treats

Almost all candidates and patrons of IT staffing firms cannot turn down candy apples.  Whether you dip them on a Friday night with your family or socializing with friends, making caramel apples is a fun and filling process.  After dipping the apples, consider rolling the apples in chopped nuts for added protein and a crunchy kick.  If you are daring, drench the dried caramel apples in chocolate and roll in crushed candy, cookies, or brown cinnamon sugar for an over the top dessert.

In addition to homemade applesauce, consider making some fresh apple jam or butter for technical recruiters.  You can also give the jars as small thank you gifts for hiring managers or those who help you and make your time enjoyable at IT recruiting agencies.

Go Raw

Apples do not always need to be all dressed up in sugar or baked into sweets.  Bring in some fresh apples at your IT recruiting company for a healthy treat.  Studies have shown that just one apple a day can help with cholesterol and weight management as well as diabetes prevention.

Recruiters deserve a break after working hard sifting through resumes and setting up IT job interviews.  Suddenly the fall just got sweeter for IT recruiting firms!

Too Personal in the IT Staffing Industry

Technical recruiters spend a majority of their day on the phone or meeting with potential candidates.  They are around people constantly and typically spend more hours in the office than they do at home.  When you work side by side with peers for at least forty hours a week your personal life is bound to come up, but what is too personal and how much should you share?

Burden with Information

Potential candidates may have a life story of why they are not working or wish to change IT jobs.  As a technical recruiter, lend an ear to their needs, but do not get caught up in their personal lives.  The same goes for an IT headhunter working with a client.  The relationship should remain objective and professional with a degree of comfort.

Talking too Much

IT recruiting companies are always buzzing with chatter, but when an IT recruiter is focusing more on their social life than work load it may affect others.  People who talk too much or too loud about irrelevant matters are an office distraction.  Rather than providing the constant attention and approval they seek, focus on your role and goals.  If the incessant gossip and talk begins to affect your performance, speak up before it becomes an issue.

Prying for Privacy

Technical recruiting agencies need basic information when working with clients such as their expectations, experiences, and desired roles.  If a recruiter begins to cross a comfort zone and push for more information than a client is willing to provide, it is best for the recruiter to explain why they need it.  If the client is still hesitant, the recruiter should abide by his wishes.  Privacy and trust are what makes for successful IT staffing firms and by respecting limits, you may win over more candidates.

Bad Impression

Prying for too much detail or divulging in details of your personal life puts a recruiter on a pedestal for judgment.  Technical recruiting companies want to come across as personal, but they should be weary of crossing the line from personal to unprofessional.  Rather than adding a candidate on Facebook, search their credentials on LinkedIn.  No matter how comfortable a recruiter feels with his candidates, he should respect privacy in order to maintain a good impression.

The Deadbeat Technical Recruiter

You remember your first interaction with IT recruiting companies, an unexpected phone call offering a world of IT jobs and opportunities.  You eagerly engage in a phone conversation, followed by an in-person interview with your IT recruiter.  After much prepping, you land a role and then your recruiter disappears.

Stay Connected

Technical recruiters are supposed to be available for their candidates.  The relationship does not stop after the client accepts a position.  Be sure to maintain contact through the duration of the contract, and if appropriate, help the contractor take on additional roles after positions end.

The candidates of IT recruiters are a reflection of their work.  If the candidates are unhappy or have concerns about their roles, it is the recruiter’s responsibility to promptly address these issues in a professional manner.  Leaving loose ends with contractors is a poor reflection on not only recruiters, but also IT staffing firms.

Procrastination is Contagious

It might be tempting put off assignments and bask in the glory of “free time”, but this free time is typically borrowed time at technical recruiting companies.  When a recruiter procrastinates, there is generally someone waiting on the other end.  Holding up others drastically reduces efficiency levels and increases stress levels.

A recruiter’s lax work ethic can be contagious and affect other’s output.  Others within the IT recruiting firm will observe how the recruiter may get by with doing less work or have tasks done for him and follow suit.   Some may do the opposite and dismiss all projects related to the lazy IT headhunter, eliminating potential networking.

Self-Motivated Success

The key to technical recruiting is self-driven success.  If a recruiter feels he is not being challenged, he may resort to laziness.  Rather, he should be productive by setting goals, making changes to his routine, and rewarding himself for his accomplishments.  When the lazy recruiter begins to work with other lazy co-workers, he may become frustrated and reconsider his actions and priorities!

Technical Recruiting – The Plot


A Boston IT recruiting company is given the task of filling IT jobs for a well established firm.  A technical recruiter begins cruising through Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.com to find the most qualified candidate and a resume jumps at him.  He immediately pulls the resume and compares the job qualifications to its listed experience.  Success!

The Introduction

IT recruiters makes the initial contact typically through a phone call or email.  He begins by introducing himself, stating the reason he is calling, and listens for cues of interest.  The IT recruiter will explain the position and answer any of the contractor’s questions.  If the candidate is interested in the position and the technical recruiter has verified all the candidate’s skills and experiences, the recruiter will submit the client’s resume for the job opening.

Rising Action

Hypothetically, the applicant is offered an interview.  The IT headhunter calls the candidate to let him know the good news and prepares him for what to expect.  The recruiter might meet with the contractor before the interview to coach him and ease nerves.  After the interview, the IT recruiter will follow up with the applicant to see how the meeting went and address any questions or concerns.

The Climax

A few days pass and the IT recruiter receives word from the company that they would like to bring the candidate on board.  The IT staffing salesperson calls his client to let him know the exciting news.  He extends the offer.  Before the contractor begins his position, the recruiter will typically meet with him to walk him in and make him feel comfortable on his first day.

Falling Action

Technical recruiters will periodically touch base with the contractor to maintain their relationship and ensure everything is going smooth and see if the contractor has any questions.  The two will stay in touch and relay changes, if any.


Either the techncial recruiter will continue working with the contractor, or they will go their separate ways due to new job opportunities or life changes.  Ideally, the team will end on good terms and the two will share a connection for future networking– and a new plot begins.

Ask Not What Your IT Recruiter Can Do for You…

From relationships with hiring managers to all the right tips on formatting your resume and prepping for interviews, it seems technical recruiters have the inside scoop.    IT staffing firms are an excellent resource when you are seeking a new opportunity, but never expect your IT recruiter to limit him or herself to just you.  IT recruiters work with multiple candidates at a time, so expecting them to dedicate all of their time and know every intricate detail about your life is unrealistic.  Here are some tips to improve your relationship with IT recruiters Boston and make his life a little easier.

Meeting in Person

Candidates should always meet with their technical recruiter in person.  Not only will it break the ice, but you will also share a closer bond.  Emotions and tone are lost in plain text and facial expressions are invisible over the phone.   While one person might find humor in sarcasm and wit, another might find it offensive.  Meeting with your IT headhunter will help to define these boundaries.

Being Specific

Just as candidates do not want to be strung along, do not mislead your technical recruiters Boston by showing interest in an IT job that is not the right fit.  If you feel uncomfortable about saying no, this is a sign your relationship needs work.  Be upfront with your IT staffing representative about what exactly you are looking for in a position and what you do not want.  Be mindful that letting IT recruiters MA know what does not work for you opens opportunities for others.

Having Your Time

Communication is crucial to maintaining a solid relationship.   Candidates and IT recruiters should discuss mutually agreeable times to discuss any issues or concerns that may arise.  Both parties should aim to be flexible as recruiters work with multiple candidates and consultants may have hectic schedules.  This time slot eases the frustration of missed phone calls or neglected emails, but be open to meeting outside this time as well.

These are just some tips to help candidates and IT recruiters get to know each other better and understand one another’s needs.  If you still feel disconnected from your recruiter, it might be time to move on.  Do not be afraid to speak to another representative.  If you have a successful relationship, let others know and share the wealth!

Showing Your IT Recruiter Some Gratitude

The priority for technical recruiters is to find qualified candidates for their open IT jobs.  Unfortunately, IT people in the IT recruiting industry are often perceived as pushy, money hungry individuals whose main concern is their commission cut.  Working with technical recruiters on a daily basis, one will find this misconception to be far from the truth.

Successful IT staffing firms earn their keep through communication and research.  Hours extend beyond the typical 9-5 to accommodate candidates’ availability.  IT headhunters do not pry for details to be nosey, they are conducting preliminary screenings to ensure an applicant fits the hiring client’s criteria.  From the countless hours spent sifting and tweeking resumes while also prepping for interviews, a thank you is well deserved!

The Overlooked IT Recruiter

You may have interviewed with the hiring manager, but remember who helped you along the process.  You are most likely not your technical recruiter’s only candidate.  By the end of the day, he has probably spoken to dozens of existing and prospective applicants.  Let your IT recruiter know his hard work and determination are appreciated!

Make a Lasting Impression While Showing Character

Networking happens to be one of the top ways to secure an IT job in a competitive market.   IT staffing representatives are your gateway to new career opportunities. Maintain a relationship with your IT headhunter and stand out from other candidates with follow up emails and thank you notes.  Thank you’s might seem second nature, but you would be surprise what separates strong applicants from weak applicants.  If your contract should come to an end, he may remember you for upcoming positions.

Going Beyond the Thank You

If your IT recruiter did an outstanding job, why limit your thank you to just him?  Pay it forward and let others know how privileged you were to work with him.  Yelp and Google Places are just some of the ways you can extend your thank you beyond email and phone calls.  Your review can help others land positions and bring in more business for your IT staffing representative!

Living a Double Life—The Dishonest Candidate

Working with technical recruiters should not feel like a controlling relationship.  You do not need to tell them your every move or what you had for lunch.  IT recruiters are not intentionally being nosey when they ask you questions, they are just trying to get an idea of what you want and where you would fit most with IT job openings coming their way.  Telling your technical recruiter that you are not interested, providing constructive feedback, or saying you would prefer to not work with him or her might be difficult, but it actually helps them improve their recruiting tactics in the long run.  The worst thing you can do is lie to your IT staffing representative.

Previous Employment

Not listing all your experiences, or worse, including positions and titles you have never held is setting yourself up to be shot down.  At first glance you will shine on paper, but you cannot back it up through references or experience and your lies will soon be recognized.  Because you have embellished your information technology skills and misled IT recruiters Boston, the likelihood that he will keep you in mind for other positions is slim.

Lying about why you have left a previous position can come back to haunt you, especially if the hiring company requires an employment verification or the manager happens to know your former employer.  The six degrees of separation are becoming increasingly slim with social networking sites highlighting your relationships to others.  Avoid burning bridges and always end assignments on good terms.

Background Check

Be honest about past convictions or if you are at risk to fail a drug test.  Telling your IT recruiter up front about these issues will save you and your recruiter potential embarrassment and prevent wasted time on a position that you would not have had a chance nabbing.  Your IT staffing company representative might keep you in mind for other positions and will appreciate your honesty.


You might seem to be a catch on paper by sprucing up your resume with technical skills and keywords, but always make sure they pertain to the IT jobs you are applying and you actually have the experience.   Your IT headhunter will ask about your level of skills and how often you practiced them.  If you lie about your experience, it will show in your work.  The project manager might have to let you go if you cannot complete the required tasks, leaving you unemployed with severed ties.

Applying for Other IT Jobs

When an IT recruiting company representative asks if you are working with other recruiters or applying to other positions, they are not trying to limit your options.  The IT recruiter is looking to make sure you do not get double submitted for an opening.  Being submitted twice for an opening might sound helpful, but it can actually hinder your chances of securing the position because hiring managers will assume you are either careless or your submission was made in error.  Letting IT recruiters know you are actively interviewing shows determination, but also helps the technical recruiter to understand your availability.

IT staffing firms are not out to scam people, their job is to find the right candidates for open positions.  If working with recruiters does not sound like something that interests you, express your opinion.  The keys to a successful recruiting relationship are communicating and being honest.

For more tips, please visit AVID’s Job Seekers page.