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Taking Breaks in an IT Recruiting Office

You know those IT recruiters who constantly get out of their seat, walk around, chat by the water cooler, surf the web, and get a cup of coffee…basically any excuse not to do their job?  There is a common misconception that the ideal, efficient technical recruiters who rarely takes breaks and continuously plows through projects and phone calls.  Unfortunately, those employees are far and few between.  The reality is that IT recruiters, like any other employee in any other industry, need to take occasional breaks to keep their sanity (especially in the IT staffing industry where people can literally wear you down).  Sometimes it’s even healthy to take a quick break.

Signs of a needed break

Here are just a few examples of when it is time to take a break:

  • Loss of attention span
  • Inability to focus
  • Frustration
  • Frequent errors
  • High stress

Consequences of not taking a break

There is a difference between consistently working and working efficiently.  Technical recruiters Boston tend to work atypical hours to accommodate the needs of their clients.  Ignoring the signs listed above can trigger the IT recruiter to feel burned out and he will eventually start making errors which could potentially affect relationships with clients.  Stress is not just a mental state and can take tolls on emotional and physical well being, too.  Do not sacrifice your health when there is a simple solution to these stress factors.

Break Suggestions

Boston IT staffing firms have the luxury of working in the city.  Leave your desk and go for a walk through a park at lunch, even if it is for just fifteen minutes you will feel refreshed upon your return.  When projects seem long and cumbersome, split it up into segments.  When you finish a section, reward yourself with a short break so when you start up again you have a clearer mind.  If you cannot seem to focus on a certain project, move onto another and return to it later.

You do not have to forgo output to take a break.  Working at a comfortable pace with breaks and no errors is better than working in overdrive and making frequent mistakes along the way!