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Hot New Thing: The Internet of Things

What’s really driving IT job growth in the IT staffing sector right now?  Things.  The Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (commonly referred to as M2M) has exploded and in its wake lie whole new sectors of the IT recruiting field.  Part of the Big Data Revolution, M2M information technology essentially allows IT recruiters to track data from brand new places: things.  M2M has been nicknamed the “Internet of Things.”  This new “thing”-derived data is usually in the form of information from IT recruiting companies that can be taken directly from the products (generally equipped with wireless censors of some sort) that IT staffing companies produce, often as they are being used by their technical recruiters.  Wireless Carrier, Auto Insurance, IT recruiting firms and Energy Management companies are some of the most prevalent users of the technology, but its applications are boundless, bringing new connections between IT staffing firms and the customers they want feedback and data from.  Some IT recruiters CA are even suggesting that M2M might revolutionize not only the technical recruiting world, but the non-profit world and developing countries.

Want to make sure you’re not only professionally relevant, but in demand in the IT consulting field?  Finding opportunities to work on M2M projects will bolster your experience in this hot area.  Professional roles in M2M jobs have a generously wide range, giving a myriad of IT professionals a chance to jump on the Internet of Things bandwagon.  One could definitely say M2M is the thing to do!

A Look Back at IT Staffing in 2012

Now that we’ve entered a new year, it’s a good time to look back and reflect what was for IT recruiters and the best IT staffing companies in 2012.  For all intents and purposes, 2012 was a solid year for most IT recruiting firms.   While most industries struggled to overcome one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history, the IT staffing industry stood strong.  IT recruiting agencies were not only stable, many of them grew over the past year.  This speaks volumes to the strength of the IT recruiting industry, the niche need of IT consultants and the importance of technology in today’s business world.  All three are key ingredients to success for IT staffing agencies.

As most companies enforced a budgetary freeze on spending, there were mission-critical IT projects (which required the need for IT recruiting companies to provide technical consultants) that could not be ignored.  Since many companies rely upon e-commerce as a main (and sometimes only) source of revenue, utilizing IT staffing firms to help deliver these projects were critical to their success…and survival.  To put into perspective, if Reebok needs to spend a couple of million in IT recruiting resources for a neccessary application development project tied into the sales of their sneakers online, the return could be in the ten’s or hundreds of millions.  Therefore, spending the money and utilizing IT recruiters Boston to find them IT consultants to help deliver the project is a no-brainer.  Once again, it’s the technology industry that drives the spend on mission-critical projects.

Therefore, if you’re looking to enter the recruiting world, take a good hard look at IT staffing.  As we saw during 2012, and over the course of the entire economic recession, IT recruiting companies MA not only remained stable, many of them grew.  There are very few industries that can say the same.

IT Recruiters Can Work From Anywhere

Back even a couple of years ago, technical recruiters could work from anywhere with an internet connection.  However, in today’s information technology age, IT recruiters San Diego can work from virtually anywhere there is a wireless signal as they can use their cell phone as a modem.  How times have changed.

Back even five years ago, IT recruiters Boston were forced to come into their IT staffing office to do all of their work and conduct searches.  However, with web-based systems, what IT recruiters can work remotely and from the comfort of their own home.

Additionally, as technology advances and people continue to utilize email or texting over talking to IT recruiting companies, technical recruiters Boston can do more and more without even picking up their phone (this means late night emails and IT recruiting).  Having said that, no candidate should ever be submitted to a client without having spoken to an IT recruiter live on the phone.  At the end of the day, regardless of the technology advances, there is no substitute for screening out a candidate live or on the phone.

Therefore, if you’re considering working for any number of local IT recruiting firms, and a career as a technical recruiter, then you will have the ability to work at virtually any time of the day.  Ultimately, what you put into working for IT staffing companies is what you’ll get out of it.

How Technology Has Impacted IT Recruiting

A dozen years ago IT recruiters relied upon paper resumes and referrals to identify IT consultants for various technical jobs.  There were very few, if IT job boards and CRM’s to make the job of technical recruiters easier.  The landscape today has changed dramatically.  Here are the biggest advancements that have ultimately transformed the IT staffing industry:

1)  CRM’s:  This allows IT recruiters Boston the ability to organize their candidates and efficiently find/contact them for various IT jobs.  CRM’s today all IT recruiters MA the ability to mass mail – thus sending one email to hundreds to thousands of candidates.

2)  Monster:  Still the premiere technical job board on the market today, Monster is the #1 resource for prospective candidates and IT recruiting companies alike.

3)  Linkedin:  Allows IT recruiters CA the ability to find passive candidates, while giving IT staffing salespeople the ability to find hiring managers within their target accounts.

These 3 technologies have transformed the IT recruiting industry.  Most all IT staffing companies have access (or upgraded accounts) to each.  If you’re looking at a career in technical recruiting, make sure the IT staffing firms you meet with provide their IT recruiters San Diego access to these sites.

“Typical” Hours in the IT Recruiting Industry

If you have worked for any number of IT staffing agencies you’ll know that IT recruiting is not a 9-5pm industry.  It’s anything but that.  When IT recruiters leave at the end of the day, typically he or she leaves their IT staffing office with numerous open IT jobs still on the board.  Ultimately, their work is never done.  Having said that, while typical hours are atypical in the technical recruiting industry, most IT recruiting companies open their doors between 8-9am with their IT recruiters Boston leaving between 6-7pm.

Having said that, the most successful IT recruiters CA will beat other technical recruiters to the punch by getting in early and staying late or working from home.  This is why there really aren’t any typical hours in the IT staffing industry.  IT recruiters San Diego and IT recruiters LA are constantly outdueling one another to find the best IT consultants and information technology professionals on the market.

The best IT recruiting firms acknowledge the hard work of their technical recruiters CA and set up goals or days in which their technical recruiters Boston can leave early to help balance the late nights and long hours.

If you’re looking at becoming an IT recruiter or entering the technical staffing industry then make sure you’re prepared to put in the time.  If you’re able to work long hours, the fruits of your labor will pay off.

Monster: Still the Premiere Resume & IT Job Board

IT staffing companies across the country rely heavily upon technical job boards such as Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder and Linkedin.  IT recruiters Boston have their favorites, their go-to sites, to find information technology professionals.  After discussions with many IT recruiting agencies and their technical recruiters, there is one site that still remains the premier IT job board:  Monster.

Monster still dominates the resume database and IT job posting industry and is far and away the leading resource for IT recruiting companies.  While Dice has carved out a strong IT niche, CareerBuilder is a distant competitor.  Ultimately, from the perspective of technical recruiters, if the candidate has their technical resume posted on CareerBuilder, he or she also has it posted on Monster.  Therefore, for IT staffing firms, why pay the cost for both Monster and CareerBuilder?

One site that is gaining momentum and closing the competitive gap is Linkedin.  While Linkedin is not a traditional resume database, it ultimately is becomming a stronger and stronger search tool for IT recruiters Los Angeles.

Ultimately, from fiscally strong IT staffing agencies to single person IT recruiting firms, the best spend of our IT recruiting job board budget is Monster.  If you have the budget, invest in a Linkedin upgrade for your IT recruiters.

Don’t Celebrate Victories Too Early in IT Recruiting

IT recruiters know all too well not to celebrate a new hire until the IT contractors walk through the client’s door and officially start their first day of work.  Technical recruitersknow not to celebrate because if you’ve work in the IT recruiting industry long enough, you have learned the hard way.  Ultimately, no matter how many questions IT recruiters Boston ask to qualify a candidate and confirm their commitment, there is never a guarantee when it comes to people.  The unfortunate reality is that IT recruiters CA are selling the most unreliable product on the market:  people.

While this might paint a bleak picture of our society, luckily for IT recruiting firms, for every one candidate who gives technical recruiters Bostontheir commitment, then backs out or does not show up to work on his/her first day, there are 10+ people who stand behind their word, work hard and reinforce the faith that there are good people out there.

Therefore, if you’re considering a career in IT staffing, be sure to prepare yourself for some ups and downs.  Most important, when an information technology candidate backs out and leaves you high and dry, roll with the punches and remember that a success story is only a call away so get back up on the horse and persevere.

Can IT Recruiters Work From Home?

The IT staffing world has evolved over the years, as has the ability of IT recruiters to do much of their work from the comfort of their own home.  An internet connection, computer and phone are ultimately the only required tools of the job in today’s information technology world.  With many IT recruiting firms using a web-based ATS and CRM, IT recruiters CA can access their IT staffing company database from virtually anywhere.

Since popular search sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Linkedin and Dice can be accessed from any computer, in any location, ultimately IT recruiters Boston can do their job from anywhere.

Having said that, for those who have worked remotely on a consistent basis, there is a dark, lonely aspect to performing the IT recruiting job from home.  While waking up and commuting to your living room to work might sound appealing, of the course of time it can suffocating.  Regardless of whether you work for any one of the IT recruiting companies, or are employed in a different industry, most people need interaction.  They need to be around other technical recruiters – to feed off the energy, absorb information and collaborate on the spot.  In short, most people need human interaction.

It’s All About Activity in the IT Staffing Industry

In the IT recruiting industry, success typically comes down to hard work.  The more time IT recruiters spend searching for resumes, equates to the more candidates they ultimately speak with, which leads to more submittals to their IT jobs, then ultimately the more client interviews and confirmed hires for their IT staffing company.  Therefore, while it’s a pretty black and white numbers game, ultimately success comes down to hard work.

Take two poplulations of IT recruiters Boston.  One group makes half the calls and subsequently sends out half the emails as the second technical recruiters Boston.  While the first group of technical recruiters CA may find some success, ultimately the first group will exceed productivity.  Over the course of time, the IT recruiters CA with higher activity will produce more than those IT recruiting firms who make less calls.

While there are a number of variables associated with successful recruiters working for various IT recruiting companies.   Communication, articulation, organization, follow up and drive/determination are among a few attributes that encompass successful IT recruiters MA.  However, the most important trait is hard work – which ultimately translates to high activity.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in the IT staffing industry, pick up the phone, make the calls and spend as much time as possible searching IT job boards and resume databases for the best candidates possible.

IT Staffing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For IT recruiters Boston, it’s a marathon not a sprint.  Many technical recruiters enter the IT staffing industry full of energy and vigor, but fade fast.  Many technical recruiters Boston simply get burned out.  The IT recruiting industry is a marathon – you must be in it for the long haul to truly succeed and reap its many rewards.

Successful IT recruiters place hundreds of candidates over their first 4-5 years.  As time passes, many of these placements will climb the corporate ladder and ultimately become hiring IT managers (that will ultimately need to utilize IT recruiting companies to fill their technical needs).  Therefore, as time passes, successful IT recruiters CA keep in close touch with their placements (IT recruiting tip:  utilize Linkedin.  It makes keeping tabs on your placements easy); ultimately becoming the IT staffing resource for these contacts.

The technical staffing industry has it’s many ups and downs.  Technical recruiters CA have to expect the roller coaster ride of emotion that comes with the job and perservere through the tough times.  The IT recruiting firms that are in it for the long haul understand that the industry is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.