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Where can you listen to your favorite tunes?

Where can you listen to your favorite tunes?

Being connected to the internet is as much of a necessity for IT recruiters as it is to movie stars.  Music is something we always wanted to keep on us, but we can’t always carry around our iPod with us or listen to it through our headphones.  So how can we keep on listening to the tunes we love?

A great option is streaming the music from the internet.  There are many services now that will play the music you love.  Some of these websites are Pandora, Last.fm, Grooveshark, and YouTube.  These websites either play the same genres or specific songs that you choose.

Pandora allows you to choose a genre, artist, or song that you enjoy and then from there it will select things that are similar to what you chose.  In addition you can pick which ones you like and don’t like.  The ones that you don’t like will be kept in your account and won’t be played again.  They also have an application for most smart phones, so if you enjoy it, then you won’t have to listen to the radio on your commute to work or on your way home.

Grooveshark on the other hand allows you to pick all the songs you like.  Then you can create playlists just like you do on your iPod’s.  They have a huge variety of music and it also allows you to download the application for your cellular phone.  This option though requires you to get the paid version of Grooveshark.

There are quite a few options out there for you to enjoy your music while at work or on the road.  So check out some of these sites and see which one fits your lifestyle.

Music sooths the soul and helps people relax or even energized.  In our IT staffing company understands this and subsequently let’s all technical recruiters listen to music softly as they go about searching for high-tech candidates.

Get IT Job Postings on Your Cell Phone

Since the iPhone came out, there have been more and more applications made by high tech development professionals. These apps range from productive software to games. Now that other cell phones can handle applications such as the android and other MicroSoft Windows-based phones, I have noticed that some job boards are creating applications to send updates on new IT job openings. As a student in college, this could be handy, but is it really better than just getting the emails?

I was curious so I checked out the Career Builder and Indeed applications. The Career Builder application allows you to see any of your searches and will keep your settings from their website. In doing so, you as a job seeker are able to apply for any IT jobs you want right from your cell phone. This can save you time in your job search because when you get an alert, you can just go on your Career Builder app and apply for the job instead of putting it off until you get home. And like most people, by the time you get home you sometimes forget about that job, and then do not apply.

Additionally, you can always set up alerts with certain IT recruiting firms like AVID Technical Resources. Let the IT staffing companies bring their open high-tech jobs right to your phone/hands as well.

Depending on the app you decide to use, it can help your job search. It might seem redundant if you are just using the app to get alerts, since most people already receive them through emails. In the end you may be saving yourself time and getting in more applications then you would have without these apps.