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Running Late for an IT Job Interview

Trains, plains and automobiles.  All are means of transportation that people have to take to get to an IT job interview….and all can be unreliable.  Therefore, while IT recruiting firms understand that delays happen, whether unexpected accidents clogging up up the highways or just an abnormal amount of congestion on the roads, many times the commutes are out of people’s control.  Subsequently, IT recruiters Boston should not hold any delays against their information technology candidate……if he or she calls the IT recruiting company to inform the IT recruiters that they are running late.  It’s quite simple, in today’s age where everyone has a cell phone, if you find yourself runnng late to meet with IT staffing firms or direct client companies, simply call one of your technical recruiters.

There are no excuses for candidates that walk through the doors of IT staffing companies after their scheduled IT job interview time.  Even if you’re a minute or two behind schedule – call.  IT recruiters CA meet with dozens of candidates each week and speak with countless more.  If you run late for an interview, you’re simply (and rightfully) going to be passed over for their IT jobs.

Conversely, if you find yourself more than 15 minutes early to meet with IT recruiting companies, take a walk around the block or grab a coffee.  Showing up too early for an interview with technical recruiters Boston is a red flag as well.

Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to account for traffic, accidents or other potential delays….and if you find yourself at the IT staffing company well before your scheduled interview, walk around the block, kill some time to ensure you’re not too early for the IT job interview.

Can IT Recruiters Work From Home?

The IT staffing world has evolved over the years, as has the ability of IT recruiters to do much of their work from the comfort of their own home.  An internet connection, computer and phone are ultimately the only required tools of the job in today’s information technology world.  With many IT recruiting firms using a web-based ATS and CRM, IT recruiters CA can access their IT staffing company database from virtually anywhere.

Since popular search sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Linkedin and Dice can be accessed from any computer, in any location, ultimately IT recruiters Boston can do their job from anywhere.

Having said that, for those who have worked remotely on a consistent basis, there is a dark, lonely aspect to performing the IT recruiting job from home.  While waking up and commuting to your living room to work might sound appealing, of the course of time it can suffocating.  Regardless of whether you work for any one of the IT recruiting companies, or are employed in a different industry, most people need interaction.  They need to be around other technical recruiters – to feed off the energy, absorb information and collaborate on the spot.  In short, most people need human interaction.

It’s All About Activity in the IT Staffing Industry

In the IT recruiting industry, success typically comes down to hard work.  The more time IT recruiters spend searching for resumes, equates to the more candidates they ultimately speak with, which leads to more submittals to their IT jobs, then ultimately the more client interviews and confirmed hires for their IT staffing company.  Therefore, while it’s a pretty black and white numbers game, ultimately success comes down to hard work.

Take two poplulations of IT recruiters Boston.  One group makes half the calls and subsequently sends out half the emails as the second technical recruiters Boston.  While the first group of technical recruiters CA may find some success, ultimately the first group will exceed productivity.  Over the course of time, the IT recruiters CA with higher activity will produce more than those IT recruiting firms who make less calls.

While there are a number of variables associated with successful recruiters working for various IT recruiting companies.   Communication, articulation, organization, follow up and drive/determination are among a few attributes that encompass successful IT recruiters MA.  However, the most important trait is hard work – which ultimately translates to high activity.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in the IT staffing industry, pick up the phone, make the calls and spend as much time as possible searching IT job boards and resume databases for the best candidates possible.

Submit Your Resume to An IT Recruiter or Client?

You see an IT job posting for a company that you’re very interested in working for – then you see the same position posted by various IT recruiting companies.   Who do you submit your resume to and do you submit to mulitple IT recruiters.  The answer might surprise you.  Submit your resume to the technical recruiter at the IT recruiting firm that is most reputable and/or you have a relationship with.  Here’s why:

1)  Submitting directly to the client could go into an HR black hole.  Remember that not HR are trained to recruit on IT jobs.  Therefore, even if they receive your resume, they may not know whether your a fit for the position.

2)  Once you submit your resume directly to the client, you’re “their property.”  Therefore, if IT recruiters Boston try to submit you thereafter, the company could reject it (then never even contact you).

3)  The IT staffing company may have a relationship with the direct hiring manager.  Therefore, by working through the IT recruiting agency, your resume may not only go directly to the source, the IT recruiter may be able to pursuade the IT manager to speak or meet with you based on their relationship.

Therefore, working directly with IT recruiting agencies is your best chance of landing that next information technology opportunity.

Selecting the Right IT Recruiting Firm for You

Finding the right IT staffing company can be difficult….especially in an area like Boston where there are so many IT recruiting firms to choose from.  To help you find the right technical recruiting company that is right for you, and ultimate an IT recruiter who you can build a relationship with, try the following approach:

1)  Cast a wide net:  Do a Google search for IT recruiting companies.  Consider doing a more targeted search if there is a geographic location you’re looking at such as IT recruiting companies Boston.

2)  Look for reviews of each technical staffing firm, then narrow your list down to 8-10 IT recruiting agencies that have the best feedback.

3)  Review the websites of the list of IT staffing firms on your short list and narrow it down to your top 3-5 IT recruiting firms.

4)  Contact each IT recruiting company and speak with one of their technical recruiters.  If you feel comfortable with the person, set up a time to meet in person.

Building a relationship with an IT recruiter is one of the most important components to a successful IT job search.  This will ensure he or she calls you first the minute the appropriate technical jobs opens up.

Is this IT Recruiter Cheap or Frugal?

Being perceived as frugal is a favorable quality, but unfortunately it is also misconstrued as cheap.  At IT recruiting companies, you may know candidates, hiring managers, or fellow technical recruiters who can seem to stretch a dollar while still keeping things classy.  You may also know an individual who tries to get by as inexpensively possible by taking any means necessary.  In an economically troubled society, what crosses the line from frugal to just plain cheap?


A technical recruiter does not feel like buying groceries.  He relies on the snacks in the IT staffing office kitchen for breakfast.  Lunch rolls around and he is feeling pretty hungry.  He reaches out to a sales representative for an impromptu client lunch… on their tab.  The IT headhunter orders the most expensive meal on the menu and turns his head when the check arrives.  He takes both his and the sales representative’s leftovers for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

When you are saving money at the expense of others, you are being cheap.  A rule of thumb, if it feels like you are cheating the system or taking advantage of another party, you are being cheap.  Stop making others at technical recruiting companies feel uncomfortable and realign your values.  Before you take more than you need, think about how this puts you at an advantage and if it is completely necessary.  Typically those who are cheap are unhappy, so by becoming more flexible with your budget you may easily remove a stressful trigger.


IT recruiters decide to go out for lunch together.  Not sacrificing quality over price, they use a coupon they found online to an upper tier restaurant.  After leaving, they realize the restaurant provided extra napkins and utensils with their leftovers.  They bring them back to the IT staffing company for others to use with their lunches.

The difference between frugal recruiters and cheap recruiters is that thrifty IT headhunters use the resources available to them while cheap individuals shamefully take from others. Those who are financially responsible are typically generous, fair, and are often times more happy than those who are cheap.  Their values are more in line with what is important in the quality of life versus what is in their pockets.      

The next time you feel like being cheap, ask yourself if it is actually worth it and what need you will be satisfying.  There are more important things in life than money, so avoid the temptation of greed.  Guaranteed you will feel less stressed and more self assured when fiscal burdens are removed from the equation!

IT Recruiting Phone Etiquette

It is the end of a long work week and a technical recruiter has been glued to the phone.  After a much needed lunch break, he returns to his desk.  When his phone rings, he answers unenthused with an exaggerated yawn while snacking on chips.

Is this how IT recruiting companies typically manage their phone calls and portray the IT staffing company image?  Here are some tips for IT recruiters who may need a friendly reminder of proper phone etiquette.

Pay Attention

Phone calls with hiring managers and potential candidates may extend beyond the typical length of conversation, but have patience.  Never interrupt a speaker and remain calm while listening to what they have to say.  If the conversation becomes side tracked, direct it back to the point.

While multitasking is encouraged at IT staffing firms, do not be tempted to play with your cell phone or carry on a conversation with a coworker even if you are using the mute button.  The mute button should be used sparingly and never to speak poorly of the end speaker.  One quick slip up puts you at risk of offending the client and embarrassing yourself.


Because physical expressions are lost in pure verbal communication, focus on your tone of voice.  Answer the phone in a friendly manner while introducing your name and maintaining a sincere, positive attitude.  Never treat a call as if it were a burden, you never know who could be on the other end or listening.

When you are in a hurry, apologize in advance and try to listen to the caller’s main points.  If you must place a person on hold, ask for permission or notify the caller first.  Then, follow up in a quiet area when you have more time to speak.

Technical recruiters should avoid yawning on the phone as it can be misconstrued as the recruiter is bored with the conversation.  Try to avoid eating while on the phone as this is a distraction and irritating for the caller to hear chewing in their ear.  When you must yawn or eat, use the mute button.


If people from five cubicles away are complaining about an IT recruiter speaking too loudly, imagine how the person on the phone feels.  Speaking too softly or mumbling can be just as bad as yelling during a conversation.  Annunciate your words and speak slowly at an appropriate volume. Be sure the listener can hear you as well.  If on your cell phone, tell the caller in the event of lost service or bad connection.

It can be easy to forget proper phone etiquette, especially after a long day.  When you find yourself or others are beginning to slip up, coach your way through it!

Technical Recruiters: Best IT Staffing Snacks

With Halloween this past week, it might be tempting to hit up the after holiday sales and stock up on candy.  Maybe IT recruiters are wiser and dip into their child’s stash.  Before deciding to reach for a candy bar or visit the office vending machines of technical recruiting firms, stop.  Here are some healthy snack alternatives to boost energy and treat oneself while avoiding potential guilt.

Sweet Tooth?

Sugary fruit flavored treats and chocolate seem to be a staple for snacking…that is if you are a child.  As an adult, a technical recruiter should be educated on nutritional values and make healthy decisions.  If an IT recruiter craves chocolate, be sure it is dark chocolate.  If you still cannot shake a sugar craving, split a candy bar with another recruiter or candidate at your IT staffing company.

Looking for something fruity?  Try canned fruit packed in water, not syrup, which can be easily stored.  If a recruiter prefers fresh fruit, precut it and store it in containers.  Greek yogurt provides an excellent source of protein while maintaining a low fat content, too.  Just be sure your IT staffing firm has a fridge!


Pretzels are low in fat and great to nibble on during mid afternoon slumps.  Be aware of your portion size so you do not over eat.  Microwavable light popcorn is conveniently storable and offers significant dietary fiber with a low calorie count to fill you up.  Still not feeling satisfied?  Reach for nuts which pack a powerful protein punch and healthy fat, but be mindful of your consumption.  If you must have chips, choose baked or reduced fat.

An Inbetween?

Cannot decide between sweet or salty snacks?  Try a combination to satisfy both of your desires.  Opt for trail mix that has mixed nuts as well as chocolate candies or yogurt covered raisins.  Dark chocolate covered pretzels may also do the trick.  Peanut butter with crackers or an apple is an easy and handy small snack, too.

Choosing convenience over healthy snacks is bound to take a toll on your overall well-being.  Pre-pack your snacks to maintain portions and save money.  Keep these practical snacks on hand at IT recruiting firms to fight cravings and hold you over through the afternoon!

When Going Above and Beyond is a Bad Thing

Finishing all your work in a timely manner and helping out when necessary, but when does being productive cross the line into being overworked?  While some IT recruiters might do the bare minimum at their IT staffing company, there are those who go above and beyond what is considered the norm—and this is not always best.  Setting unrealistic expectations and overworking yourself to meet unattainable goals sets you up to be burned out.  Technical recruiters often confuse stress with burnout, but while some stress is beneficial, burnout is detrimental to one’s overall health.  Here are some tips to maintain your work load without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Leaving Work in the IT recruiting Office.  IT recruiters need to be readily available to his clients, but remember you have needs that you must meet outside of work obligations, too.  Bringing technical recruiting work home with you everyday prevents you from spending time with your family and friends and, most importantly, takes away time from relaxing and recovering.  Exercise to burn off stress and maintain a healthy, clear mind.  Work will not disappear; it will be waiting for your return in the morning, so give it a rest!

Working Overtime

Everyone experiences times when they must work more than expected, but do not make this a habit.  Working overtime is not always best because your quality of work diminishes as your interest level drops.  If you are paid hourly, the money might be enticing, but align your priorities first.  If you find you cannot complete your tasks in an appropriate time period, it is your responsibility to speak up that you have too much of a work load.

Asking for Help and Saying No

Some employees carry too much pride to ask for help when they need it.  Work continues to pile up and the individual tries to rush through his projects, leaving room for errors.  Take a step back and evaluate what you can and cannot handle.  If someone addresses you for help, be honest when you cannot take on additional work.  People appreciate the truth more than hearing yes and being let down.

Remember that doing your best does not mean working all hours of the day and night.  It has been proven that taking periodic breaks can improve your work performance.  No amount of money is worth sacrificing your health and relationships!

Living a Double Life—The Dishonest Candidate

Working with technical recruiters should not feel like a controlling relationship.  You do not need to tell them your every move or what you had for lunch.  IT recruiters are not intentionally being nosey when they ask you questions, they are just trying to get an idea of what you want and where you would fit most with IT job openings coming their way.  Telling your technical recruiter that you are not interested, providing constructive feedback, or saying you would prefer to not work with him or her might be difficult, but it actually helps them improve their recruiting tactics in the long run.  The worst thing you can do is lie to your IT staffing representative.

Previous Employment

Not listing all your experiences, or worse, including positions and titles you have never held is setting yourself up to be shot down.  At first glance you will shine on paper, but you cannot back it up through references or experience and your lies will soon be recognized.  Because you have embellished your information technology skills and misled IT recruiters Boston, the likelihood that he will keep you in mind for other positions is slim.

Lying about why you have left a previous position can come back to haunt you, especially if the hiring company requires an employment verification or the manager happens to know your former employer.  The six degrees of separation are becoming increasingly slim with social networking sites highlighting your relationships to others.  Avoid burning bridges and always end assignments on good terms.

Background Check

Be honest about past convictions or if you are at risk to fail a drug test.  Telling your IT recruiter up front about these issues will save you and your recruiter potential embarrassment and prevent wasted time on a position that you would not have had a chance nabbing.  Your IT staffing company representative might keep you in mind for other positions and will appreciate your honesty.


You might seem to be a catch on paper by sprucing up your resume with technical skills and keywords, but always make sure they pertain to the IT jobs you are applying and you actually have the experience.   Your IT headhunter will ask about your level of skills and how often you practiced them.  If you lie about your experience, it will show in your work.  The project manager might have to let you go if you cannot complete the required tasks, leaving you unemployed with severed ties.

Applying for Other IT Jobs

When an IT recruiting company representative asks if you are working with other recruiters or applying to other positions, they are not trying to limit your options.  The IT recruiter is looking to make sure you do not get double submitted for an opening.  Being submitted twice for an opening might sound helpful, but it can actually hinder your chances of securing the position because hiring managers will assume you are either careless or your submission was made in error.  Letting IT recruiters know you are actively interviewing shows determination, but also helps the technical recruiter to understand your availability.

IT staffing firms are not out to scam people, their job is to find the right candidates for open positions.  If working with recruiters does not sound like something that interests you, express your opinion.  The keys to a successful recruiting relationship are communicating and being honest.

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