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Identifying Candidates Who Are a Cultural Fit With Your Company

In the IT staffing industry, hiring managers or IT recruiting companies will match qualified resumes with the IT job description.  Because the industry is so dependent upon finding someone with the depth/experience in the specific technologies required, companies and IT recruiters often get caught up in just matching key words.  However, what some IT recruiters and managers often neglect is the human element.  More specifically, is the candidate also a cultural fit with your group, office and/or company?

How can IT recruiters or a hiring managers find more about the candidate, and their personality, by just reading a resume or cover letter?  The first solution may be creating a questionnaire, often personality-related questions or hypotheticals that can often shed some light on a candidate’s personality and thought process.  A widely-available option is the Myers- Brigg Type Indicator (a.k.a the MBTI test).  This test can either be taken online or in person and asks various questions that will categorize the candidate.  There are 4 categories and 2 types within each category.

However, from this IT staffing firm’s perspective, which has worked with numerous clients who have incorporated different personality tests, the best way to screen for culture is to always be a face-to-face when meeting with the candidate.  Have a list of situational questions prepared, but use the interview as an opportunity to gauge the candidate’s reaction and watch for their body language.  You can tell a lot about how a person acts with each response.  Analyze his or her responses; look for inconsistencies and/or signs of fabrication.  Shifting or lack of eye contact can also tell whether the person is ultimately being truthful with their answers.