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Technical Professionals Adjusting to a Project Management Role

Technical Professionals who have become experts in their chosen areas of technical talent may find their career trajectory leading them into a management role, and realizing, once in that role, that their job experience so far hasn’t prepared them for the pressures and challenges of IT management. Project management, a standard step in the promotion ladder in IT, is not only an advancement, it’s a major career shift with a new set of responsibilities and skills required. IT professionals who have become accustomed to a self-directed schedule now need to learn how to manage people, and integrate interactions with others into their daily schedule. Time management, while probably a skill many technical professionals are proficient in, becomes central.

IT recruiters placing seasoned technical consultants in a first project management role are in a position to prep technical talent for the IT job ahead. Technical professionals located on a wide range of the spectrum can qualify for a project management role after a certain number of years working as a successful technical contractor. IT staffing agencies will then see a technical candidate as a desirable placement for a project management role coming from a variety of technical jobs: information technology professionals, engineers, and even medical professionals. Working with IT staffing agencies to make the transition into the new job is a challenge IT headhunters can make easier for technical consultants through solid, targeted advice.

Secrets for Making your Recruiter your Best Friend

In today’s job search environment, recruiters often play an instrumental role in a candidates job search, whether the job is in the medical, financial or technical industry, or the position sought is contract or permanent. The reason is that recruiters spend each work day doing for a living what candidates do only during periods of time when they’re on a job search – create relationships with hiring managers and their companies, keep abreast of the most current job openings available, and cruise job boards like Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist, as well as professional networking sites like Linkedin and Yammer. A job-seeker applying to jobs online may encounter at least one position of interest that has been posted by a recruiter. In contacting the recruiter, the prospective candidate for the position initiates a relationship with the recruiter to determine if he or she will be a good fit for the role.

Here’s a secret: cultivating a relationship your recruiter correctly can make him or her your best friend. Mainly because that person has the potential to get you a new job. What is the protocol for candidate-recruiter alliances? The golden rule is – Imagine they’re the boss. If you make contact with a recruiter over the phone, your confidence, ability to describe your past roles and the value you added persuasively and succinctly, and clarity when defining the type of role you want to be your next will be as impressive to the recruiter as it would be to a hiring manager. The type of candidate that impresses a hiring manager is the kind of person a recruiter wants to get in front of the manager. It’s a win-win for everybody.

So here’s the bottom line: when you speak to a recruiter about a role, handle it like in interview. If you meet with a recruiter face-to-face, dress to impress. If your recruiter requests that you send references, or stay in contact once a week, make it a priority to do so, just as you would if you were in long-term negotiations with a hiring manager. Recruiters operate in a fast-paced environment – they’re not going to eat up a lot of your time. An investment of a few minutes a week on the phone with a recruiter you’ve established a relationship with could be the difference between getting the salary and benefits you want in a company you want to work for, or having to settle for less.

IT Recruiters at AVID focus on maintaining relationships with IT candidates with technical backgrounds. As an IT staffing agency that is more specialized that an all-industry recruiting firm, AVID offers candidates recruiters who are experts in staffing for the tech industry, and are best equipped to assist IT candidates with their job search.

IT Recruiting Advice: Write Your Thoughts Down!

In the IT staffing industry, there are peaks of booming activity, which is great for technical recruiters and IT consultants.  But is there so much activity that IT headhunters have a habit of forgetting what needs to be done or letting tasks slip through the cracks?  Technical recruiting companies might be so busy, that you begin to forget simple procedures or have trouble grasping ideas and concepts.  Before the problem progresses, the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources have a simple solution: keep a notebook handy and write things down!

Less Stressful

Mentally creating a list of all the things IT staffing companies need to do is not helpful and often will make employees and hiring managers more stressed out.  Having a tangible reminder of what needs to be accomplished will help you to see where IT recruiting firms have flexibility, as well as what will take priority in order of tasks.  Also, by writing down thoughts and ideas, technical recruiters will not be drawing blanks later when they need the info the most.

Improved Understanding

You may find that you remembered the information after you wrote it down, and then think perhaps you do not need to take notes.  To jot down notes is to think about the material twice, which will help to grasp a better concept of the information and improve your memory.  By writing down material, you will be able to evaluate key facts and points and use them to your advantage at a later time.  Before you give up taking notes, remember how it helped to reinforce detail.  You might not have remembered otherwise.

More on Task

By gathering your thoughts, ideas, and tasks on paper, you are mentally preparing to complete a task and put your brain to work.  Half the battle with procrastination is just getting a plan started.  By writing things down, you might find you are more willing and ready to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations.

The brain can only retain so much information.  Avoid overloading yourself by putting outstanding tasks and ideas on paper.  Eventually, you will wonder how you survived without a handy notebook!

Gum—IT Staffing Industry Necessity

An IT staffing sales representative is preparing for a meeting with one of his clients.  Before he leaves the technical recruiting company, he checks his bag to ensure he has plenty of AVID Technical Resources brochures, pens, and a folder with his notes and paperwork.  There is something missing…then he remembers.  He reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a fresh pack of gum.

Ice Breaker

Since a young age, gum has been banned in schools and professional environments, but what caused this so-called taboo?  Gum can actually be used as an advantage to break the ice when starting a meeting.  Offer other IT professionals a piece of gum and see if they are receptive to your gesture.  Another tip might be to choose a less common gum or obscure flavor to make small talk in the beginning of the meeting.  Though some might not be comfortable with this approach, it can help the client remember you and set you apart from competing IT recruiting companies.

Freshens Breath

Almost every technical recruiter has had the experience of going to speak to someone and wanting to do an immediate one-eighty.  Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common, embarrassing hygiene offender.  Take a piece of gum yourself and then offer other IT recruiters or hiring managers a piece.  This will avoid potential awkwardness while subtly hinting that their breath needs to be refreshed.

Helps Memory

Though it has not been prove why, gum helps to sharpen your memory when first chewed.  When approaching a complex matter or designing a procedure, pop a fresh piece of gum in your mouth to improve performance.  If it does not help with work, it will certainly help your breath!

Before you begin bringing gum with your to all your client meetings, check with your IT recruiting manager to be sure that it is appropriate and in compliance with your IT recruiting company.

IT Recruiting Companies: Building Your Own Brand

Technical recruiters not only work within IT staffing firms, they also work for themselves.  Their hard work, inner passion, and drive are reflected in the quality of their work and results.  How can they replace the label of IT headhunters and make it one of their own?  Read on for some tips to develop a unique IT recruiting brand.


Find what you enjoy most about the IT staffing industry and take advantage of it. Take that aspect and perfect it to make the process more enjoyable.  Research your areas of weakness for improvement and set realistic and attainable goals by building your skills.  If IT professionals are not passionate about their work, hiring managers and IT recruiters will notice.

Define Yourself

Think of how you perceive yourself, and then how others view you.  If you are extremely organized, make that your thing.  If you are always prompt with meetings, phone calls, or emails, others will take note and look to you in terms of responsibility.  Keep a clean, professional appearance and demeanor because what it can take you far.

Stand Out

Do something differently than the competition or your peers to stand out at IT staffing companies.  Getting people to talk about what separates you from others is buzz marketing.  It’s the best kind of promotion because it is free advertisement!  Tangibly get your name out there as well, be it through resumes or business cards, and find a tag line.  The more exposure an IT headhunter has, the more opportunities will arise.

Try to avoid getting ahead of yourself and stay loyal to your commitments.  Backing out of your agreements or failure to meet expectations can set you two steps backward and give you a hard reputation to shake!

Impatient IT Recruiters Opt for a Change

When things are not done according to the standards or timely manner of a certain IT recruiter, does he become upset and angry?  When this technical recruiter seem to be constantly troubled with stress and anxiety of deadlines and projects, it has a contagious effect that permeates through the IT recruiting company, making others irritable and frustrated, too.  If you happen to be among the impatient IT headhunters of the IT staffing industry, here are some tips to become more tolerant.

Why are you upset?

The first step to becoming patient is identifying the source of what is causing distress.  Technical recruiters can have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.  Often, people become impatient with issues that are beyond their control or simply need to learn to manage their moods and how to work with others.  When you find the cause to your angst, you can begin the process of patience.


If feeling anxious, try to relax and reevaluate the situation while focusing on what matters.  Chances are the issue is not nearly as important as it seems.  Before making decisions, prepare what you will say and your actions as they are bound to affect others within IT recruiting firms.  You will build better relationships and be less likely to regret a snide comment or attitude if you give yourself time to plan.  You will also produce better results by making more favorable choices, leaving you in a less stressed, more satisfied mood.

Learning Experience

Becoming more patient has a learning curve and takes time.  Start by nixing grudges and work civilly by making situations more positive and optimistic.  Learn from others and share your experiences and tips so people will also become more patient with you.  If you find you are reverting to your old ways, stop and go for a walk or take a break and return when you are ready.

Patience is not something learned over night, it takes time.  With each step, you become closer to a happier, healthier you—and candidates, coworkers, and hiring managers will appreciate it!       

IT Recruiting: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Technical recruiters typically take notes during phone conversations with prospective candidates and hiring managers.  The writing may be scribbles with some mark ups such as doodles on the margin or perfectly neat and aligned.  Ever wonder what the penmanship of IT recruiters says about their personality or mood?  Continue reading for some insight on everyday calligraphy.


Take note of the degree in slant for handwriting.  If it is leaning to the right, the IT recruiter may be more of a social butterfly and enjoy working with others.  When writing slants more to the left, the technical recruiter typically prefers working alone, focuses on attention to detail, and does not appreciate others trying to trump him with authority.  When recruiters of IT staffing companies have penmanship that seems to have no slant, they may be more rational decision makers and tend to let their emotions guide them.


When handwriting is large it means technical recruiting companies have confidence coupled with outgoing personalities… think John Hancock, they want to be noticed!  If penmanship is small, recruiters prefer to be focused or working in the background and may also be shy and thoughtful.  Those with average sized handwriting are considered easy going and well adjusted to different situations within the IT staffing industry.


Scrutinize loops if the handwriting is in cursive.  If loops tend to be closed, consider one’s mood.  Are they feeling agitated or easily annoyed?  Closed loops signify that one is unconvinced and discouraged while wider loops indicate an adventurous personality and expression of oneself.

Other Things to Think About…

Is the penmanship half cursive half print?  Some believe these may be the most intelligent workers of IT recruiting firms because the brain is working faster than the hand in these instances.  If words are rounder, this person may be a people pleaser and avoid confrontation.  Pointier letters indicate one is focused on his own wants and needs at the technical recruiting firm.  People who doodle in the margins tend to be the creative thinkers while those with neat notes have more organized thoughts.

All of these indications are up for debate, but fun to think about.  Next time you are on the phone with a client or taking notes at a presentation, take note of your handwriting.  It may be telling you more than you think!

IT Recruiters: Food Survival Guide

IT staffing agencies can spend hours in the office chipping away at work and consistently achieving goals.  With their dedication, one may begin to wonder how recruiters find time to eat.  Here is a list of necessary food supplies for IT recruiters Boston to make it through a typical week.


Take a peek at a recruiter’s cube in the early morning hours.  You may find the IT staffing rep stirring up some oatmeal or nibbling a breakfast bar.  Some might change up their breakfast with a Chobani yogurt while others stick to a strict Pop-Tart routine.  On special occasions, there may be a trip to the local Bruegger’s or Dunkin Donuts for bagels and coffee.

Mid-morning Snack

Come ten o’clock, you will begin to hear stomachs grumble as IT staffing companies reach their mid-morning peak.  Some recruiters reach for their perfectly ripened banana while others grab a handful of nuts.  The more spontaneous recruiters take a trip for a donut or muffin along with a coffee to make it to noon.


IT recruiting firms look forward to their lunch more than any meal of the day.  In technical recruiting offices, one will notice the noise level and productivity rise after a recruiter’s midday meal.  From grabbing a sandwich at the local deli to eating last night’s leftovers, these sources of energy send recruiters into overdrive and on a mission to round up potential candidates.  For tips on dining out, check the Phantom Gourmet or go with the suggestion of fellow technical recruiters.

Mid-afternoon Snack

At around two thirty or three o’clock, the lunch activity begins to die down and IT headhunters rise from their desk for an afternoon kick.  A trip to a local convenience store or CVS is in order for an energy drink as well as candy or healthy pretzels and humus.  These snacks will give recruiters a boost to make it through closing time while rounding up candidates and scheduling interviews.


IT recruiting agencies may enjoy dinner together from time to time to discuss life outside the IT staffing industry.  These sit down meals can help to building networks while also establishing relationships out of the office.  If recruiters cannot commit to a full dinner, they can always grab drinks after work to celebrate a successful day!

Too Personal in the IT Staffing Industry

Technical recruiters spend a majority of their day on the phone or meeting with potential candidates.  They are around people constantly and typically spend more hours in the office than they do at home.  When you work side by side with peers for at least forty hours a week your personal life is bound to come up, but what is too personal and how much should you share?

Burden with Information

Potential candidates may have a life story of why they are not working or wish to change IT jobs.  As a technical recruiter, lend an ear to their needs, but do not get caught up in their personal lives.  The same goes for an IT headhunter working with a client.  The relationship should remain objective and professional with a degree of comfort.

Talking too Much

IT recruiting companies are always buzzing with chatter, but when an IT recruiter is focusing more on their social life than work load it may affect others.  People who talk too much or too loud about irrelevant matters are an office distraction.  Rather than providing the constant attention and approval they seek, focus on your role and goals.  If the incessant gossip and talk begins to affect your performance, speak up before it becomes an issue.

Prying for Privacy

Technical recruiting agencies need basic information when working with clients such as their expectations, experiences, and desired roles.  If a recruiter begins to cross a comfort zone and push for more information than a client is willing to provide, it is best for the recruiter to explain why they need it.  If the client is still hesitant, the recruiter should abide by his wishes.  Privacy and trust are what makes for successful IT staffing firms and by respecting limits, you may win over more candidates.

Bad Impression

Prying for too much detail or divulging in details of your personal life puts a recruiter on a pedestal for judgment.  Technical recruiting companies want to come across as personal, but they should be weary of crossing the line from personal to unprofessional.  Rather than adding a candidate on Facebook, search their credentials on LinkedIn.  No matter how comfortable a recruiter feels with his candidates, he should respect privacy in order to maintain a good impression.

First Impressions in the IT Staffing Industry

IT recruiters use first impressions to determine their potential candidates for open IT jobs.  Most IT staffing firms first engage in a phone screen to find applicants who can best communicate their skills and experience.  If the phone interview goes well, the next steps are a submittal and possibly an in person interview.  This interview is the candidate’s opportunity to show his potential, so use these tips to make an outstanding first impression among hiring managers and IT recruiting companies.

Prior to Meeting

Research both technical recruiting companies as well as managers conducting the interview through company sites and LinkedIn.  Take notes and think of questions to impress managers.  Set aside two neatly pressed outfits for your interview.  Always go for more dressy, preferably a suit, when you are uncertain of how casual the meeting may be.  Determine the commute length to the destination of the meeting.  Aim to arrive at least fifteen minutes early to prepare yourself and gather your thoughts.  If running late, always give a heads up and estimated time of arrival.

The Meeting

When you arrive to the meeting, review your notes and jot down any last minute questions.  Try relaxation tips such as taking a walk or listening to calming music prior to the meeting to ease nerves.  Do not think too much or you may begin to worry.  If necessary, call your IT recruiter for last minute tips.

Body language is just as important as the things you say.  Extend a handshake, but be mindful of cultures and traditions if you are in an unfamiliar setting or area.   Remain calm, focus, and think through your responses.  Maintain eye contact and a genuine smile while avoiding nervous habits. Keep the flow of the conversation relevant and positive with an upbeat tone.

After the Meeting

After the meeting, follow up with cordial thank you messages totechnical recruiters and the interviewers within twenty four hours.  Reiterate key points of the meeting and address any outstanding issues.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to mention them.

First impressions are crucial in business.  Having the required skills is half the battle, convincing the hiring manager you are the right fit for the IT job seals the deal.