Placement Services

On-Site IT Recruiters to Help Manage Your Recruiting Needs

For high-volume IT staffing client companies, AVID Technical Resource can provide on-site IT recruiters to manage your hiring needs. You can choose to have one, or even more, AVID technical recruiters to physically sit at your facility. By having an on-site premise, we can meet with hiring managers and help expedite the feedback process as opposed to relying on voicemails and email communication.

An AVID technical recruiter, or team of IT recruiters, would serve as an extension of your Human Resources department, assuming all responsibilities involved in the hiring process such as sourcing, pre-screening and the qualifying of all candidates, their timecard collection, payroll and billing.

AVID has the capability to provide the weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting of all hiring. Our IT recruiting team works with your hiring managers directly in an effort to help forecast current and future IT staffing needs and ensure you meet any specific project requirements and deadlines.