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Is the IT industry going Green?

Lately there have been many blogs and articles about the Information Technology industry going green.  More companies are looking to create products that are environmentally friendly while remaining efficient.  Combining the two things is hard but businesses are beginning to research and look into the possible solutions.

IT recruiting companies are using less paper and relying more on technology.  Hiring manager’s typically read resumes instead of printing out piles of paper.  Technology is driving the green revolution, IT contractors are also beginning to learn more about these solutions and new IT job opportunities are opening up.  This trend of going green is slowly catching on, but seems to be growing at a quicker pace, as environmental changes appear to be effecting us more.

Should you start looking into getting certified to work on green efforts?  It might be a good idea to give yourself that extra line on your resume.  Hiring managers are always looking for something that will differentiate you from the next candidate.  Even if they aren’t working on green solutions they might in the future.  It will then give you an advantage over other candidates!