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Is the Grass Always Greener with the Other IT Jobs?

Do you find that you hate your current job and wish you never left your prior position?  Are you always on the prowl for new, better IT recruiting opportunities?  Stop yourself right in your tracks.  If you are constantly seeking new roles without the proper research, you will be in this situation more often than necessary.  Before you initiate the job search process again, here are some reasons you might want to rethink another move.

Ignoring the Positive

By continuously seeking other roles, prospective candidates are putting aside the positive aspects that drew them to this current position.  Rather than focusing on all the things they dislike about their job, zone in on the pieces they do enjoy.  IT consultants should talk to their IT staffing companies about expanding their role to incorporate more of these key features while eliminating or improving the bothersome tasks.

Ignoring the Negatives

Put down the rose tinted glasses and closely examine this new opportunity.  As there are with most jobs, there may be drawbacks that one does not see at first glance.  After reviewing, if candidates still feel confident about the role, devise a list of questions to ask hiring managers and IT recruiting companies to uncover any downsides.  When technical recruiters have the key points for their candidate, the candidate may find this job is actually more troublesome than their current role.

Too Much Effort or Not Enough?

All the effort you are putting into finding a better career might be better used at current employers or technical recruiting companies.  By exemplifying your drive to create a solid career path, you will show hiring managers and IT recruiters that you are not only dedicated to your current company, but that you are a valuable asset to the team!

You should not have to sacrifice your happiness at a job that is not right for you.  Instead of always looking for a new opportunity, try to find what it is that you want and then pursue your IT staffing goals!

The One Upper IT Recruiter

We have all had the pleasure of meeting someone who feels the need to one up your situation, whether a positive or negative experience, with one of their own.  This technical recruiter or candidate might not mean to trump you with their IT recruiting anecdote or hardship, but soon enough your original point has vanished and you are discussing their life.  You might be the offender and not realize it!  In either situation, read on for ways to manage this common conversation killer at IT staffing companies.

The Offender

Upon hearing the miseries or accomplishments of fellow technical recruiters, does your mind immediately go to an experience of your own?  Do you become so excited that you feel you must follow up with a story of your own?  If so, ask yourself if your story brings any value to the others at IT staffing firms.

You may be trying to lighten the mood or have candidates feel better about their situation, but most people prefer and appreciate a solid listener in conversations.  Be empathetic or congratulate other IT recruiters. If you must tell a story of your own, make sure there is a smooth transition or it at least offers a valuable lesson and does not take positive attention from the original storyteller.

The Victim

Nearly everyone encounters this type of person and whether they are aware they do it or not, bite your tongue and have patience.  Trying to counter their trump with one of your own is stooping to their level.  Find humor in their situation and try to maintain an upbeat attitude.  If you absolutely cannot handle or stand the one upper, then remove yourself from the situation and avoid this person at the IT recruiting company.  It will save you the aggravation and keep you in a positive mood!

Technical Recruiters: Best IT Staffing Snacks

With Halloween this past week, it might be tempting to hit up the after holiday sales and stock up on candy.  Maybe IT recruiters are wiser and dip into their child’s stash.  Before deciding to reach for a candy bar or visit the office vending machines of technical recruiting firms, stop.  Here are some healthy snack alternatives to boost energy and treat oneself while avoiding potential guilt.

Sweet Tooth?

Sugary fruit flavored treats and chocolate seem to be a staple for snacking…that is if you are a child.  As an adult, a technical recruiter should be educated on nutritional values and make healthy decisions.  If an IT recruiter craves chocolate, be sure it is dark chocolate.  If you still cannot shake a sugar craving, split a candy bar with another recruiter or candidate at your IT staffing company.

Looking for something fruity?  Try canned fruit packed in water, not syrup, which can be easily stored.  If a recruiter prefers fresh fruit, precut it and store it in containers.  Greek yogurt provides an excellent source of protein while maintaining a low fat content, too.  Just be sure your IT staffing firm has a fridge!


Pretzels are low in fat and great to nibble on during mid afternoon slumps.  Be aware of your portion size so you do not over eat.  Microwavable light popcorn is conveniently storable and offers significant dietary fiber with a low calorie count to fill you up.  Still not feeling satisfied?  Reach for nuts which pack a powerful protein punch and healthy fat, but be mindful of your consumption.  If you must have chips, choose baked or reduced fat.

An Inbetween?

Cannot decide between sweet or salty snacks?  Try a combination to satisfy both of your desires.  Opt for trail mix that has mixed nuts as well as chocolate candies or yogurt covered raisins.  Dark chocolate covered pretzels may also do the trick.  Peanut butter with crackers or an apple is an easy and handy small snack, too.

Choosing convenience over healthy snacks is bound to take a toll on your overall well-being.  Pre-pack your snacks to maintain portions and save money.  Keep these practical snacks on hand at IT recruiting firms to fight cravings and hold you over through the afternoon!

IT Recruiting is not Day Care

Hey technical recruiters!  Do you trust your IT contractors?  Are you confident your candidates can make the right decisions on their own?  Some IT recruiters feel it is necessary to walk their clients through the IT staffing process, which is completely acceptable.  What is not acceptable is talking down to your contractors, holding their hand, and giving into outlandish demands throughout their contract duration.

The Customer is Always Right

IT recruiting companies want to keep their clients more than satisfied with their services.  How much can technical recruiting firms give before they begin to break?  By repeatedly meeting contractors’ unrealistic demands and expectations, IT staffing companies will find it difficult to say no in the long run.  Clients may begin to take advantage of a company’s generosity, so an IT recruiter should put his foot down early to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Flip Side: The technical recruiter is not always right.  Be open to suggestions and encourage feedback from your contractors.  Their criticism and praise can help your performance and work ethic!

Making Decisions

Contractors are typically experienced adults and seldom does a recruiter come across a client who cannot make choices on his own.  Only the candidate knows what is best in terms of his wants and needs and never should a recruiter make a decision for him.  Rather than taking the reins, IT staffing firms can help candidates make decisions in terms of which IT jobs would be the best fit for their experience and lifestyle.

Flip Side: If a candidate cannot make up his mind or seems indifferent about an offer, remind him the benefits of taking the position, but reiterate that other candidates would be happy to be in his place. 


Sometimes it is not what you say to a candidate, but how you say it.  Contractors may be more sensitive while others have a tougher skin and can handle a strong personality or attitude.  The most important aspect of recruiting is staying positive throughout the experience.  Get to know your clients so you know how to conduct business effectively.

Flip Side: Babying your client helps no one.  Coach your contractor with proper instruction and feedback to help his progress.  If he reacts poorly to your advice, it may be time to sever ties and stop representing him.


Is the IT industry going Green?

Lately there have been many blogs and articles about the Information Technology industry going green.  More companies are looking to create products that are environmentally friendly while remaining efficient.  Combining the two things is hard but businesses are beginning to research and look into the possible solutions.

IT recruiting companies are using less paper and relying more on technology.  Hiring manager’s typically read resumes instead of printing out piles of paper.  Technology is driving the green revolution, IT contractors are also beginning to learn more about these solutions and new IT job opportunities are opening up.  This trend of going green is slowly catching on, but seems to be growing at a quicker pace, as environmental changes appear to be effecting us more.

Should you start looking into getting certified to work on green efforts?  It might be a good idea to give yourself that extra line on your resume.  Hiring managers are always looking for something that will differentiate you from the next candidate.  Even if they aren’t working on green solutions they might in the future.  It will then give you an advantage over other candidates!