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Before Accepting an IT Job Counteroffer….

You have frustrations with your IT job, the company or the IT manager that you work for.  Ultimately, you decide that you’re better in a different environment so you begin contacting IT recruiting companies to find your next opportunity.  IT recruiters set you up with technical job interviews and you land a position that meets your skills and requirements.

When you give your notice, your IT manager comes back with a substantial counter offer to try to keep you from leaving.  Do you keep it or leave your IT job?  It’s a tough decision, but think about the following:

1)  If you stay, management will always know that you were on the look out for other IT jobs.

2)  If you stay, you’ll likely have a bulls-eye on your back as the company will know you were willing to break your loyalty and leave.

3)  There was a reason why you contacted IT staffing companies in the first place.  There was a reason why you accepted to go on IT job interviews from various technical recruiters.  There was a reason why you wanted to leave.  Unless it was purely financial, those reasons aren’t likely to change.

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