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Tailor Your Resume For Each IT Job!

Imagine IT recruiters, HR or IT managers sorting through dozens and dozens of resumes for each IT job.  If you put yourself in their shoes, you’d be more aware of the importance of a nice clean resume….and one that bleeds the position you’re hiring for.  Prospective candidates who send one standard template resume for all IT jobs and to all IT recruiting companies are not setting themselves up for success.  Remember, not all IT recruiters Boston or HR professionals are technical.  Therefore, make sure you tailor your resume towards that technical job you’re applying to.  For example, if you’re a developer with Microsoft .NET experience, and you’re applying to a .NET developer role, change your title from “Software Engineer” to “.NET Developer.”  Once again, your resume should bleed the IT job (without fabrication of course).

IT recruiting firms generally recommend using bullets with a short, precise description of your IT job duties.  These bullets should also mirror the technical position.  Add as many of the technologies that the IT recruiting company or client requires.  Also utilizes a “Skills & Technologies” section in your resume to make sure all of your technical experience is included (and thus ensures your resume pops up in any IT job search that IT recruiters San Diego or technical recruiters Los Angeles put into their search on Monster, Dice or Careerbuilder).

IT recruiters CA look through hundreds of resumes each day for their various technical jobs.  Remember, the ones that stand out are the resumes that are clean, clear and hit as many of their key words as possible that were entered into their search.

Before Accepting an IT Job Counteroffer….

You have frustrations with your IT job, the company or the IT manager that you work for.  Ultimately, you decide that you’re better in a different environment so you begin contacting IT recruiting companies to find your next opportunity.  IT recruiters set you up with technical job interviews and you land a position that meets your skills and requirements.

When you give your notice, your IT manager comes back with a substantial counter offer to try to keep you from leaving.  Do you keep it or leave your IT job?  It’s a tough decision, but think about the following:

1)  If you stay, management will always know that you were on the look out for other IT jobs.

2)  If you stay, you’ll likely have a bulls-eye on your back as the company will know you were willing to break your loyalty and leave.

3)  There was a reason why you contacted IT staffing companies in the first place.  There was a reason why you accepted to go on IT job interviews from various technical recruiters.  There was a reason why you wanted to leave.  Unless it was purely financial, those reasons aren’t likely to change.

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IT Job Interview No-No’s

What to do and what to say in an IT job interview are both age-old questions.  Take it from these IT recruiters, and adhere to the following list of no-no’s with any technical job interview:

1) Don’t be late:  While there’s no excuse for being late for an IT job interview (give yourself 2 extra hours to make it to an IT recruiting firm or client company), sometimes there are extreme traffic or public transportation delays out of your control.  If you’re faced with being late, contact your technical recruiters or interviewer immediately to let him or her know you’re running late.

2)  Don’t dress casually:  Even if you know the client is business casual or even less formal, first impressions are critical to any technical job placement.  Therefore, always play it safe and wear a suit (unless your IT headhunters or hiring manager tells you otherwise).

3)  Don’t  call the IT recruiters or interviewers by the wrong name:  Trick of the trade, ask for business cards after you sit down and place them in front of you based on where the technical recruiters or hiring managers are sitting.

4)  Don’t bad mouth a past employer or boss:  This not only makes you look bitter, it makes the technical recruiter or hiring manager question the real reason why you left your last position.  Also, it’s a small world, there’s always a chance the IT recruiters Boston or client knows that person (or worse is related!).

5)  Don’t leave the interview without asking what the next steps are:  While this isn’t a tragic error, our IT recruiters MA included this “don’t” to stress the importance of leaving with a follow up/timeline.  Try to close the deal while you have the opportunity to sit in front of the IT staffing agency or client company!

Tips on Submitting your Resume to Databases

Although it’s frustrating to submit your resume to IT staffing firms or direct clients without hearing back, it’s critical to get your information to as many databases as possible.  Searching for an IT job is a numbers game, the more databases you submit your resume to, the better odds that you’ll receive a call one day from an IT recruiter with that perfect job.

When IT recruiters are looking through databases, they typically search by keywords.  If you check one of our earlier articles, you can check out the tips our IT recruiter gave on putting the right skill keywords in your resume.  Therefore, before you submit your resume to that next database, make sure you list as many technical key words that you have experience with as possible (without fabricating of course).

Finally, make sure that all your information is accurate and consistent.  One pet peeve IT recruiters have is searching through a database and finding the exact same resume with a slightly different name.  By having different names you will obviously confuse IT recruiters, it could hurt your credibility and subsequently your chance to land that perfect technical job.