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Hot New Thing: The Internet of Things

What’s really driving IT job growth in the IT staffing sector right now?  Things.  The Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (commonly referred to as M2M) has exploded and in its wake lie whole new sectors of the IT recruiting field.  Part of the Big Data Revolution, M2M information technology essentially allows IT recruiters to track data from brand new places: things.  M2M has been nicknamed the “Internet of Things.”  This new “thing”-derived data is usually in the form of information from IT recruiting companies that can be taken directly from the products (generally equipped with wireless censors of some sort) that IT staffing companies produce, often as they are being used by their technical recruiters.  Wireless Carrier, Auto Insurance, IT recruiting firms and Energy Management companies are some of the most prevalent users of the technology, but its applications are boundless, bringing new connections between IT staffing firms and the customers they want feedback and data from.  Some IT recruiters CA are even suggesting that M2M might revolutionize not only the technical recruiting world, but the non-profit world and developing countries.

Want to make sure you’re not only professionally relevant, but in demand in the IT consulting field?  Finding opportunities to work on M2M projects will bolster your experience in this hot area.  Professional roles in M2M jobs have a generously wide range, giving a myriad of IT professionals a chance to jump on the Internet of Things bandwagon.  One could definitely say M2M is the thing to do!

Asking for Feedback in the IT industry

As an IT professional, after you complete an assignment or project, make sure you ask for feedback.  What aspects of the project did you handle well or what are your areas of improvement.  Any criticism you receive may in turn help you improve your abilities, thus only making you more marketable in the future.  If you utilized IT recruiting firms, then make sure the IT recruiters provide you with feedback from your direct report.  Again, knowing where you can improve is the first step to actually improving.

Feedback should actually start before you land that IT consulting engagement.  You should ask IT recruiters for feedback after interviewing for IT jobs.  If it feels appropriate at the time, ask the hiring manager on the spot to ensure you’re provided first-hand information.   It would be good to know how you come across face to face when interviewing so you don’t put off future hiring managers.

Feedback is extremely important in helping you build better relationships with other IT professionals.  In the IT consulting industry, this is a critical component to ensure you’re never between IT contract jobs.  This will also gain the respect of the various technical recruiters that you work with – another important resource to help you consistently remained employed.

Therefore, remember to ask for feedback after your next interview and/or IT job assignment.   This will only help you identify your strengths – and continue to fine tune them…..and even more important, it will isolate your weaknesses so you can focus on improving them.  Do not to take any criticism to heart as it is only to help you better yourself.