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Hot New Thing: The Internet of Things

What’s really driving IT job growth in the IT staffing sector right now?  Things.  The Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (commonly referred to as M2M) has exploded and in its wake lie whole new sectors of the IT recruiting field.  Part of the Big Data Revolution, M2M information technology essentially allows IT recruiters to track data from brand new places: things.  M2M has been nicknamed the “Internet of Things.”  This new “thing”-derived data is usually in the form of information from IT recruiting companies that can be taken directly from the products (generally equipped with wireless censors of some sort) that IT staffing companies produce, often as they are being used by their technical recruiters.  Wireless Carrier, Auto Insurance, IT recruiting firms and Energy Management companies are some of the most prevalent users of the technology, but its applications are boundless, bringing new connections between IT staffing firms and the customers they want feedback and data from.  Some IT recruiters CA are even suggesting that M2M might revolutionize not only the technical recruiting world, but the non-profit world and developing countries.

Want to make sure you’re not only professionally relevant, but in demand in the IT consulting field?  Finding opportunities to work on M2M projects will bolster your experience in this hot area.  Professional roles in M2M jobs have a generously wide range, giving a myriad of IT professionals a chance to jump on the Internet of Things bandwagon.  One could definitely say M2M is the thing to do!

Finding Ideal Office Space for IT Recruiting Companies

Finding the right office space for IT recruiting companies can be challenging.  Typically, most IT staffing firms like to have a large bullpen where all of their IT recruiters can sit.  This space is usually wide open so technical recruiters Boston can hear the conversations and easily interact with other IT recruiters Boston.  There should not be any columns or walls to divide, the desks should include very low cubicles.  Surrounding the pit should be offices for the IT staffing salespeople.  Offices are needed as client conversations sometimes should be kept private and without any loud disturbance/noise (music, other technical recruiters or IT staffing salespeople, etc) in the background.  Of course, this may not be possible for IT staffing companies who reside in a large city as the space is limited.

The Manager of Branch IT Recruiting and the Manager of Branch IT Staffing Salespeople should sit somewhere in the pit, while the Director of Operations should have a corner office.  All other administrative personnel should be in the pit as well to ensure an easy flow of communication.

Given these ideal parameters of office space for IT recruiting firms, it makes the search extremely difficult.  Factor in the commutes for your IT recruiters San Diego and IT recruiters LA, proximity to nearby highways, sandwich shops and restaurants, the list of possible locations becomes even smaller.

Lastly, budgets obviously play a major factor.  While most companies would like to have an office in a major city to draw young professionals looking for a career in technical recruiting, the rents can be extremely high.  Thus an IT staffing office in the subburbs might make more sense.

“Typical” Hours in the IT Recruiting Industry

If you have worked for any number of IT staffing agencies you’ll know that IT recruiting is not a 9-5pm industry.  It’s anything but that.  When IT recruiters leave at the end of the day, typically he or she leaves their IT staffing office with numerous open IT jobs still on the board.  Ultimately, their work is never done.  Having said that, while typical hours are atypical in the technical recruiting industry, most IT recruiting companies open their doors between 8-9am with their IT recruiters Boston leaving between 6-7pm.

Having said that, the most successful IT recruiters CA will beat other technical recruiters to the punch by getting in early and staying late or working from home.  This is why there really aren’t any typical hours in the IT staffing industry.  IT recruiters San Diego and IT recruiters LA are constantly outdueling one another to find the best IT consultants and information technology professionals on the market.

The best IT recruiting firms acknowledge the hard work of their technical recruiters CA and set up goals or days in which their technical recruiters Boston can leave early to help balance the late nights and long hours.

If you’re looking at becoming an IT recruiter or entering the technical staffing industry then make sure you’re prepared to put in the time.  If you’re able to work long hours, the fruits of your labor will pay off.

IT Recruiters Who Want to Sell

Some of the best salespeople in the IT staffing industry started as IT recruiters Boston.  Having the experience of working on various requirements, from applications development positions like .NET, Java and PHP to infrastructure support roles like Help Desk, Desktop Support and System Administration.   This experience will give the IT staffing salesperson an understanding of what these IT consultants are looking to make; thus they can calculate accurate proposed bill rates to the clients.

Additionally, IT recruiters CA work on a myriad of information technology positions, thus widening their technical knowledge.

However, one of the most important reasons why IT recruiting companies should put everyone into the technical recruiting seat before they transition them into sales, is simply because they’ll have a better understanding as to what information IT recruiters San Diego need to work on each position.  Technical recruiters must have a thorough job description,  a start date, bill rate to work from or potential permanent salary.  They also need to have a better understanding about the client’s culture, from dress code to business hours, as these are all of the questions their IT job candidates will likely ask them.  Typically IT staffing salespeople who spent time as IT recruiters LA will ask these questions – questions that they would want to know if they were one of the IT recruiters MA.

IT recruiting firms should consider having everyone recruit before they sell IT jobs CA.

IT Recruiters Weather The Storm – Literally

While the northeast has been pounded with wind, rain and now even snow, many businesses and industries have come to a virtual stand-still over past two weeks.  Some IT recruiting companies have even been shut down.  Luckily for IT recruiters, it isn’t critical their IT staffing office be open.  Technical recruiters just need to find a place with power, internet and a phone (with the latter being the least important).  In today’s information technology age, with most VMS, ATS and job boards being web-based, IT recruiters CA can virtual do the exact same job from any computer.

When Hurrican Sandy pounded the northeast, many IT recruiters Boston and technical recruiters NY amandoned their powerless homes to friends or family upstate or inland who had power.  While the health and safety is of foremost concern after a natural disaster, returning to normalcy (and even work) is important once clean up begins.  For people who working in the technical recruiting industry, this will not take long.  It’s their clients, many of which who may have structural damage, that they need to worry about.

Can Facebook Help Your IT Job Search?

Everyone’s favorite social networking site, Facebook, plans to launch its own job board later this summer. The board will aggregate IT job postings from third-party sites and make them searchable to Facebook users. Considering the massive reach of the site, 955 million monthly active users, of which more than half are daily users, 552 million, the idea may seem like a dream for all IT recruiters, IT job seekers, employers or IT recruiting companies. Two debates are raised however on the effectiveness and appropriateness of Facebook as a professional IT job seeking and technical recruiting tool.

One fundamental question for Facebook’s potential new job board is how to publish open positions to its multitude of users. The site exists to promote social networking and while it may be one aspect of this, IT job searching is not the main reason people visit Facebook. If IT jobs were to solely take the form of ads on the side of the page, they could likely be ignored as most other ads on Facebook are. Another proposed idea is to include job postings directly in newsfeeds, using information in a user’s profile and timeline activity to match particular interests or skills. Considering the way we use Facebook, newsfeed job postings may be annoying and overlooked. Maybe Facebook should call up one of Boston’s top IT staffing firms and have our web designers and programmers create the solution.

As AVID IT recruiters Boston can tell you, matching the perfect candidates with our IT job openings is tough work. Considering my own carefully maintained Facebook profile and those of my many friends, it seems the information published by Facebook users may not provide the best source for matching technical jobs. Facebook profiles most often do not include extensive information about one’s professional experience, interests, or skills. Listing a workplace or position is not even a profile requirement.  Take a look at Facebook’s professionally minded step-sister, LinkedIn, on the other hand. LinkedIn by design is a means to display your information technology career information in detail and invite employers and IT recruiters MA to view it and reach out. A Facebook profile showcases very different aspects of one’s life – 1000s of pictures from college and your recent family trip, life updates and that great song you just listened to, rather than your project details at work.

There’s always the risk too of showcasing the wrong personal life details with the wrong professional contacts. People have failed interviews and lost jobs for precisely this reason. If Facebook users were to alter their profiles to make them more professional in nature and appealing to IT recruiting firms, by deleting those photos of you and your college roommates at the bar in matching pumpkin Halloween costumes (guilty) and adding complete professional resume details (boring) wouldn’t we lose the appeal and charm of our most beloved and addicting work distraction (just kidding, boss)?

LinkedIn was built as a professional networking site, allowing users to make connections with people they are not necessarily friends with, or may not even know personally, but who may provide insight into a desired career. We understand Facebook as a place for friends to connect and share socially with each other (even those 200 “friends” you’ve barely, or never, met but you still convince yourself it’s not creepy to look through every picture from their last trip to the beach.) While all IT job seekers should be using LinkedIn to connect with other IT professionals who offer networking opportunities and career advice, do you really want to “friend” your IT recruiter on Facebook?

IT Staffing Companies Advise to Stop Procrastinating Now

When a technical recruiter is given a task, does he start it right away or wait until the last possible minute to start?  The IT recruiter may begin the project, but find himself stuck on the perfect procedure or torn over decisions.  He may also find the task to be too trivial or tedious to be accomplished immediately and put it off as long as possible.  Whatever the case may be, the first step to overcoming procrastination is finding the reason why it is occurring.

Find Motivation

If technical recruiters believe they cannot accomplish a task, chances are they will be right.  Self deprecation is often the source to putting off projects or not achieving goals at IT staffing agencies.  Clear distractions and find inner motivation to tackle challenges.  If given the opportunity, work with positive, driven hiring managers and candidates for inspiration.

Make a List

Having a clear visual of what needs to be accomplished is an organized approach to defining technical recruiting workload.  Create a list of all your tasks, even the ones that seem too minor to list need to be taken into account.  Then, rank them in order of priority and deadline.  After the list is finalized, get ready to devise a plan.

Make a Plan

Plan how to accomplish a task in the simplest way possible while meeting all requirements in a timely manner.  Making the job harder than it needs to be in fear of mistakes or perfectionism is bound to delay the project further.  Implement the plan when it is ready to go while remaining focused and motivated with small rewards and breaks.


Be weary of mistakes or errors in the IT recruiting plan as they arise with frequent checks and balances.  Fix accordingly and maintain a steady pace when closing in on the finish and meeting the deadline.  When ready, cross the task off the list and consider it done!


IT recruiters should not be afraid to reward themselves frequently when finishing a step in their plan or landing a milestone.  The key to rewarding oneself, though, is to know limits.  Surfing the web for an hour will counteract an hour of completed work, so try to stay on task at IT recruiting companies.

After completing the list, IT headhunters may realize the hardest part of overcoming procrastination is just getting started and motivated!


Should You Criticize Your IT Staffing Supervisor?

When your supervisor is slacking or not working efficiently, how do you handle the situation?  Some may take on additional workloads at IT recruiting companies while others openly vent their frustrations.  Before you begin cursing your boss with fellow technical recruiters, bite your tongue.  Here are some tips for making open suggestions and providing feedback to your manager.

Set Example

By bashing your supervisor with IT recruiters, you are not only being disloyal, but you are also making the problem worse.  The only accomplishment of focusing and sharing negatives will bring is a hit to the team moral.  Rather than pinpointing flaws, act as a leader by brainstorming and devising solutions to outstanding problems.

Approach in Private

Prior to your meeting, plan what you will say and how you will say it in the most tactful and respectable manner.  The goal is not to embarrass your IT recruiting manager, but to provide honest feedback from the field.  When the timing is right, ask to speak to your boss in private.  Try to avoid having the discussion around other IT professionals as it may make them feel uncomfortable.


Keep in mind that your boss is taking the time to listen to your suggestions so hear his reasoning.  You may not be seeing the whole picture from your point of view.  The suggestions you present may have been tried in the past or pose additional concerns.  You may leave the meeting with a more open mind and better idea of IT staffing company goals.

When an entire team of IT headhunters is having an issue with a supervisor who is not open to suggestions, it might be a good idea to approach a trusted manager.  The objective of your constructive criticism is to improve teamwork and technical recruiting output.  Keep the issues strictly IT recruitment related and leave personal matters at the door.

IT staffing firms are always seeking ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.  If you have either suggestions or criticisms, most managers are open to listening!

IT Recruiters Prepare for the Winter

The trees have lost their vibrant colors and look skeletal in the park.  There is a bitter cold frost brewing in the air.  With the first week of December upon us, IT recruiting companies are aware of the winter pangs.  How can technical recruiters bear the dipping temperatures as winter approaches?  Read on for some helpful tips!


Winter is the perfect opportunity to splurge on high quality wool pea coats or down jackets.  Dress up the coats and jackets with hats, scarves, and gloves for extra warmth.  Invest in water proof snow boots to combat the impending blizzards.  Try to dress in layers so you will be comfortable both outside and inside the IT recruiting office.


The winter is an excellent time to utilize public transportation, especially if you are weary of driving in less than desirable circumstances or wish to avoid shoveling.  If you must use your car, make sure it is up to winter driving standards. Check your car to ensure it is prepared for the winter and ice with snow tires, proper brakes, and plenty of gas, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid.  Pack an emergency bag in your trunk in the event of a roadside emergency.

Stay Active

Exercise has been proven to boost one’s mood, so do not use the dark and dreary cold as an excuse to be lazy or catch the winter blues.  Invite a fellow IT recruiter for a weekend ski or snowboarding trip.  Get your daily dose of vitamin D by walking with a technical recruiter during lunch when the sun is at its peak of the day.   Take outdoor activities such as running and biking indoors to the gym.  If you choose to continue  fitness outside, dress appropriately for the dark and temperature.

There are plenty of other ways for technical recruiting agencies to stay warm during the winter.  Grab coffee or tea with candidates and hiring managers or bake for the IT staffing office.  Remember, when you feel the winter blues sneaking up on you remind yourself spring will be here before you know it!

Technical Recruiters: Best IT Staffing Snacks

With Halloween this past week, it might be tempting to hit up the after holiday sales and stock up on candy.  Maybe IT recruiters are wiser and dip into their child’s stash.  Before deciding to reach for a candy bar or visit the office vending machines of technical recruiting firms, stop.  Here are some healthy snack alternatives to boost energy and treat oneself while avoiding potential guilt.

Sweet Tooth?

Sugary fruit flavored treats and chocolate seem to be a staple for snacking…that is if you are a child.  As an adult, a technical recruiter should be educated on nutritional values and make healthy decisions.  If an IT recruiter craves chocolate, be sure it is dark chocolate.  If you still cannot shake a sugar craving, split a candy bar with another recruiter or candidate at your IT staffing company.

Looking for something fruity?  Try canned fruit packed in water, not syrup, which can be easily stored.  If a recruiter prefers fresh fruit, precut it and store it in containers.  Greek yogurt provides an excellent source of protein while maintaining a low fat content, too.  Just be sure your IT staffing firm has a fridge!


Pretzels are low in fat and great to nibble on during mid afternoon slumps.  Be aware of your portion size so you do not over eat.  Microwavable light popcorn is conveniently storable and offers significant dietary fiber with a low calorie count to fill you up.  Still not feeling satisfied?  Reach for nuts which pack a powerful protein punch and healthy fat, but be mindful of your consumption.  If you must have chips, choose baked or reduced fat.

An Inbetween?

Cannot decide between sweet or salty snacks?  Try a combination to satisfy both of your desires.  Opt for trail mix that has mixed nuts as well as chocolate candies or yogurt covered raisins.  Dark chocolate covered pretzels may also do the trick.  Peanut butter with crackers or an apple is an easy and handy small snack, too.

Choosing convenience over healthy snacks is bound to take a toll on your overall well-being.  Pre-pack your snacks to maintain portions and save money.  Keep these practical snacks on hand at IT recruiting firms to fight cravings and hold you over through the afternoon!