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Can IT Recruiters Work From Home?

The IT staffing world has evolved over the years, as has the ability of IT recruiters to do much of their work from the comfort of their own home.  An internet connection, computer and phone are ultimately the only required tools of the job in today’s information technology world.  With many IT recruiting firms using a web-based ATS and CRM, IT recruiters CA can access their IT staffing company database from virtually anywhere.

Since popular search sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Linkedin and Dice can be accessed from any computer, in any location, ultimately IT recruiters Boston can do their job from anywhere.

Having said that, for those who have worked remotely on a consistent basis, there is a dark, lonely aspect to performing the IT recruiting job from home.  While waking up and commuting to your living room to work might sound appealing, of the course of time it can suffocating.  Regardless of whether you work for any one of the IT recruiting companies, or are employed in a different industry, most people need interaction.  They need to be around other technical recruiters – to feed off the energy, absorb information and collaborate on the spot.  In short, most people need human interaction.