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Finding Good IT Recruiters

The IT recruiting industry is very competitive – as a result there are hundreds of IT staffing companies Boston all hunting for open technical positions.  Given the sheer volume of technical recruiting firms, you can only imagine how many IT recruiters there are to choose from.

Like any other service industry, first look for referrals from people you trust.  Find out whether someone you know has had a positive experience working with an IT recruiter, then ask for the person’s contact name and number.  Next, find out for yourself.  Speak with the technical recruiter on the phone.  Gauge their personality, aggressiveness, information technology job knowledge, ask about their client base, how long they’ve been in the IT recruiting Boston industry, how long they’ve been a technical recruiter at this company in which they’re currently employed.  Future questions or tests:  Do technical recruiters return your calls or emails?  Do they contact you with IT job opportunities?  Do they have resume suggestions, search advice or do they provide any value-add whatsoever?

Additionally, don’t limit your conversation to just one IT headhunter.  The most IT recruiters Boston you can speak with, the better your odds of finding that exceptional professional who excels at his or her job.  Lastly, look for feedback and/or reviews online.  In today’s technological age, you can uncover information on virtually any professional.  Find out what other prospective IT job candidates have said about these IT recruiters.  Read their experiences.

Looking for a new IT job is tedious work and not always very easy to do on your own.  Having technical recruiters working at different IT staffing agencies will help you get started, but don’t forget to look for positions on your own as well.  If you find an opportunity that interests you, try contacting the IT recruiters you have spoken with and see if they have any connections at the company.

In the end, the more IT recruiters know about you the easier it will be for them to find a new position for you.  They might not have a position right away, just remember to be patient and keep you job search activity at a high level.

How to Solve Work-related Problems at IT Staffing Companies

Problems will arise from time to time in any industry including IT staffing.  Of course some issues are smaller than others and may not really affect your IT recruiting job.  However, sometimes you will come across a problem that will affect your IT recruitment job.  Therefore, how should you handle the problems that arise?

First, go right to the source.  Ask the IT recruiter or IT recruiters, to sit down and discuss the matter. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, have a meeting with your boss.  Whether he or she is your IT recruiting manager or the director of the IT staffing office, tell him or her about the problems that you’re facing.  It is better to discuss these when they arise.  Your IT recruiting Boston job could be at risk if it is affecting your productivity.  You may start to lose interest in technical recruiting which in turn will affect your work.

Next discuss how you would like the problem to end.  Let them know the solution you want achieved.  It’s better to get it all out in the open rather than keep it to yourself. Figure out what needs to be done and ask your boss what he/she thinks is the appropriate action to achieve that solution.  Getting an opinion outside of the situation will help get some fresh plan of actions.

Lastly, make sure you to some action as soon as possible.  When a problem affects your incentive to work, then it needs to be solved immediately.  If there seems to be no solution to your problem then it may be time to consider a new IT staffing firm.  Maybe you can even transfer out of the IT recruiting department and get away from the issues you may be dealing with there.