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The Best IT Recruiters are Like Gold

The IT recruiting industry is a rollercoaster of a ride with many ups and downs.  Successful IT recruiters typically can roll with the punches and have a steadfast drive and determination to succeed.  Those IT recruiting companies that are lucky enough to have one or more successful IT recruiters Boston, they need to hold on to them like they’re gold because they’re rare.

When you combine a strong work ethic with tenacity and determination, coupled with organization and articulation, you get IT recruiters CA who drive revenue for their respective IT staffing companies.  Those IT recruiting agencies need to treat them like gold because they’re rare.

When you get technical recruiters who are honest and of high, quality character, you get IT recruiters MA who help positively affect people’s lives and add/fill IT jobs for our nation’s economy.  Those IT recruiting firms need to treat them like gold because unfortunately they’re rare.

When you get technical recruiters Boston who are willing to help their peers and put the interest of the candidates and/or the IT staffing agency ahead of their own, you need to treat them like gold because they’re rare.

At AVID Technical Resources, we’re lucky to be one of the top IT staffing companies Boston because we have a team of recruiters with these qualities.

Sending Paper Resumes To IT Recruiters

As an IT recruiter working for one of the fastest growing IT staffing companies Boston, we periodically receive paper resumes blindly sent from candidates in the information technology industry.  Here are 3 reasons why prospective candidates should not send paper resumes to technical recruiters:

1)  They get thrown away:  IT recruiters Boston typically look at paper resumes as a sign that the candidates are not technically saavy enough to utilize email.  Therefore, paper resumes are more of a red flag than a summary of one’s life technical work.

2)  It “ages” you:  Mailing your resume a decade+ ago was your only option of getting your informatioin to IT recruiting companies.  Therefore, this is typically associated with a technique someone from an older generation would do.  While you cannot IT job descriminate, this certainly does not help your chances of landing one of the technical jobs that the IT recruiting company has posted on their website.

3)  They will not be added to the database:  Because it’s paper, technical recruiters will have to scan the resume in order add it to their IT job database.  When you’re looking at hundreds of technical resumes every day, and cal easily parse them with a click or two of a button, then human nature is going to win over and you’re not going to take the extra steps involved in scanning a resume into your IT staffing database (especially knowing #1 and #2 above).

Therefore, if you’re a prospective IT job candidate, save your forty-five cents and email your resume to as many IT recruiters CA and IT staffing firms as you can.  Most will be added to their respective resume databases.

Finding the Balance of Contacting IT Recruiters

IT recruiters speak with hundreds of candidates each week.  Therefore, it’s imperative that information technology professionals keep in touch with their short-list of technical recruiters and their respective IT staffing companies Boston.  However, where is the line?

On one hand, you need to make sure you’re the first person a technical recruiter calls when they receive the appropriate position that fits your technical skills.  Regardless of how strong of a relationship you might have with the IT recruiter, there are likely dozens of other candidates with the same skill set who think the same.  Therefore, finding the balance between staying in touch with technical recruiting firms without being a pest can be difficult.

In our experience, the rule of thumb is no more than one contact (either an email or phone call) is acceptable each week.  This provides a refresher for the IT headhunter and gives you the chance to call at the right time in the event the IT staffing firm happens to receive a position that fits your background that very day.

Anything more than one contact per week crosses the line of harrassment.  Remember, IT recruiters typically make their living by putting people to work.  Therefore, they’re just as motivated to contact you when the right IT jobs open up.  However, timing is everything and candidates do fall through the cracks, so be sure to keep in touch.

Finding Good IT Recruiters

The IT recruiting industry is very competitive – as a result there are hundreds of IT staffing companies Boston all hunting for open technical positions.  Given the sheer volume of technical recruiting firms, you can only imagine how many IT recruiters there are to choose from.

Like any other service industry, first look for referrals from people you trust.  Find out whether someone you know has had a positive experience working with an IT recruiter, then ask for the person’s contact name and number.  Next, find out for yourself.  Speak with the technical recruiter on the phone.  Gauge their personality, aggressiveness, information technology job knowledge, ask about their client base, how long they’ve been in the IT recruiting Boston industry, how long they’ve been a technical recruiter at this company in which they’re currently employed.  Future questions or tests:  Do technical recruiters return your calls or emails?  Do they contact you with IT job opportunities?  Do they have resume suggestions, search advice or do they provide any value-add whatsoever?

Additionally, don’t limit your conversation to just one IT headhunter.  The most IT recruiters Boston you can speak with, the better your odds of finding that exceptional professional who excels at his or her job.  Lastly, look for feedback and/or reviews online.  In today’s technological age, you can uncover information on virtually any professional.  Find out what other prospective IT job candidates have said about these IT recruiters.  Read their experiences.

Looking for a new IT job is tedious work and not always very easy to do on your own.  Having technical recruiters working at different IT staffing agencies will help you get started, but don’t forget to look for positions on your own as well.  If you find an opportunity that interests you, try contacting the IT recruiters you have spoken with and see if they have any connections at the company.

In the end, the more IT recruiters know about you the easier it will be for them to find a new position for you.  They might not have a position right away, just remember to be patient and keep you job search activity at a high level.

Can You Ever Be Too Honest in the IT Recruiting Industry?

If I could be accused of anything, it’s of being too honest.  Sometimes probably brutally honest.  Maybe I’m like that because in turn, I’d prefer to know exactly where I stand with people.  I have very little respect for anyone that tells you one thing to your face, and then says something else behind your back.  I take this approach in business and as the owner of one of the leading IT staffing companies Boston. However, is there such a thing of being too honest?

I realize that there are times in which brutal honesty is not the best approach.  There are times in which a good manager should hold back their true feelings as to not deflate or demoralize an employee.  However, in general, honesty is the best policy.  At least each person knows where they stand.  Top producing or hardest working IT staffing salespeople or technical recruiters Boston should know how much they’re appreciated, while underachievers should have a black and white picture as to where they need improvement.

As with other roles in the IT recruiting industry, open and honest communication is critical to being successful.  Technical recruiters must let their candidates know where they stand in the minds of a hiring manager or where they’re at with the hiring process.  In turn, IT staffing salespeople must let the hiring managers know where the candidate rank their opportunity and/or whether they have other hot irons in the fire which could factor into how long he or she remains on the market.

Like with most relationships, business or personal, communication and honesty is critically important.  While there are times in which you should hold back on answering brutally honest questions (“whether she looks big in those jeans!”), honesty is typically the best policy and the secret to success.

Branding Your IT Staffing Company’s Name

There are many different ways you can brand an IT recruiting agency.  Ultimately the marketing initiatives come down to budget, manpower, strategy and effort.  If your IT staffing firm is strong in all three of these areas, then you’ll be in good shape.  If you’re a small technical staffing company, then you must focus on the effort part.  Larger IT recruiting firms Boston may be heavy on the budget side, but actually weak on the strategy.

Branding your IT staffing company starts with developing your company’s logo.  This will create brand recognition for your clients and prospective technical candidates.  Business cards, company letterhead and stationary should be made.  Folders and pamphlets explaining your IT recruiting firm’s capabilities are a good idea as well.

Branding your company can also include creating promotional products and other client handouts with the logo of your IT recruiting agency.  Be sure to include your company’s contact info and/or website as well.  Depending upon your budget, some of the more common promotional products include pens, Post-it notes, mugs, golf balls, rubber stress balls, tee shirts and computer bags.  For more information, visit various promotional product websites.

For those more dynamic companies, interactive marketing can produce large ROI’s.  Otherwise, some of the more popular marketing tactics today still include mailers, TV and radio advertisements as well as those on bulletin boards.  Some local IT staffing companies Boston even advertise on taxi cabs.

Whatever the size, manpower or budget of your technical recruiting firm, there are an unlimited amount of initiatives that you can tackle with virtually no cost.  If you want to have a company that others know by name, it takes time…and effort.