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Technical Recruiters Typically Aren’t All That Technical

Most IT recruiting companies have a team of technical recruiters that really aren’t technical at all.  Most IT recruiters are college graduates who have been trained how to recruit information technology professionals and ultimately talk their technical language.  Therefore, the question that arises is whether IT recruiters Boston can qualify technical candidates for their clients.  The answer  is yes, but it needs further explanation.

Technical recruiters Boston that aren’t technical will never be able to full qualify a candidate from an abilities perspective.   However, there is more to the IT staffing than just “teching” out a candidate.  Furthermore, given every client has a different technical environment, much of the technical screening should come from their IT managers and people conducting the interviews.  Instead, it’s the job of IT recruiters CA to screen out the non-technical questions and the variables that arise in most IT job searches to ensure their clients time is not wasted if they take the time to interview the candidates.   Examples of a screening out candidates would include whether they’re interviewing elsewhere and what stage are they at with each IT job interview.  Additionally, technical recruiters can also dig into the commute and even dress code and typical hours.  IT recruiting firms Boston would also want to know the candidate’s motivation to make a move if they’re currently employed and whether they’re committed to an interview if their resume is submitted to the client.  All of these questions are critical for IT staffing companies as they don’t want to ever dangle a carrot in front of their clients only to pull it back.

Additionally, IT recruiters San Diego can still technically screen candidates by phrasing their questions properly.  Asking open-ended questions about a person’s background can uncover a number of technical deficiencies.  By making a candidate explain their technical skills, IT recruiters MA can discern whether the candidate is being honest and confident about their abilities.

IT Staffing Sales is Like Fishing

IT staffing sales can be like fishing.  Ultimately, the more lines that you cast in the water, the better your odds of catching that big fish (client).  From the perspective of IT recruiting companies, the more calls that their salespeople put out, the more clients….and ultimately IT jobs….they’ll likely receive.  While there are a number of important intangibles needed to be a successful salesperson in the technical recruiting industry, the one constant is activity.

If you’re considering working in a sales capacity for any of the local technical recruiting companies, you’ll have to understand that it takes heavy call volume to be successful.  However, while many of the calls to prospective information technology managers are cold, they don’t all have to be.  With the advent of Google and Linkedin, IT staffing salespeople can research the client company as well as the manager’s background before each call to try to find a commonality or value-add.  Maybe IT recruiting firms Boston worked with the company in the past or the hiring manager worked at a pervious client.  Whatever the reason, any knowledge can turn the call from cold to warm.

Not many IT recruiters truly like to cold call.  However, the most successful IT recruiting firms teach their salespeople that it is a means to the end.  It’s a means to make money.  Therefore, if you’re going to go fishing, cast as many lines in the water as possible.

IT Recruiters Monopolize the IT Job Market

There are so many IT recruiting companies Boston to choose from it can be overwhelming.  Due to the sheer volume of technical recruiters, it seems like virtually every information technology position from a client company has at least one IT recruiting agency working on it.  Therefore, knowing IT recruiting firms Massachusetts have a virtual monopoly on the local IT job market, prospective candidates should utilize IT staffing services.

When considering what IT headhunters to contact, see our blog posted on July 27, 2012.  You can start by simply doing a Google search for IT recruiters Boston or find a list of IT recruiting firms Boston on the Massachusetts Staffing Association website.  Given there are so many IT recruiters to choose from, be sure to find a technical staffing company that fits your needs and who you feel comfortable with.

Starting a Hobby Outside of Your IT Recruiting World

A day in the life of technical recruiters differs from the typical nine to five.  We start early and leave the office late to accommodate clients’ schedules. IT staffing firms are always looking to improve performance and meet goals.  However, what some do not realize is that the key to success may lie outside of the IT recruiting office. Rather than having work define the self-worth of an IT recruiter, one should focus on other positive aspects of their lives and consider starting a hobby.


Focusing solely on work will spur an individual to burn out and experience increased levels of stress in the technical recruiting industry. Anxiety and mood swings stem from feeling overwhelmed, which will ultimately affect one’s output. Starting new hobbies will drive creativity and improve performance. When IT recruiters dedicate time to an enjoyable activity, they temporarily drift from troubles and refresh the mind and enhance focus.

Reaching new goals will help improve one’s self esteem and confidence.  IT headhunters will be more motivated to succeed in other areas when they see their new potential. Even if life in the IT staffing office is good, it is still important to have a separate outlet in the event that stress levels escalate.


Not Enough Time

A common excuse for IT recruiters is that they do not have enough time to dedicate to a hobby. When one considers that the activity may improve job performance, it is then they will consider fitting it in their schedule. Even if it is once a week or every day for fifteen minutes, every little bit will help create a change.

Which One?

It is recommended that one invests some time in researching hobbies before making a commitment. If a technical recruiter finds they do not enjoy their hobby, they could end up more stressed. Before a plan is made, they should test out activities and find which they enjoy best.

IT recruiting firms work hard to be successful and their employees deserve some fun. If you already have a hobby, extend an invite to a co-worker. You have the potential to build a relationship outside of the office while also burning off some stress!

Branding Your IT Staffing Company’s Name

There are many different ways you can brand an IT recruiting agency.  Ultimately the marketing initiatives come down to budget, manpower, strategy and effort.  If your IT staffing firm is strong in all three of these areas, then you’ll be in good shape.  If you’re a small technical staffing company, then you must focus on the effort part.  Larger IT recruiting firms Boston may be heavy on the budget side, but actually weak on the strategy.

Branding your IT staffing company starts with developing your company’s logo.  This will create brand recognition for your clients and prospective technical candidates.  Business cards, company letterhead and stationary should be made.  Folders and pamphlets explaining your IT recruiting firm’s capabilities are a good idea as well.

Branding your company can also include creating promotional products and other client handouts with the logo of your IT recruiting agency.  Be sure to include your company’s contact info and/or website as well.  Depending upon your budget, some of the more common promotional products include pens, Post-it notes, mugs, golf balls, rubber stress balls, tee shirts and computer bags.  For more information, visit various promotional product websites.

For those more dynamic companies, interactive marketing can produce large ROI’s.  Otherwise, some of the more popular marketing tactics today still include mailers, TV and radio advertisements as well as those on bulletin boards.  Some local IT staffing companies Boston even advertise on taxi cabs.

Whatever the size, manpower or budget of your technical recruiting firm, there are an unlimited amount of initiatives that you can tackle with virtually no cost.  If you want to have a company that others know by name, it takes time…and effort.