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Americans Aren’t Convenient to Overlook in IT Field

Recently the news has noted quite a bit of American opposition to the H-1B reforms, especially in the information technology industry.  IT contractors have been alleging that technical recruiters already have a track record of favoring alien workers over American workers to fill IT jobs (even when they should not be).   IT staffing firms, they say, will only overlook American IT consultants more as H-1B reforms take place.

While the issue is obviously very complicated, IT recruiting firms obviously do not intend to overlook all American candidates, and very often are presented with a dearth of them.  IT headhunters follow the laws regarding H-1Bs and puts as much energy as possible into finding American workers because it’s in America’s interest and in IT recruiting agencies’ best interest to do so in terms of business.  IT staffing agencies can save a significant amount of time and money if they do not focus their efforts on IT contractors who require sponsorship. The hours, energy, and fees  IT recruiting companies might have to spend with immigration attorneys, clients, and job candidates are certainly not desirable when IT staffing Boston can find American workers who don’t require any of that. IT jobs, like the rest of the field, tend open and fill quickly, so time is of the essence to IT staffing companies.  All across the country, IT recruiters Boston to IT recruiters CA know that an American candidate is much easier to place in an IT job.

How Most IT Recruiting Offices are Set Up

All of the IT recruiting companies Boston that I have worked for, and all of the IT staffing offices that I’ve been in, have all been set up the same way.  First, there is a general “pit” in the middle of the office.  This is where the IT recruiters Boston will sit.  The openness allows for easy communication – verbal instant messaging you might call it.

A typical day in the IT recruiting world is anything but typical.  Technical recruiters might be talking to prospective candidates one minute, setting up an interview the next.  Soon after, they may have the opportunity to roll out an offer or break the news that the candidate did not get the job they interviewed for.  IT recruiters may have to call one of their current IT contractors with feedback on their job performance or they may have to release them from their assignment.

Because there are so many nuances to the IT recruiting role, so many different scenarios that may arise day in and day out, the open floor also provides another purpose.  It allows other IT recruiters MA to hear virtually all other conversations.  This proves very beneficial for technical recruiters as it allows them to absorb as many techniques and IT recruiting scenarios as possible.

In some IT staffing offices, there are offices surrounding the “pit” housing salespeople and account managers.  The offices allow them with a bit more privacy, mainly so their IT managers don’t hear all of the background chatter.  When cold calling a client, every second of the conversation counts.  You don’t want to lose credibility if the background noise gives the client the impression you’re in a call center.

In other technical staffing locations, the technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople sit in the pit together.  Just as it’s critical for technical recruiters to hear their peer’s conversations, it’s equally as critical for the salespeople.  The conversations can be a teaching tool and/or just another opportunity for others to absorb new techniques and styles.

Another benefit of having technical recruiters and IT staffing Boston salespeople sit together on the floor is simply communication.  With any successful placement, the recruiter and salesperson must communicate effectively.  An open pit allows for the two sides with this ability – more verbal instant messaging.

What to Do With All of Your Old IT Gadgets

Over the years you have bought that new laptop for work, and the other laptop for gaming. Then you have all those different TV’s as technology continues to improve our television experience.

As an IT professional you want to keep up with new technology and keep up to date with all your gadgets.  So what can you do with all of those products that you no longer need?  We posed this to our IT staffing Boston office full of technical recruiters.  One of the responses prompted me to write this blog.  Recycle these gadgets and contribute to a green environment there are many options available.

I researched all of the options and found Best buy to have the “best deal.”  They accept up to 3 items per household per day.  When bringing in televisions and monitors, you will be charged a $10 fee but you will get it back in the form of a gift card to use later on.  Another great option is just going to straight to goodwill.  They are willing to accept computers and anything that you would be used with a computer.  The recycling program is free and you can check out their features with the website.

One of our IT recruiters actually mentioned that the Apple Store is another great option.  If you bring in an old iPod or any brand of cellphone, you can get a 10 percent discount when you buy a new iPod.  If you plan on recycling an older computer, you can send it to them with prepaid shipping.  If your computer is worth anything, you will get credit for any Apple store.

So next time you are cleaning out that garage filled with all your technology gadgets, it’s no big deal for an IT professional like yourself.  Take a look at your stuff.  Stop avoiding the tower of laptops in your house and start recycling them.

Pro’s and Con’s of the IT Recruiting Industry

Many people jump right into the IT staffing industry….then soon jump out.  Quite simply, it’s not for everyone.  There are many great parts about the IT recruiting job.  However, like any position, with the good also comes the bad.  Therefore, before you diving into technical recruiting, think more about the Pro’s and Con’s of the IT recruiting industry:

For most IT recruiters and salespeople, IT staffing Boston is a very lucrative industry.  If the technical recruiting company specializes in placing IT contractors, then the commissions are residual for those responsible for making the job placement.  In addition, while the money is good, you’re also helping provide IT jobs for people at the same time.  There aren’t many careers where you’re actually helping people while making a healthy living at the same time.  Finally, for those who enjoy a very fast paced/sometimes hectic work day (in which you rarely have time to even look at the clock), then send your resume out to IT recruiting companies Boston.

Over my 15 years in the IT recruitment world, I thought I have seen it all.  The reality is, I haven’t.  Because we’re in the “people business,” I never will.  Nobody ever will.  One of the most difficult parts of the IT staffing industry is quite simply the fact that we work with people.  You never know what a person will do.  For example, as an IT recruiter, you could identify a candidate, meet them, run references, ask a hundred probing questions and provide the absolute best customer service possible.  The candidate in turn tells you how much they appreciate your hard work; they accept the position, complete all of the necessary paperwork, then continually thank you over and over for providing them with this opportunity. Then the candidate never shows up for his or her first day of work.  They won’t return your call, your email.  Nothing.  No explanation.  Ever.

If you work for an IT recruiting company, you can guarantee that this unfortunately will happen to you.  There just is never a guarantee when it comes to people.

Fortunately, for every one of these situations, there are dozens of success stories.  The technical staffing industry is a very fast-paced, exciting, financially and intrinsically rewarding industry.  However, for those who might “grip the bat” too tight or can’t roll with the ups and downs, it’s certainly not for them.