Pro’s and Con’s of the IT Recruiting Industry

Many people jump right into the IT staffing industry….then soon jump out.  Quite simply, it’s not for everyone.  There are many great parts about the IT recruiting job.  However, like any position, with the good also comes the bad.  Therefore, before you diving into technical recruiting, think more about the Pro’s and Con’s of the IT recruiting industry:

For most IT recruiters and salespeople, IT staffing Boston is a very lucrative industry.  If the technical recruiting company specializes in placing IT contractors, then the commissions are residual for those responsible for making the job placement.  In addition, while the money is good, you’re also helping provide IT jobs for people at the same time.  There aren’t many careers where you’re actually helping people while making a healthy living at the same time.  Finally, for those who enjoy a very fast paced/sometimes hectic work day (in which you rarely have time to even look at the clock), then send your resume out to IT recruiting companies Boston.

Over my 15 years in the IT recruitment world, I thought I have seen it all.  The reality is, I haven’t.  Because we’re in the “people business,” I never will.  Nobody ever will.  One of the most difficult parts of the IT staffing industry is quite simply the fact that we work with people.  You never know what a person will do.  For example, as an IT recruiter, you could identify a candidate, meet them, run references, ask a hundred probing questions and provide the absolute best customer service possible.  The candidate in turn tells you how much they appreciate your hard work; they accept the position, complete all of the necessary paperwork, then continually thank you over and over for providing them with this opportunity. Then the candidate never shows up for his or her first day of work.  They won’t return your call, your email.  Nothing.  No explanation.  Ever.

If you work for an IT recruiting company, you can guarantee that this unfortunately will happen to you.  There just is never a guarantee when it comes to people.

Fortunately, for every one of these situations, there are dozens of success stories.  The technical staffing industry is a very fast-paced, exciting, financially and intrinsically rewarding industry.  However, for those who might “grip the bat” too tight or can’t roll with the ups and downs, it’s certainly not for them.

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