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IT Staffing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

For IT recruiters Boston, it’s a marathon not a sprint.  Many technical recruiters enter the IT staffing industry full of energy and vigor, but fade fast.  Many technical recruiters Boston simply get burned out.  The IT recruiting industry is a marathon – you must be in it for the long haul to truly succeed and reap its many rewards.

Successful IT recruiters place hundreds of candidates over their first 4-5 years.  As time passes, many of these placements will climb the corporate ladder and ultimately become hiring IT managers (that will ultimately need to utilize IT recruiting companies to fill their technical needs).  Therefore, as time passes, successful IT recruiters CA keep in close touch with their placements (IT recruiting tip:  utilize Linkedin.  It makes keeping tabs on your placements easy); ultimately becoming the IT staffing resource for these contacts.

The technical staffing industry has it’s many ups and downs.  Technical recruiters CA have to expect the roller coaster ride of emotion that comes with the job and perservere through the tough times.  The IT recruiting firms that are in it for the long haul understand that the industry is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

IT Recruiters or Technical Recruiters?

Is there really a difference between calling high-tech headhunters IT recruiters or techncial recruiters?  Not really.  IT obviously stands for information technology recruiting while technical staffing could also include engineering or other technical industries.  Either way, if you’re an information technology professional searching Google for IT staffing companies, it’s best to put IT recruiters into your search string versus technical recruiters (if you’re searching for a specific location, then obviously put the city name such as IT recruiters Boston or IT staffing agencies Boston).  If you’re an engineering professional, then it’s actually best to put engineering recruiters rather than technical recruiters.

Therefore, whether you’re a client looking for IT staffing resources or an IT professional looking for help with your IT job search, then just be sure to use the appropriate key words when you do a search.  This will help make your search, and the IT staffing firms that you call, as accurate as possible.

Just some advice from one of the leading IT staffing agencies in the US!

How Most IT Recruiting Offices are Set Up

All of the IT recruiting companies Boston that I have worked for, and all of the IT staffing offices that I’ve been in, have all been set up the same way.  First, there is a general “pit” in the middle of the office.  This is where the IT recruiters Boston will sit.  The openness allows for easy communication – verbal instant messaging you might call it.

A typical day in the IT recruiting world is anything but typical.  Technical recruiters might be talking to prospective candidates one minute, setting up an interview the next.  Soon after, they may have the opportunity to roll out an offer or break the news that the candidate did not get the job they interviewed for.  IT recruiters may have to call one of their current IT contractors with feedback on their job performance or they may have to release them from their assignment.

Because there are so many nuances to the IT recruiting role, so many different scenarios that may arise day in and day out, the open floor also provides another purpose.  It allows other IT recruiters MA to hear virtually all other conversations.  This proves very beneficial for technical recruiters as it allows them to absorb as many techniques and IT recruiting scenarios as possible.

In some IT staffing offices, there are offices surrounding the “pit” housing salespeople and account managers.  The offices allow them with a bit more privacy, mainly so their IT managers don’t hear all of the background chatter.  When cold calling a client, every second of the conversation counts.  You don’t want to lose credibility if the background noise gives the client the impression you’re in a call center.

In other technical staffing locations, the technical recruiters and IT staffing salespeople sit in the pit together.  Just as it’s critical for technical recruiters to hear their peer’s conversations, it’s equally as critical for the salespeople.  The conversations can be a teaching tool and/or just another opportunity for others to absorb new techniques and styles.

Another benefit of having technical recruiters and IT staffing Boston salespeople sit together on the floor is simply communication.  With any successful placement, the recruiter and salesperson must communicate effectively.  An open pit allows for the two sides with this ability – more verbal instant messaging.

How to Advance Your IT Recruiting Career

The IT staffing industry is extremely competitive and like everyone else you will want to advance in your IT recruiting career.  There are various ways to do this, but you need to differentiate yourself.  It is not all about the IT recruitment skills that you have or the number of technical recruiting years on the job.  Here are a few tips to getting promoted in the technical staffing industry.

Hard Work:  There’s no substitute.  Ever.  If you’re not working for an IT recruiting firm that rewards hard work, then find another IT staffing agency.  If you work hard, good things will eventually happen.

Confidence: Be confident in all the IT recruiting work you do.  Confidence will show that you know what you are doing and as well as be sure that you are willing to back up your proposals.

Team Guru:  IT recruiters typically work in a team environment.  Be a team player.  When the day comes in which you’re promoted, you will likely be managing multiple IT recruiters Boston.  Therefore you will need to be skilled with motivating a group of people and finding how they can effectively work together.

Using these tips will help you attain that promotion in your IT staffing career.  Leaders have certain traits and in order to be one you will need to work on yours.  So take these tips and help yourself become the leader in your field.