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A Look Back at IT Staffing in 2012

Now that we’ve entered a new year, it’s a good time to look back and reflect what was for IT recruiters and the best IT staffing companies in 2012.  For all intents and purposes, 2012 was a solid year for most IT recruiting firms.   While most industries struggled to overcome one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history, the IT staffing industry stood strong.  IT recruiting agencies were not only stable, many of them grew over the past year.  This speaks volumes to the strength of the IT recruiting industry, the niche need of IT consultants and the importance of technology in today’s business world.  All three are key ingredients to success for IT staffing agencies.

As most companies enforced a budgetary freeze on spending, there were mission-critical IT projects (which required the need for IT recruiting companies to provide technical consultants) that could not be ignored.  Since many companies rely upon e-commerce as a main (and sometimes only) source of revenue, utilizing IT staffing firms to help deliver these projects were critical to their success…and survival.  To put into perspective, if Reebok needs to spend a couple of million in IT recruiting resources for a neccessary application development project tied into the sales of their sneakers online, the return could be in the ten’s or hundreds of millions.  Therefore, spending the money and utilizing IT recruiters Boston to find them IT consultants to help deliver the project is a no-brainer.  Once again, it’s the technology industry that drives the spend on mission-critical projects.

Therefore, if you’re looking to enter the recruiting world, take a good hard look at IT staffing.  As we saw during 2012, and over the course of the entire economic recession, IT recruiting companies MA not only remained stable, many of them grew.  There are very few industries that can say the same.

A Critical Position Inside IT Recruiting Companies

One might be surprised that one of the most important positions within IT recruiting firms and IT consulting companies is not IT staffing salespeople or even technical recruiters.  This position isn’t even a revenue generating role, it typically doesn’t have management or executive powers either.  The position is a Customer Support Representative or payroll admininistrator.  Simply put, it’s the person who speaks with the IT consultants on a weekly basis and enters their hours/compensation into payroll.

IT contractors are the lifeline of IT recruiting companies.  Therefore, any role that virtually has direct interaction with the IT consultants on a daily basis is of critical importance.   His or her customer service skills, attention to detail and organization must be exceptional, otherwise IT recruiting agencies run the risk of losing their technical consultants.

Therefore, if you’re an IT recruiter Boston or technical recruiter CA, go out of your way to thank your CSR as he or she may be the glue that keeps IT staffing agencies together.