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Work Ethic in the IT Recruiting Industry

Most all IT recruiting companies CA can boast of a thorough screening process and candidate lock downs.  Most all IT recruiting firms CA brag their robust databases.  Clients can’t dicipher what is the truth and what are IT staffing salespeople just trying to land a deal.  In truth, there is very little difference in how IT recruiting agencies Boston find their talent.  Technical recruiters MA typically search on Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Linkedin and even Craig’s List.  Occassionally some use Ladders.  Therefore, what distinguishes one IT recruiting company from another?  It’s quite simple:  their people.

Successful IT recruiting companies Boston have hard working IT recruiters.  At the end of the day, what IT recruiters MA are going to work harder to find the best information technology professionals.  More specifically, working hard simply means what technical recruiters CA are going to contact more candidates, hit more IT job boards and ultimately work longer to find the perfect candidate for their client.

Hard work is all relative.  The best employees in the IT staffing industry typically work long hours in the office, then log on and do additional resume searches from the comfort of their own home.  The more you put into the IT recruiter role, the more you’ll get out of it.   While there are many variables to making an IT job placement, ultimately there is a tried and true formula for success:  The harder you work = The more candidates you reach out to = The more submittals to the client = The more candidate interviews = The more confirmed hires.

For IT recruiters San Diego, it all starts with hard work.

IT Recruiters Work Late

The IT staffing industry is certainly not a 9-5pm.  IT recruiters typically get into the office at 8am, then work until 6-7pm at night.  The most successful technical recruiters then check their Blackberry or iPhone throughout the night and respond back to any strong/interested candidates for their IT jobs.  The very best IT recruiters Boston also jump back online to conduct additional IT job searches from the comfort of their own home.

Due to the fact most all job boards, such as Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder and now Linkedin, and now many IT recruiting companies also have web-based databases such as Bullhorn, technical recruiters Boston can do much of their work from home and see the same user interface as they would in the office of their respective IT recruiting firm.

Therefore, if you’re entertaining becoming an IT recruiter, be sure you know what you’re getting into and the hours you’ll need to commit to in order to be successful.  The harder technical recruiters MA work, the more commissions they ultimately make.

How IT staffing Companies Find Candidates

The majority of IT recruiting firms pay to access the top resume and IT job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and Net Temps.  The better IT staffing companies also have robust databases full of information technology resumes (any database over 100,000 resumes is typically considered pretty strong).

However, the best technical recruiters and IT recruiting agencies find candidates that aren’t plastered all over the job boards.  They find the passive IT job seeker.  To do this, IT recruiters Boston use the following techniques:

1)  Referrals:  Any strong IT recruiter will ask for a referral on every call to help build their pipeline of candidates.

2)  Linkedin:  This site has become a critical tool for IT recruiters MA.

3)  Networking Groups:  A great place to meet high tech professionals – especially with niche/specialty skill sets.

4)  Google and other search engines:  AIRS provides some great training for technical recruiters MA to put together string searches that will yield quality candidates who have their resume on various sites outside of the traditional technical job boards.

5)  Posting jobs:  Technical recruiters Boston will post jobs on as many niche/industry websites as they can find.