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Running Late for an IT Job Interview

Trains, plains and automobiles.  All are means of transportation that people have to take to get to an IT job interview….and all can be unreliable.  Therefore, while IT recruiting firms understand that delays happen, whether unexpected accidents clogging up up the highways or just an abnormal amount of congestion on the roads, many times the commutes are out of people’s control.  Subsequently, IT recruiters Boston should not hold any delays against their information technology candidate……if he or she calls the IT recruiting company to inform the IT recruiters that they are running late.  It’s quite simple, in today’s age where everyone has a cell phone, if you find yourself runnng late to meet with IT staffing firms or direct client companies, simply call one of your technical recruiters.

There are no excuses for candidates that walk through the doors of IT staffing companies after their scheduled IT job interview time.  Even if you’re a minute or two behind schedule – call.  IT recruiters CA meet with dozens of candidates each week and speak with countless more.  If you run late for an interview, you’re simply (and rightfully) going to be passed over for their IT jobs.

Conversely, if you find yourself more than 15 minutes early to meet with IT recruiting companies, take a walk around the block or grab a coffee.  Showing up too early for an interview with technical recruiters Boston is a red flag as well.

Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to account for traffic, accidents or other potential delays….and if you find yourself at the IT staffing company well before your scheduled interview, walk around the block, kill some time to ensure you’re not too early for the IT job interview.

Tailor Your Resume For Each IT Job!

Imagine IT recruiters, HR or IT managers sorting through dozens and dozens of resumes for each IT job.  If you put yourself in their shoes, you’d be more aware of the importance of a nice clean resume….and one that bleeds the position you’re hiring for.  Prospective candidates who send one standard template resume for all IT jobs and to all IT recruiting companies are not setting themselves up for success.  Remember, not all IT recruiters Boston or HR professionals are technical.  Therefore, make sure you tailor your resume towards that technical job you’re applying to.  For example, if you’re a developer with Microsoft .NET experience, and you’re applying to a .NET developer role, change your title from “Software Engineer” to “.NET Developer.”  Once again, your resume should bleed the IT job (without fabrication of course).

IT recruiting firms generally recommend using bullets with a short, precise description of your IT job duties.  These bullets should also mirror the technical position.  Add as many of the technologies that the IT recruiting company or client requires.  Also utilizes a “Skills & Technologies” section in your resume to make sure all of your technical experience is included (and thus ensures your resume pops up in any IT job search that IT recruiters San Diego or technical recruiters Los Angeles put into their search on Monster, Dice or Careerbuilder).

IT recruiters CA look through hundreds of resumes each day for their various technical jobs.  Remember, the ones that stand out are the resumes that are clean, clear and hit as many of their key words as possible that were entered into their search.

Work Ethic in the IT Recruiting Industry

Most all IT recruiting companies CA can boast of a thorough screening process and candidate lock downs.  Most all IT recruiting firms CA brag their robust databases.  Clients can’t dicipher what is the truth and what are IT staffing salespeople just trying to land a deal.  In truth, there is very little difference in how IT recruiting agencies Boston find their talent.  Technical recruiters MA typically search on Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, Linkedin and even Craig’s List.  Occassionally some use Ladders.  Therefore, what distinguishes one IT recruiting company from another?  It’s quite simple:  their people.

Successful IT recruiting companies Boston have hard working IT recruiters.  At the end of the day, what IT recruiters MA are going to work harder to find the best information technology professionals.  More specifically, working hard simply means what technical recruiters CA are going to contact more candidates, hit more IT job boards and ultimately work longer to find the perfect candidate for their client.

Hard work is all relative.  The best employees in the IT staffing industry typically work long hours in the office, then log on and do additional resume searches from the comfort of their own home.  The more you put into the IT recruiter role, the more you’ll get out of it.   While there are many variables to making an IT job placement, ultimately there is a tried and true formula for success:  The harder you work = The more candidates you reach out to = The more submittals to the client = The more candidate interviews = The more confirmed hires.

For IT recruiters San Diego, it all starts with hard work.

Sending Paper Resumes To IT Recruiters

As an IT recruiter working for one of the fastest growing IT staffing companies Boston, we periodically receive paper resumes blindly sent from candidates in the information technology industry.  Here are 3 reasons why prospective candidates should not send paper resumes to technical recruiters:

1)  They get thrown away:  IT recruiters Boston typically look at paper resumes as a sign that the candidates are not technically saavy enough to utilize email.  Therefore, paper resumes are more of a red flag than a summary of one’s life technical work.

2)  It “ages” you:  Mailing your resume a decade+ ago was your only option of getting your informatioin to IT recruiting companies.  Therefore, this is typically associated with a technique someone from an older generation would do.  While you cannot IT job descriminate, this certainly does not help your chances of landing one of the technical jobs that the IT recruiting company has posted on their website.

3)  They will not be added to the database:  Because it’s paper, technical recruiters will have to scan the resume in order add it to their IT job database.  When you’re looking at hundreds of technical resumes every day, and cal easily parse them with a click or two of a button, then human nature is going to win over and you’re not going to take the extra steps involved in scanning a resume into your IT staffing database (especially knowing #1 and #2 above).

Therefore, if you’re a prospective IT job candidate, save your forty-five cents and email your resume to as many IT recruiters CA and IT staffing firms as you can.  Most will be added to their respective resume databases.

Evaluating IT Staffing Companies

When it comes to choosing the right IT recruiting firm (among hundreds of IT staffing companies) to represent you with your job search, there are many options.   A quick internet search for an IT staffing or IT recruiting company in any given location can yield overwhelming results.  This can be a particularly challenging issue for many IT job seekers as choosing the wrong company can make the difference between getting their ideal job, or getting the runaround.

There are many factors one should consider when reaching out to IT staffing agencies or technical recruiting companies but here are a couple of quick tell-tale signs that let you know if you are on the right track.  First off, doing a little research on a company can prove very revealing. Typically, where there’s smoke there’s fire so if you see a number of negative Google or Yelp reviews that should serve a good indicator for what you may be getting.  It takes time for someone to add a review (good or bad) so if someone has taken the time to share their experiences with others, they’ve typically felt pretty strongly about what happened to them.

Next, what happens when you finally connect with IT recruiters.  Do they seem genuinely interested in helping you with your career, by asking you questions about your past positions and experiences, in addition to your goals and aspirations moving forward.  Or do they seem more interested in the positions they are currently working on and if you’ll be a fit for any of those openings.  Reputable technical recruiters will want to spend a great deal of time getting to know you and what drives you, so they find the best opportunity for you.  If you’ve determined any follow-up steps after your initial call or meeting some IT headhunters, does the IT recruiter call and/or email as scheduled.  If they don’t do these basic things and appreciate and respect your time then there’s little chance that things will improve.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and if this is a snap shot of the recruiter at their best, then you wouldn’t want to see them at their worst.

Ultimately, it’s very important for a candidate to remember that while IT staffing firms will be evaluating them as they search for a new position, they should also be evaluating the IT staffing agency.  Making the wrong decision can seriously impact a candidates career.

IT Jobs are Heating Up!

Being an IT recruiting company, we’ve been a pretty good barometer on the national technology IT job market.  The local IT staffing Boston industry itself has remained steady even in the worst of times.  However, as our nation climbs out of one of the worst economic downturns our country has ever seen, IT jobs are becoming more bountiful than the technology candidates themselves.

Among the hottest technical jobs are rightfully the hottest technologies.  Microsoft’s .NET and Sun Microsystems’ Java remain the hottest development languages.  Oracle continues to dominate the database side, with Sharepoint and Peoplesoft being additional technologies still very much in demand.

Therefore, if you’re an IT consultant or someone looking to break into the information technology world, be sure to follow the latest trends then find the proper training program that meets these demands accordingly.

For additional thoughts or advice, please contact one of our national IT recruiters or IT recruiters Boston today.

Blogging about Technical Recruiting Companies

You had a rough day at the IT recruiting office.  Then you come home and are greeted by the blinding light of your laptop.  You open WordPress and immediately pour your heart out about the unfair raise other technical recruiters were rewarded while you were overlooked.  Or perhaps you go on a rant about the upcoming corporate layoffs or the latest gossip from the IT staffing rumor mill.  After about twenty minutes, you finally feel relief as you press publish and close your screen.

A number of IT recruiters enjoy blogging.  It’s a social media outlet that not only allows you to vent your frustrations, but it also lets your friends and followers get a peek at your daily life and thoughts.  However, this is where it becomes dangerous.  Without filters, you are setting yourself up to be stung.  Before you write your next post about the latest events at IT recruiting firms, here are reasons you should reconsider your topic.

Reminds You of Negativity

Unless you live in a world where everything goes right all the time, you are most likely blogging about the negative aspects of your life.  No one wants to hear about others’ misery, so stop yourself and do not give into the temptation.  Misery loves company, so the only followers you will have are those who do not enjoy their IT jobs as well.  If you do not enjoy your career, stop wasting both yours and your employer’s time.  Start looking for new opportunities.

By publicly announcing your faults with your current position, you are betraying your IT recruiting company.  Take your issues to your manager before you post them on the internet.  Things could get sticky if a coworker or supervisor discovers your blog.

Expose Company Secrets

Most hiring managers of IT staffing companies have their employees sign a form that reiterates their privacy policy.  Confidential leaked information is often from internal sources.  Before you begin to write about the rumored layoffs, company restructuring, or IT job interviews, get your fact straight.  Or better yet, do not write about it at all.

You most likely spend more time at your company than you do with your friends or family on weekly basis.  Do not burn bridges by violating their trust.  Protect your company and yourself by keeping tight lips about confidential matters.

Privacy Violation 

Imagine stumbling upon a co-worker’s blog and discovering they had written about you.  It feels as though you are on a secret camera show or someone is spying on you.  Suddenly, you feel violated.  No one enjoys that feeling.  Do not subject others to that position.

If it would make you feel uncomfortable that another co-worker wrote about you, do not do it to your peers.  Make sure anyone mentioned in your blog is aware so it does not come as a surprise either. 

Blogging is supposed to be fun and an excellent way to keep in touch with others about your life and experiences.  Do not extend your office hours by incessantly posting about work topics! 

Impatient IT Recruiters Opt for a Change

When things are not done according to the standards or timely manner of a certain IT recruiter, does he become upset and angry?  When this technical recruiter seem to be constantly troubled with stress and anxiety of deadlines and projects, it has a contagious effect that permeates through the IT recruiting company, making others irritable and frustrated, too.  If you happen to be among the impatient IT headhunters of the IT staffing industry, here are some tips to become more tolerant.

Why are you upset?

The first step to becoming patient is identifying the source of what is causing distress.  Technical recruiters can have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.  Often, people become impatient with issues that are beyond their control or simply need to learn to manage their moods and how to work with others.  When you find the cause to your angst, you can begin the process of patience.


If feeling anxious, try to relax and reevaluate the situation while focusing on what matters.  Chances are the issue is not nearly as important as it seems.  Before making decisions, prepare what you will say and your actions as they are bound to affect others within IT recruiting firms.  You will build better relationships and be less likely to regret a snide comment or attitude if you give yourself time to plan.  You will also produce better results by making more favorable choices, leaving you in a less stressed, more satisfied mood.

Learning Experience

Becoming more patient has a learning curve and takes time.  Start by nixing grudges and work civilly by making situations more positive and optimistic.  Learn from others and share your experiences and tips so people will also become more patient with you.  If you find you are reverting to your old ways, stop and go for a walk or take a break and return when you are ready.

Patience is not something learned over night, it takes time.  With each step, you become closer to a happier, healthier you—and candidates, coworkers, and hiring managers will appreciate it!       

The One Upper IT Recruiter

We have all had the pleasure of meeting someone who feels the need to one up your situation, whether a positive or negative experience, with one of their own.  This technical recruiter or candidate might not mean to trump you with their IT recruiting anecdote or hardship, but soon enough your original point has vanished and you are discussing their life.  You might be the offender and not realize it!  In either situation, read on for ways to manage this common conversation killer at IT staffing companies.

The Offender

Upon hearing the miseries or accomplishments of fellow technical recruiters, does your mind immediately go to an experience of your own?  Do you become so excited that you feel you must follow up with a story of your own?  If so, ask yourself if your story brings any value to the others at IT staffing firms.

You may be trying to lighten the mood or have candidates feel better about their situation, but most people prefer and appreciate a solid listener in conversations.  Be empathetic or congratulate other IT recruiters. If you must tell a story of your own, make sure there is a smooth transition or it at least offers a valuable lesson and does not take positive attention from the original storyteller.

The Victim

Nearly everyone encounters this type of person and whether they are aware they do it or not, bite your tongue and have patience.  Trying to counter their trump with one of your own is stooping to their level.  Find humor in their situation and try to maintain an upbeat attitude.  If you absolutely cannot handle or stand the one upper, then remove yourself from the situation and avoid this person at the IT recruiting company.  It will save you the aggravation and keep you in a positive mood!

Living a Double Life—The Dishonest Candidate

Working with technical recruiters should not feel like a controlling relationship.  You do not need to tell them your every move or what you had for lunch.  IT recruiters are not intentionally being nosey when they ask you questions, they are just trying to get an idea of what you want and where you would fit most with IT job openings coming their way.  Telling your technical recruiter that you are not interested, providing constructive feedback, or saying you would prefer to not work with him or her might be difficult, but it actually helps them improve their recruiting tactics in the long run.  The worst thing you can do is lie to your IT staffing representative.

Previous Employment

Not listing all your experiences, or worse, including positions and titles you have never held is setting yourself up to be shot down.  At first glance you will shine on paper, but you cannot back it up through references or experience and your lies will soon be recognized.  Because you have embellished your information technology skills and misled IT recruiters Boston, the likelihood that he will keep you in mind for other positions is slim.

Lying about why you have left a previous position can come back to haunt you, especially if the hiring company requires an employment verification or the manager happens to know your former employer.  The six degrees of separation are becoming increasingly slim with social networking sites highlighting your relationships to others.  Avoid burning bridges and always end assignments on good terms.

Background Check

Be honest about past convictions or if you are at risk to fail a drug test.  Telling your IT recruiter up front about these issues will save you and your recruiter potential embarrassment and prevent wasted time on a position that you would not have had a chance nabbing.  Your IT staffing company representative might keep you in mind for other positions and will appreciate your honesty.


You might seem to be a catch on paper by sprucing up your resume with technical skills and keywords, but always make sure they pertain to the IT jobs you are applying and you actually have the experience.   Your IT headhunter will ask about your level of skills and how often you practiced them.  If you lie about your experience, it will show in your work.  The project manager might have to let you go if you cannot complete the required tasks, leaving you unemployed with severed ties.

Applying for Other IT Jobs

When an IT recruiting company representative asks if you are working with other recruiters or applying to other positions, they are not trying to limit your options.  The IT recruiter is looking to make sure you do not get double submitted for an opening.  Being submitted twice for an opening might sound helpful, but it can actually hinder your chances of securing the position because hiring managers will assume you are either careless or your submission was made in error.  Letting IT recruiters know you are actively interviewing shows determination, but also helps the technical recruiter to understand your availability.

IT staffing firms are not out to scam people, their job is to find the right candidates for open positions.  If working with recruiters does not sound like something that interests you, express your opinion.  The keys to a successful recruiting relationship are communicating and being honest.

For more tips, please visit AVID’s Job Seekers page.