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AVID Technical Resources is a dynamic IT recruiting company that focuses on staying current with industry trends and technologies. Over the past few years, AVID has embraced Social Media as it has become an integral part of our society.

Social Media provides an easy means to communicate to large masses of people and relay immediate messages or updates. This is very beneficial to IT recruiting companies and prospective candidates alike as it allows us to distribute our IT jobs immediately after we receive them.

AVIDonLinkedInIconJoin our LinkedIn page: Like our Twitter and Facebook pages, every IT job gets posted to our LinkedIn page. Therefore, follow us to keep up with our new jobs. Contact any one of our IT recruiters if you see a position that interests you. We also post helpful tips and news articles for job seekers.

AVIDonTwitterIconFollow AVID on Twitter: The minute one of our IT recruiters receives a new IT job from a client, the position is automatically updated on our Twitter page. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of our IT jobs, sign up and follow AVID on Twitter. Contact any one of our IT recruiters once you see a position that looks right for you.

AVIDonFacebookIconBecome a Fan of AVID on Facebook: Similar to our Twitter page, every AVID Technical Resources IT job order gets automatically forwarded to our Facebook page. Therefore, if you want to stay on top of our IT jobs, sign up and follow the AVID Facebook page.

AVIDRSSFeedIconRead our Blog: We are constantly posting blogs with useful information to help with your IT job search. Our IT recruiters often provide resume writing tips and interview techniques that can help you land that next IT dream job.

AVIDonYoutubeIconCheck out AVID on YouTube: View our testimonials and/or polish your interview skills with our humorous, yet informative, videos on our YouTube page. Feel free to email your own AVID video testimonial and you might just see yourself on our YouTube page the next time you visit!

AVIDonInstagramIconSee what our IT recruiters are up to on Instagram: We post pictures of company events, meetings with candidates, and more! Follow us to see our new posts and feel free to send us your own pictures of how AVID Technical Resources is improving your IT job search and career!

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