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IT Recruiting: Skype Interviews for Hiring Managers

Last week, the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources provided prospective candidates with helpful information regarding Skype interviews.  This week, the spotlight is on the hiring managers.  If IT staffing companies are looking for innovative ways to interview and screen candidates, the Skype interview may be the right choice!

Saves Money

The Skype interview is perfect for saving companies money, while also expanding their candidate search.  The webcam-based interview allows hiring managers to interview candidates who are from outside the area without the burden of travel and lodging accommodations.  The cost of the equipment may pay for itself in just one screening.

Saves Time

Often hiring managers and technical recruiting companies will know within the first five minutes if IT consultants will be a fit for their IT job opportunities.  Rather than flying in a candidate, taking them out to lunch, and conducting three round interviews, a team can sit in together or take turns interviewing the IT contractor.  A whole day ordeal can be drastically reduced to an hour, leaving plenty of time for other projects and interviewing more candidates.

Body Language

IT staffing firms may use Skype interviews rather than phone interviews to read a candidate’s body language and see how comfortable they feel around information technology.  Also, the webcam provides technical recruiters the opportunity to witness how a consultant responds to questions social cicumstances.  Check for indicators that the applicant is professional by his attire, behavior, as well as the setting and background he chooses to conduct his interview.

Record for Review

The video conference allows hiring managers of IT recruiting firms to review the interview and take note of subtle details.  They can also use the replays to compare candidates’ answers and responses to questions.  If a hiring manager was absent from the meeting, he can view the interview as well for feedback.

While the typical phone and in-person interview will not be disappearing any time soon, the Skype interview may become a more viable option for money and time-conscious IT recruiting companies.

Where are the IT jobs? In the IT Healthcare Industry!

The healthcare industry has been updating and improving many of their EMR and PACS systems within hospitals and doctors’ offices.  Workers within these facilities have to adjust to new machines and programs that will help them improve as a healthcare professional.  Therefore, the healthcare space is yet another growing field within the information technology industry.

Getting your start in the Healthcare IT field can prove to be challenging.  When we asked a number of our IT recruiters, their recommendation was to look for contract IT job opportunities with hospitals.  If a high tech professional is able to get their foot in the door within a hospital, it could lead to exposure to additional healthcare IT technologies or even headway directly into EMC or PACS (both of which are at the forefront of healthcare technologies).

Keep your eye out for contract IT job opportunities with hospitals.  Be sure to let IT recruiters know if you’re willing to relocate or travel, as it will obviously open up more opportunities for you.  Finally, look for healthcare IT certifications.  The more  relevant experience and certifications you can put on your resume, the better chance you have of being identified by an IT recruiting company or client directly.

Healthcare IT Opportunities

A recent article in the Boston Business Journal discussed the high demand for IT products and IT services in the healthcare industry.  IT contractor hiring needs will subsequently open up, as clients will need healthcare IT specialists to implement and train on the new technologies.  Many doctors have been waiting on the new federal regulations that have just been released.  One CEO mentioned that they would most likely double the amount of employees they currently have by the end of the year.  For IT recruiters and IT recruitment firms, this equates to significant contract IT staffing opportunities.

Some IT staffing agencies, like AVID Technical Resources, have embraced the Healthcare IT movement.  AVID created a Healthcare IT staffing division a couple of years ago.  Since the division’s inception, they have secured a number of local healthcare clients (including Boston-based hospitals) as well as national healthcare IT vendors such as Siemens Medical.

Could IT Contractor Pay Rates Finally be Increasing?

Over the past couple of years, client companies have limited overtime, reduced the number of hours an IT consultant can work in a week, and even rolled out pay cuts.  IT staffing firm bill rates are down; therefore IT contractor pay rates have been lowered as well.  All of which are a result of the terrible recession that our nation has been fighting through for the past two years.

However, IT recruiting has experienced a change over the past 6 months.  Client bill rates are steadily on the rise, resulting in higher pay rates for IT consultants.  Here’s an example from this IT staffing firm: Last June, our client hired a .NET Developer for a 6-month engagement for $70/hr.  Almost exactly one year later, our IT recruiters placed a .NET resource for $85/hr with the same client.  He had a similar background and experience level.  The difference in rate is significant, and it maybe be an indicator that the worst should be behind us. Overall, IT staffing companies across the country are reporting an increase in contract and permanent hiring.  As the demand increases, IT contractor pay rates will climb.  The economy is heading back in the right direction – and although it will still take some time – there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.