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Resumes: Consistency is Key

One of the most important aspects to writing a strong resume is consistency.  IT recruiters working for various IT staffing companies will tell you that a clean, consistent and condenced resume can make the difference between getting that all-important first interview or not be selected at all.  We asked a number of technical recruiters for more specific feedback:

1)  Font:  This is the most obvious key to a sharp resume and the easiest to make consistent.  Highlight the entire IT job resume and choose a font.  Make sure it’s consistent throughout.  There is nothing more frustrating to IT recruiters San Diego than to see inconsistent font.  It’s a clear sign of laziness or lack of attention to detail.

2)  Spacing:  If you skip one space between Objective or Education or Work Experience, be consistent throughout. Single space the resume – there is no need to make a long resume even longer.  IT recruiting firms look for consistent spacing before sending the resume to their clients.

3)  Company info/title:  Whether you bold the company name or that of the various IT recruiting companies that you worked for, then underline your IT job titles (or vice versa), just be consistent.  Do not bold the IT recruiting firm under one past employer, then not the next.

4)  Dates:  If you use months and years (recommended by most IT staffing firms) to accurately show the dates of your employment, be consistent throughout your resume.  Don’t use the month and year under one past employment, then not the next.  Additionally, just using years is frowned upon by most IT recruiters CA as it appears as though the IT job candidate is trying to hide a gap in employment.

5)  Margins:  Lastly, check the margins in your resume and make sure they all line up.  There’s no need for significant spacing on top or the bottom of the resume.  Keep both to a half inch to an inch.

For more questions about resume writing, contact one of our IT recruiters Boston or one of the many IT staffing agencies Boston.

IT Recruiters or Technical Recruiters?

Is there really a difference between calling high-tech headhunters IT recruiters or techncial recruiters?  Not really.  IT obviously stands for information technology recruiting while technical staffing could also include engineering or other technical industries.  Either way, if you’re an information technology professional searching Google for IT staffing companies, it’s best to put IT recruiters into your search string versus technical recruiters (if you’re searching for a specific location, then obviously put the city name such as IT recruiters Boston or IT staffing agencies Boston).  If you’re an engineering professional, then it’s actually best to put engineering recruiters rather than technical recruiters.

Therefore, whether you’re a client looking for IT staffing resources or an IT professional looking for help with your IT job search, then just be sure to use the appropriate key words when you do a search.  This will help make your search, and the IT staffing firms that you call, as accurate as possible.

Just some advice from one of the leading IT staffing agencies in the US!