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Tardiness in IT– Not So Straightforward

The IT job board, Careerbuilder, conducted a recent survey on tardiness to work illuminates some interesting trends, but it doesn’t tell the whole story for the nuances of what is acceptable in terms of tardiness for jobs in information technology. This year, the survey reports, over a third of hiring managers surveyed had to fire an employee for being late.  In the IT field, IT consultants tend to be doubly responsible in their jobs for tardiness—they report to their IT managers, but they also are technically reporting to IT recruiters Boston, too. If they are fired for lateness, IT contractors are not only losing their own IT jobs, but possibly losing future business for the IT staffing companies who placed them.  This, of course, could burn that bridge for the IT consultant, making IT recruiting agencies reluctant or simply refusing to work with him/her in the future.

Though technical recruiters and IT managers both would certainly prefer uniform promptness, the sheer variety of roles for IT professionals dictates a wide range of lenience for tardiness. The severity of the consequences for lateness definitely vary from role to role.  For instance, a programmer, who works more independently and in a “backroom” capacity, wouldn’t likely cause much of an issue if he was late for his company or his IT staffing agencies.     A help desk role, on the other hand, which is very visible more “front of the house” would certainly hurt his and his IT recruiting firms reputation if he was constantly late and holding up any trouble shooting operations. The permanency of an IT professional is also a factor.  IT contractors hired on a temporary basis (and requiring payment both for their own work and the IT headhunters’ fee) are far more vulnerable to scrutiny than permanent hires.  This scrutiny obviously includes tardiness.

One factor that seems pretty universally irrelevant throughout the IT staffing industry is the reason for tardiness.  Too much of it is always a problem, whether it is because one is busy putting a raincoat on their concrete duck or due to traffic.

Resumes: Consistency is Key

One of the most important aspects to writing a strong resume is consistency.  IT recruiters working for various IT staffing companies will tell you that a clean, consistent and condenced resume can make the difference between getting that all-important first interview or not be selected at all.  We asked a number of technical recruiters for more specific feedback:

1)  Font:  This is the most obvious key to a sharp resume and the easiest to make consistent.  Highlight the entire IT job resume and choose a font.  Make sure it’s consistent throughout.  There is nothing more frustrating to IT recruiters San Diego than to see inconsistent font.  It’s a clear sign of laziness or lack of attention to detail.

2)  Spacing:  If you skip one space between Objective or Education or Work Experience, be consistent throughout. Single space the resume – there is no need to make a long resume even longer.  IT recruiting firms look for consistent spacing before sending the resume to their clients.

3)  Company info/title:  Whether you bold the company name or that of the various IT recruiting companies that you worked for, then underline your IT job titles (or vice versa), just be consistent.  Do not bold the IT recruiting firm under one past employer, then not the next.

4)  Dates:  If you use months and years (recommended by most IT staffing firms) to accurately show the dates of your employment, be consistent throughout your resume.  Don’t use the month and year under one past employment, then not the next.  Additionally, just using years is frowned upon by most IT recruiters CA as it appears as though the IT job candidate is trying to hide a gap in employment.

5)  Margins:  Lastly, check the margins in your resume and make sure they all line up.  There’s no need for significant spacing on top or the bottom of the resume.  Keep both to a half inch to an inch.

For more questions about resume writing, contact one of our IT recruiters Boston or one of the many IT staffing agencies Boston.

Evaluating IT Staffing Companies

When it comes to choosing the right IT recruiting firm (among hundreds of IT staffing companies) to represent you with your job search, there are many options.   A quick internet search for an IT staffing or IT recruiting company in any given location can yield overwhelming results.  This can be a particularly challenging issue for many IT job seekers as choosing the wrong company can make the difference between getting their ideal job, or getting the runaround.

There are many factors one should consider when reaching out to IT staffing agencies or technical recruiting companies but here are a couple of quick tell-tale signs that let you know if you are on the right track.  First off, doing a little research on a company can prove very revealing. Typically, where there’s smoke there’s fire so if you see a number of negative Google or Yelp reviews that should serve a good indicator for what you may be getting.  It takes time for someone to add a review (good or bad) so if someone has taken the time to share their experiences with others, they’ve typically felt pretty strongly about what happened to them.

Next, what happens when you finally connect with IT recruiters.  Do they seem genuinely interested in helping you with your career, by asking you questions about your past positions and experiences, in addition to your goals and aspirations moving forward.  Or do they seem more interested in the positions they are currently working on and if you’ll be a fit for any of those openings.  Reputable technical recruiters will want to spend a great deal of time getting to know you and what drives you, so they find the best opportunity for you.  If you’ve determined any follow-up steps after your initial call or meeting some IT headhunters, does the IT recruiter call and/or email as scheduled.  If they don’t do these basic things and appreciate and respect your time then there’s little chance that things will improve.  You only get one chance to make a first impression and if this is a snap shot of the recruiter at their best, then you wouldn’t want to see them at their worst.

Ultimately, it’s very important for a candidate to remember that while IT staffing firms will be evaluating them as they search for a new position, they should also be evaluating the IT staffing agency.  Making the wrong decision can seriously impact a candidates career.

Submit Your Resume to An IT Recruiter or Client?

You see an IT job posting for a company that you’re very interested in working for – then you see the same position posted by various IT recruiting companies.   Who do you submit your resume to and do you submit to mulitple IT recruiters.  The answer might surprise you.  Submit your resume to the technical recruiter at the IT recruiting firm that is most reputable and/or you have a relationship with.  Here’s why:

1)  Submitting directly to the client could go into an HR black hole.  Remember that not HR are trained to recruit on IT jobs.  Therefore, even if they receive your resume, they may not know whether your a fit for the position.

2)  Once you submit your resume directly to the client, you’re “their property.”  Therefore, if IT recruiters Boston try to submit you thereafter, the company could reject it (then never even contact you).

3)  The IT staffing company may have a relationship with the direct hiring manager.  Therefore, by working through the IT recruiting agency, your resume may not only go directly to the source, the IT recruiter may be able to pursuade the IT manager to speak or meet with you based on their relationship.

Therefore, working directly with IT recruiting agencies is your best chance of landing that next information technology opportunity.

IT Job Interview No-No’s

What to do and what to say in an IT job interview are both age-old questions.  Take it from these IT recruiters, and adhere to the following list of no-no’s with any technical job interview:

1) Don’t be late:  While there’s no excuse for being late for an IT job interview (give yourself 2 extra hours to make it to an IT recruiting firm or client company), sometimes there are extreme traffic or public transportation delays out of your control.  If you’re faced with being late, contact your technical recruiters or interviewer immediately to let him or her know you’re running late.

2)  Don’t dress casually:  Even if you know the client is business casual or even less formal, first impressions are critical to any technical job placement.  Therefore, always play it safe and wear a suit (unless your IT headhunters or hiring manager tells you otherwise).

3)  Don’t  call the IT recruiters or interviewers by the wrong name:  Trick of the trade, ask for business cards after you sit down and place them in front of you based on where the technical recruiters or hiring managers are sitting.

4)  Don’t bad mouth a past employer or boss:  This not only makes you look bitter, it makes the technical recruiter or hiring manager question the real reason why you left your last position.  Also, it’s a small world, there’s always a chance the IT recruiters Boston or client knows that person (or worse is related!).

5)  Don’t leave the interview without asking what the next steps are:  While this isn’t a tragic error, our IT recruiters MA included this “don’t” to stress the importance of leaving with a follow up/timeline.  Try to close the deal while you have the opportunity to sit in front of the IT staffing agency or client company!

Review: “The Inside Scoop: Recruiters Share Their Tips on Job Search Success with College Students”

College students or recent grads considering a career in technical recruiting will want to pick up a copy of The Inside Scoop: Recruiters Share Their Tips on Job Search Success with College Students. A lucrative career in the IT staffing industry can be a great career option for motivated young professionals. As Cunningham points out, an internship at an IT recruiting firm can be a great way to learn more about the industry. Since a big part of IT recruiting is understanding the qualifications for the job, and giving IT contractors advice that may give them a better chance for an open IT job than other IT consultants competing for the job, this book can be very helpful for the novice IT recruiter looking to learn the basics of the job.

As any IT recruiter working in the information technology industry knows, a lot of the work IT staffing firms engage in happens behind the scenes. Chapters covering the best techniques for writing resumes and cover letters can serve IT hiring managers well, so that they are both familiar with these skills themselves but also able to coach IT contractors on those fronts. Interview questions common to various technical positions and dressing to make a good impression are key topics for any IT recruiter to make sure his or her candidate is well-versed in before an interview.  As any successful interviewer knows, the key to turning the interview opportunity into an offer is the ability to close well. A strong thank you note, negotiating skills, and conveying positive qualities through non-verbal cues all play  a key role in the successful interviewer’s arsenal. Technical consultants and IT recruiters will find this book to be a practical guide to success in the information technology industry.

Seeking…a client? Part II

During the Meeting

The Introduction

The opening of the meeting should be about building a relationship.  Always greet your client by name and extend a handshake.  As IT recruiters, you want to establish a rapport before you jump into business, so have your client open up to you and do the same.  Once you feel comfortable, move onto the business side of the meeting.

Getting to Business

Gradually shift to the topic of the meeting, but do not make it completely random.  This segment of the meeting should be entirely about the candidate, so turn on your technical recruiting cues.  Ask what the IT manager’s wants and needs are about this position.  Address any questions and concerns.  If you do not have an answer right away, be sure to write them down to follow up.

Discuss the IT jobs and the prerequisites.  Ensure he or she has all the required experience and skills before you get his heart set on the position.  If the client does not have specific experience or skills, make it known so you do not get his hopes up.  Offer to keep him or her in mind for other openings you may be working on.

The Conclusion

When closing the IT staffing meeting, make sure you have addressed all the key topics, concerns, and details of the position.  Thank the client for his or her time and try to always end a meeting on good terms.  Sincerely extend another handshake, offer your business card, reiterate the value-add that you and your IT recruiting firm can provide, then wish the prospective client well.

Like dating, keep arranging client meetings with different candidates until you have found “the one”. 

When Business Casual Is Too Casual

If your IT staffing office looks like a pajama party, you know work is probably not being completed to its full potential 

Imagine the nightmare of walking into an interview for an IT job and no one acknowledges you.  Desk dwellers are plugged into their headsets and shift their eyes toward you only to immediately avert any interest from your direction.  Technical recruiters stroll toward you five minutes past your appointment, barefoot wearing a grease stained t-shirt and basketball shorts.  You extend a hand which he uncomfortably shakes and leads you to a corner office which could be mistaken for a closet.  You thought you were going to an IT recruiting firm…are you in the right place?

Offices are becoming increasingly casual, but what crosses the line from casual to sloppy?  Some argue that their quality of work should not be based upon their style.  When poor hygiene and style habits begin to affect others, it is time to raise the bar on what is acceptable.  Here are some guidelines so you do not ruin the luxury of a relaxed office for other IT recruiters Boston.

Your Outfit– Just Because It Zips Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It

Tight clothes are not flattering in the work place and are often distracting.  On the other hand, loose and baggy clothes give off the slob vibe.  Wear clothes that fit properly and give you a professional demeanor.  You will feel better about yourself and chances are your quality of work will improve, too.  A client will most likely choose the neat and trim IT recruiter over his messy, unkempt counterpart… and the same goes with an IT staffing representative choosing his candidates, too!

Maintaining Good Hygiene—What’s That Smell?

No one wants to be the person in the office that people want to avoid due to poor hygiene.  Prevent the label by taking care of yourself and grooming on a daily basis.  Maintain good health and be considerate of others.  What might be considered normal and comfortable for you could put others over the edge.

The Mute Office

Some prefer to keep to themselves during their work day which is perfectly acceptable.  What is not acceptable is keeping your headphones in all day and ignoring fellow IT recruiters and guests.  Make it a point to communicate with others in your office.  Building relationships now will help when you need to collaborate on projects later.  It also does not hurt to have a few friends in the office!

The Social Office

On the flip side, candidates that talk about their personal lives or choose to meet up outside of office hours with their IT headhunter and coworkers should remember how their actions and words will affect their work.   Just because you may not be in the office does not mean others will not find out things you say or do.  Ensuring conversations with your colleagues in and out of the office are appropriate will prevent you from having to explain yourself later.  Keep in mind that some associates do not want to be concerned with others’ personal issues.

Dropping in at All Hours

Some companies are flexible with their hours, allowing employees to drop in at all hours of the morning given that they complete their shift.  Be considerate of your clients and coworkers in your IT recruiting firm by creating a fixed schedule.  Set up a weekly meeting with your IT recruiter so you have a definite time to address issues or concerns.   A routine will help you to stay organized and on top of your work.  If you unexpectedly decide to come in at a different time, or are late, notify your supervisor so there are no questions asked.  Even if it is not required, the notice will be appreciated.

No one enjoys working in a strict atmosphere with all rules and no fun.  Keep a positive attitude and be respectful.  If you are not used to working in stricter office conditions, give it time and soon it was become second nature!

Reel in the IT Recruiters—Choosing Your Resume Title

When publicly posting your resume on IT job boards such as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, and Monster, you are allowing IT staffing agencies to approach you with open positions.  But how do you specify which jobs are a fit for you?  Are technical recruiters mind readers when it comes to dubbing resumes?  Here are some tips for choosing your resume title to narrow down your career options:

Include Qualifications and Details

Placing your title just as your name is taking a stab in the dark.  How will IT staffing firms know who they are dealing with? Research the title of the IT job you are seeking.  If you have experience in this area, do not be afraid to include it in the title.  This could help maintain your game as IT recruiters Boston filter candidates.  You might think it is clever to create your own IT job title, but IT recruiters could overlook your resume.  Keep it professional and the more specific you are the better an IT staffing company can assist you.

Abbreviate—Don’t waste space!

Sites such as Monster have a limit on the number of characters when choosing your resume title.  Abbreviations allow candidates to catch the eye of technical recruiters by not leaving out key criteria.  While abbreviations are helpful, do not go overboard and try to jam all your skills in your title.  Too much abbreviation can hinder your chances of being selected by an IT staffing firm as it can cause confusion, stick with the basics.

Tailor Your Title

Just as you fit your resume to IT jobs, tailor your title to the prospective position.  Monster allows its users to have more than one resume on file.  The flexibility expands your choices as some job markets are severely limited.  If you are open to more than one position, keep different resumes named and geared for each.

Remember when you post your resume on public job boards it is not all about having the technical recruiter come to you.  Be aggressive and make the first move by reaching out to IT recruiting agencies.  Your resume will now be on file, potentially build a relationship, and score some career advice!    

Organize the Night Before an IT Job Interview

Take 1: It is 8:45 am on a Monday morning.  Your interview is at 9:15 am.  One slight problem… your printer is jammed and you cannot print the latest copy of your resume.  You were going to research the IT recruiting company before you left.  You rip the pages from the printer and trip out the door to your car.  On your commute you realize you do not know the name of the IT recruiter. You quickly jot down two questions on the back of your crinkled resume.  Flustered, you enter the lobby of the IT staffing agency with one minute to spare.  At 9:15 am, you hang your head and enter the IT job interview.

Don’t let this be you!  In the world of IT staffing, we live by Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Quite the pessimistic view, but if you are in this position you’ll wish you had been better prepared.    Our AVID technical recruiters make it a point to ensure that you do not find yourself in this situation.  AVID IT recruiters  take the time to reach out to you and provide tips from tweaking your resume to interview prepping.

Here are just some key tips for your interview:

–          Always wear a suit and iron the night before: You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  Even if you are overdressed for the IT recruiting firm’s environment, you’ll still look good and you will feel it, too.  Having a back up outfit doesn’t hurt either.

–          Research the night before and write down your questions:  You will look prepared and have you questions answered.  Make note of recent press releases, the hiring staff will see your interest in the IT recruiting company.

–          Know your resume:  Always make sure your resume is up to date and includes all relevant experience.  Be prepared to answer questions about employment gaps or responsibilities.

–          Take the commute:  Research your commute to your interview at least a day in advance. Take the drive, take the train, or walk it the day before and be sure to time it.  Leave yourself enough time to arrive 15 minutes early for the interview.

Take 2: It is 8:00 pm on Sunday night.  You are prepping for the interview with the technical recruiting firm.  You are ironing your suit and a back up outfit just in case.  You research the IT recruiting agency, their technical recruiters, and latest press releases, writing down questions and thoughts.  You are flipping through your notes, reviewing your resume and remembering all of your interview tips.  You pack your bag the night before.  You’ve done the commute and spare yourself an extra fifteen minutes to arrive early.  Next morning, you arrive fifteen minutes prior to your interview as expected with a clear mind, no worries.  You walk in, looking sharp and present your values and experiences.  Your technical recruiter calls you the next day with good news!

For more tips, visit our interview tips page!