How to Find the IT Job That is Right for You

Every day thousands of IT Professionals across the country are contemplating whether they are in the right technical job and how to advance in their career. The real difficultly comes when a candidate doesn’t know the technical environment of other firms and is afraid to make a move just to end up at a similar place. After all, until you’re under the hood of another company to see their environment, their commitment to advancing information technology systems, and even the company culture and the people who work there, it’s hard to tell what the day to day work is like. Fortunately working with IT recruiters and technical staffing agencies can solve this problem.

Technical recruiters should be trusted advisors to those looking for the next step. The IT recruiters Boston will listen to your, identify your motivation and goals, then work hard to strategically match the candidate with the right clients.

Steps on finding the IT Job that’s right for you:

1. Figure out what your motivation is for making a move.
2. Determine whether there is a path to your goal
within the company you work for before looking at other options.
3. Prepare your resume to include all of your recent work experience.
4. Contact various technical recruiters to talk through your
motivation, requirements and goals.
5. Discuss open with the IT recruiter and decide which positions
you’d like the technical staffing firm to you submit to.
6. Make sure all relevant information and information technology
skills are clearly stated on your resume.
7. Make a list of each position you have applied to or been submitted
to by various IT recruiting companies.
8. Keep open lines of communication with the high-tech recruiter
while waiting for feedback and scheduling interviews.
9. Before the final interview, review all information and terms so
you’re prepared to make a decision.
10. Research the hiring managers who will be a part of your
11. Dress professionally for the interview and put your best foot
forward (read Interview Tips).
12. After the interview, contact your IT recruiter with your feedback
and whether they can accept on your behalf.
13. If you receive an offer and accept, ask your technical recruiter
to role play counter offer situations to prepare yourself for a
tough conversation with your current manager. Remember you made
the decision to look for a new position for a reason.
14. Give proper notice to your current employer. Never burn a bridge
and keep all interactions professional.
15. Fill out any paperwork necessary to start the new position.
16. Notify all other IT recruiters and IT staffing agencies that
you’ve been working with that you are off the market so they can
update their records and back off your technical job search.
17. Enjoy your dream IT job!

Remember, technical recruiters Boston go through the IT recruitment and job placement cycle every day and are experts when it comes to the entire process from listening to your needs, matching you up with the right job/company, walking you through the interview process, giving proper notice, then keeping the lines of communication open to ensure your new position is working out well. Therefore, have faith in your trusted advisor.

Building long term relationships with IT recruiters is beneficial to moving forward in your career. If a headhunter truly understands what you are looking for, they will contact you when the right role opens up, whether it’s a week, a month or a year after your initial conversation.

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