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Company Culture – AVID Technical Resources

Over the years, I have learned a number of valuable business lessons. Among the most important was creating and constantly reinforcing company culture. When you have a group of people, all on the same page striving for a common goal, you create a culture that fuels success. Culture can be simple to define, but difficult to create.

At AVID Technical Resources (, it starts with hard work and dedication and ends with opportunity and reward. We define clear and concise goals for our IT recruiters and then provide a bonus once we achieve it. Whether it be additional compensation, an office outing or even time off, it’s important to celebrate the victories. I also have a strong belief system that I think further defines our company culture. I believe that every employee must have a clear path, a tangible opportunity for advancement. With advancement must also come an increase in salary and additional responsibilities to further challenge the employee. The career path should utilize the person’s strengths and interests, while aligning with company goals. However, each reward, every opportunity for advancement must be earned. At AVID, we don’t care about tenure. We don’t have “glass ceilings.” The best person will be awarded leadership roles regardless of how long they have been with our company or how many years in the IT staffing industry. It’s as simple as that. I believe in having a performance bonus for every role. Regardless of your role, every person at AVID has a bonus incentive tied around his or her job responsibilities. There must always be a motivator to ensure people constantly strive to excel.

Finally, I believe in recognizing personal achievements whether in the form of praise, an award or even a gift. Giving a simple gift certificate in recognition of someone’s hard work or accomplishment can further help motivate a person. It’s the little things that can sometimes go a long way. AVID has spent years creating a culture that we’re proud of. Hard work, motivation, dedication–  this is the very foundation of our company and precisely what will propel future growth.

Why Meet with an AVID IT Recruiter?

Searching for a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Being unemployed is an anxious time for anybody. As you conduct your own IT job searches, and tap into your personal network, be sure to also utilize IT recruiters. Don’t just cast your resumes to any technical recruiters with email addresses, but find a select few that have either earned your trust or work for highly reputable companies (like AVID Technical Resources), then work on building a relationship with them. More specifically, set up a time to meet them in person.

Here is the reality: recruiters talk to hundreds of candidates every week. The best way to ensure your IT recruiter calls you when they receive a position that matches your background is simply by building a relationship with them. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how many times you call or email a recruiter, how many times you speak to them on the phone each week, the best way to build a relationship is by meeting someone face to face. It sounds cliché, but putting a face with the name goes a long way in the IT recruiting industry.

Therefore, next time you speak with an AVID Technical Resources recruiter, ask if you can schedule a time to come into our office and meet with him or her. It will benefit you in the long run and put you atop that recruiter’s list of candidates when your future employer comes knocking.

Weak Economy? Find the Silver-Lining

There is no doubt we are fighting through one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history. However, even amid the financial crisis, there are silver-linings. You just need to find them.

The recent economic downturn might provide you with the opportunity to purchase a home with very affordable mortgage rates. It might give you leverage when negotiating an apartment rental or purchase of a vehicle. It could give you a chance to scoop up stocks or mutual funds at virtually bottom prices. Or, it could simply make you stop and appreciate the little things in life.

At AVID Technical Resources (, our philosophy is simple. We can’t control the economy. We can’t control Wall Street. We can’t control when the recession will end or when the turn-around will begin. What we can control is our own work ethic. Therefore, through sheer hard work, we have found the silver lining in this tough economy. By simply working as hard as we ever have, we’re building relationships.  We’re also taking business from our competitors, who have either left the IT staffing industry or took their foot off the gas. In both cases, we’re using this downturn to set ourselves up for future success.

In any event, there is usually a silver lining in every situation. You just need to find it.