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Are IT Recruiting Agencies Spamming Clients?

In the IT recruiting business, the golden rule is to stay in touch with clients to create reoccurring customers.  Technical recruiters do not want hiring managers or IT contractors to forget about them or think they do not care, so they reach out frequently to check in.  While this is crucial in the IT staffing industry, when does following up evolve into spamming?  Here are some tips to keep in touch without crossing the line.

Be Consistent

When first reaching out to IT consultants, ask when a good time would be to meet and discuss resumes, IT job interviews, or just life.  IT recruiters should let their clients know they wish to reach out on a weekly basis if that is the case so candidates are aware and will expect their call.  At the close of discussions, schedule follow up meetings.

Surprise visits can make a consultant’s day, but it can also be a disaster if it is poor timing.  Try to avoid surprising clients unless the recruiter is certain the client will not be too busy with work to have a conversation. 

Make Personal

When sending emails, do not act as though this is the first interaction with a recipient.  An IT recruiter can try calling clients the next time they are about to respond to a message.  Hearing a voice on the other end brings a closer connection than emails where tone and expression can be lost in translation.

A technical recruiter can make the relationship friendly, while also staying professional.  Remember details about IT consultants and ask about anything exciting in their life.  The recruiter may find something in common that he would not have known otherwise!

Mass mailings may make IT headhunters lives easier, but are often easily recognized.  Try to take a few minutes each week to recognize clients.  They will appreciate the personal touch.

Send Valuable Information

Allow clients to control how much content they are receiving.  If they are subscribed to the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn of IT recruiting firms, they may be receiving the same updates repeatedly.  Try to keep material fresh and irredundant so clients have a reason to subscribe.

If IT staffing agencies are using the same content for social media outlets, they may experience attrition in subscribers.  Also, only send important updates or news so technical recruiting companies are not wasting their client’s time as the message will be deleted.

The point of staying in touch is to not lose contact, do not drive customers away by being overly aggressive!

Technical Recruiting Companies, Stop Second Guessing Yourself!

Making decisions can be a tricky situation, especially when IT recruiters or hiring managers are not one hundred percent on board with their choices.  Any small amount of doubt can set back a technical recruiter and impose regret even if it is a step in the right direction.  Here are some suggestions to put a stop to second guessing at IT recruiting firms.


If technical recruiters or prospective candidates feel they do not have enough information to make a decision, they can do some homework.  The more educated they are about the matter, the more likely they will be to make a solid choice.  Try not to get too hung up on research by wasting time on irrelevant details.  Make a list of pros and cons and go with the best option and tweak along the way if necessary.

Accept Mistakes

No one is perfect or always right despite how hard they may try in the IT recruiting industry.  With that in mind, let intuition guide IT staffing firms to the right path.  Worst case scenario, mistakes are generally reversible and provide a valuable lesson for the future. Also, try not to focus too much on the past especially if it is not too important.  IT recruiting companies will end up experiencing unnecessary anxiety and doubt if they are too hard on themselves.

Be Confident

Most people fear the unknown and steer away from change.  Trying new methods or experiences for the first time brings a new level of confidence and knowledge.  Finally, when a decision is made, stick with the choice and try to not play into doubt.  If problems arise along the way, IT staffing agencies will be ready to approach the situation only now with a better degree of assurance.

Some decisions do not require in depth analysis so avoid the stress and just make a choice.  When time calls for a complicated choice, do not procrastinate and face the problem head on!

IT Staffing Companies Advise to Stop Procrastinating Now

When a technical recruiter is given a task, does he start it right away or wait until the last possible minute to start?  The IT recruiter may begin the project, but find himself stuck on the perfect procedure or torn over decisions.  He may also find the task to be too trivial or tedious to be accomplished immediately and put it off as long as possible.  Whatever the case may be, the first step to overcoming procrastination is finding the reason why it is occurring.

Find Motivation

If technical recruiters believe they cannot accomplish a task, chances are they will be right.  Self deprecation is often the source to putting off projects or not achieving goals at IT staffing agencies.  Clear distractions and find inner motivation to tackle challenges.  If given the opportunity, work with positive, driven hiring managers and candidates for inspiration.

Make a List

Having a clear visual of what needs to be accomplished is an organized approach to defining technical recruiting workload.  Create a list of all your tasks, even the ones that seem too minor to list need to be taken into account.  Then, rank them in order of priority and deadline.  After the list is finalized, get ready to devise a plan.

Make a Plan

Plan how to accomplish a task in the simplest way possible while meeting all requirements in a timely manner.  Making the job harder than it needs to be in fear of mistakes or perfectionism is bound to delay the project further.  Implement the plan when it is ready to go while remaining focused and motivated with small rewards and breaks.


Be weary of mistakes or errors in the IT recruiting plan as they arise with frequent checks and balances.  Fix accordingly and maintain a steady pace when closing in on the finish and meeting the deadline.  When ready, cross the task off the list and consider it done!


IT recruiters should not be afraid to reward themselves frequently when finishing a step in their plan or landing a milestone.  The key to rewarding oneself, though, is to know limits.  Surfing the web for an hour will counteract an hour of completed work, so try to stay on task at IT recruiting companies.

After completing the list, IT headhunters may realize the hardest part of overcoming procrastination is just getting started and motivated!


Should You Criticize Your IT Staffing Supervisor?

When your supervisor is slacking or not working efficiently, how do you handle the situation?  Some may take on additional workloads at IT recruiting companies while others openly vent their frustrations.  Before you begin cursing your boss with fellow technical recruiters, bite your tongue.  Here are some tips for making open suggestions and providing feedback to your manager.

Set Example

By bashing your supervisor with IT recruiters, you are not only being disloyal, but you are also making the problem worse.  The only accomplishment of focusing and sharing negatives will bring is a hit to the team moral.  Rather than pinpointing flaws, act as a leader by brainstorming and devising solutions to outstanding problems.

Approach in Private

Prior to your meeting, plan what you will say and how you will say it in the most tactful and respectable manner.  The goal is not to embarrass your IT recruiting manager, but to provide honest feedback from the field.  When the timing is right, ask to speak to your boss in private.  Try to avoid having the discussion around other IT professionals as it may make them feel uncomfortable.


Keep in mind that your boss is taking the time to listen to your suggestions so hear his reasoning.  You may not be seeing the whole picture from your point of view.  The suggestions you present may have been tried in the past or pose additional concerns.  You may leave the meeting with a more open mind and better idea of IT staffing company goals.

When an entire team of IT headhunters is having an issue with a supervisor who is not open to suggestions, it might be a good idea to approach a trusted manager.  The objective of your constructive criticism is to improve teamwork and technical recruiting output.  Keep the issues strictly IT recruitment related and leave personal matters at the door.

IT staffing firms are always seeking ways to differentiate themselves from competitors.  If you have either suggestions or criticisms, most managers are open to listening!

Is this IT Recruiter Cheap or Frugal?

Being perceived as frugal is a favorable quality, but unfortunately it is also misconstrued as cheap.  At IT recruiting companies, you may know candidates, hiring managers, or fellow technical recruiters who can seem to stretch a dollar while still keeping things classy.  You may also know an individual who tries to get by as inexpensively possible by taking any means necessary.  In an economically troubled society, what crosses the line from frugal to just plain cheap?


A technical recruiter does not feel like buying groceries.  He relies on the snacks in the IT staffing office kitchen for breakfast.  Lunch rolls around and he is feeling pretty hungry.  He reaches out to a sales representative for an impromptu client lunch… on their tab.  The IT headhunter orders the most expensive meal on the menu and turns his head when the check arrives.  He takes both his and the sales representative’s leftovers for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.

When you are saving money at the expense of others, you are being cheap.  A rule of thumb, if it feels like you are cheating the system or taking advantage of another party, you are being cheap.  Stop making others at technical recruiting companies feel uncomfortable and realign your values.  Before you take more than you need, think about how this puts you at an advantage and if it is completely necessary.  Typically those who are cheap are unhappy, so by becoming more flexible with your budget you may easily remove a stressful trigger.


IT recruiters decide to go out for lunch together.  Not sacrificing quality over price, they use a coupon they found online to an upper tier restaurant.  After leaving, they realize the restaurant provided extra napkins and utensils with their leftovers.  They bring them back to the IT staffing company for others to use with their lunches.

The difference between frugal recruiters and cheap recruiters is that thrifty IT headhunters use the resources available to them while cheap individuals shamefully take from others. Those who are financially responsible are typically generous, fair, and are often times more happy than those who are cheap.  Their values are more in line with what is important in the quality of life versus what is in their pockets.      

The next time you feel like being cheap, ask yourself if it is actually worth it and what need you will be satisfying.  There are more important things in life than money, so avoid the temptation of greed.  Guaranteed you will feel less stressed and more self assured when fiscal burdens are removed from the equation!

Too Competitive in the IT Staffing World

Almost everyone can recognize the overly competitive and often overachieving technical recruiter.  Rather than being supportive of other’s accomplishments, they hide in their cube and dwell over their latest feat.  When they do not reach their own goals, they punish themselves and others with a severe attitude and immense workload.  When does competitive turn from ambitious to toxic?  Read on for clues that you may be too aggressive in the IT recruiting office.

Me, Me, Me

If you are only concerned with yourself at IT staffing companies, you will bring down the team.  Not utilizing or participating in teamwork is not working effectively or efficiently.  Share resources, make suggestions, and provide feedback to make positive changes for technical recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.  You will be a more valuable asset to IT recruiting companies than if you are just reeling in revenue and soaring above your peers.  There is nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself by setting realistic, attainable goals, but just make sure you are not hindering other IT recruiters or being selfish in the process.

Short Run Focus

Focusing solely upon the present may bring in leads, interviews, and new IT job opportunites, but are these quality results?  A solid deal that will bring in long term revenue is better than a short term prospect filled with risk and doubt.  Rather than turning to the easy route, challenge yourself by achieving long term goals and assignments.  Remember that that quality of your output is more important than the quantity.


Finally, being competitive with your own team is bound to make you unhappy and the added stress unhealthy.  When you are upset that other IT headhunters succeed, you will make the team feel uncomfortable.  Instead of taking on more than you can handle, ration your work and focus on your own goals.  As others achieve, congratulate and ask for tips.

When you begin to feel envious of your co-workers’ accomplishments, focus on your goals and make small steps toward improvement!


IT Recruiting: Best Decision Making Tips

When an IT recruiter is presented with multiple options, how does he choose which is best?  Technical recruiters encourage candidates to make the best choices in terms of their careers and opportunities on a daily basis.  For those applicants and hiring managers in frequent limbos, IT recruiters can provide helpful tips to making the most beneficial decisions.  Continue reading on for some useful tips from the elite IT headhunters of AVID Technical Resources.

Make a List

It might sound too basic and simple, but by brainstorming and creating a list of your choices, you can put ideas into perspective.  You may also discover different options you were previously unaware of.  Tweak your list by conducting research and nixing those that are cumbersome or unfavorable.

Pros and Cons

When you have narrowed your selection to a few options, make a second list of pros and cons for each choice’s outcome.  Try to avoid over thinking the process and realize that it is acceptable to make mistakes.  If necessary, approach your IT staffing team for a second opinion after you have gathered your facts.  Involving others from technical recruiting companies in the decision making process takes the burden off of one individual and opens the floor to different, and often better, suggestions.


If you find you are still torn between your options, try going with your gut instinct and maintain your confidence.  When you are passionate about an idea, let your intuition guide you in the right direction.  Second guessing yourself typically leads to more mistakes so get an idea and stick to it!

Learn from Mistakes

Never dwell on an error or if a plan does not go as expected.  Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn at IT recruiting companies.  Next time the issue or project comes up, you will be better prepared to handle it.

Making decisions can be a stressful experience, but by using these tips you can help ease the process!

Impatient IT Recruiters Opt for a Change

When things are not done according to the standards or timely manner of a certain IT recruiter, does he become upset and angry?  When this technical recruiter seem to be constantly troubled with stress and anxiety of deadlines and projects, it has a contagious effect that permeates through the IT recruiting company, making others irritable and frustrated, too.  If you happen to be among the impatient IT headhunters of the IT staffing industry, here are some tips to become more tolerant.

Why are you upset?

The first step to becoming patient is identifying the source of what is causing distress.  Technical recruiters can have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.  Often, people become impatient with issues that are beyond their control or simply need to learn to manage their moods and how to work with others.  When you find the cause to your angst, you can begin the process of patience.


If feeling anxious, try to relax and reevaluate the situation while focusing on what matters.  Chances are the issue is not nearly as important as it seems.  Before making decisions, prepare what you will say and your actions as they are bound to affect others within IT recruiting firms.  You will build better relationships and be less likely to regret a snide comment or attitude if you give yourself time to plan.  You will also produce better results by making more favorable choices, leaving you in a less stressed, more satisfied mood.

Learning Experience

Becoming more patient has a learning curve and takes time.  Start by nixing grudges and work civilly by making situations more positive and optimistic.  Learn from others and share your experiences and tips so people will also become more patient with you.  If you find you are reverting to your old ways, stop and go for a walk or take a break and return when you are ready.

Patience is not something learned over night, it takes time.  With each step, you become closer to a happier, healthier you—and candidates, coworkers, and hiring managers will appreciate it!       

Gift Giving in the IT Recruiting Industry

When does a gift no longer become a gift? When the gift is required.   With the holidays approaching, IT recruiters may feel obligated to buy for nearly everyone in their lives, making it difficult to determine where to draw the line.  As for giving gifts at technical recruiting companies, it should never be mandatory.  If an IT recruiter wishes to spread some holiday cheer, here are some tips to show appreciation in a tactful manner.

Never Offend

The last thing a present should do is upset someone.  If a technical recruiter chooses to give gifts to select people, keep in mind he may be offending those who are left out.  Also, he should not expect a gift in return or he may end up being insulted.  Avoid spending too much or the receiver will feel uncomfortable and never give inappropriate presents, especially in the IT staffing office.

Celebrate with the IT Staffing Firm

A better way to celebrate the holidays is to get the whole IT recruiting company involved.  Bring in baked goods or have a potluck lunch.  IT headhunters will be experiencing some diversity while also treating taste buds and learning about peers’ culture.  If one is not into baking or cooking, pass out holiday cards with a personal message to co-workers and hiring managers or suggest a Yankee swap and gift exchange.

Choose Not to Participate

Some might consider it Scrooge-ish by not partaking in office gift exchanges, but often this is the easiest way to avoid drama or hard feelings.  If technical recruiters happen to receive a gift, say thank you and do not dwell on reciprocating.  When people ask to join in on the present exchange you have the option to say no.

During economic hardships, the idea of gift giving should be reserved for closest friends and family.  Do not let what should be a joyful time of the year stress you out!

IT Recruiting Tips: Your Elevator Pitch

When you step into technical recruiting firms for interviews, does your mind draw blanks or do you spill every intimate detail ranging from your professional experience to your personal life?  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so when hiring managers or technical recruiters request that you tell them about yourself, you instantaneously become vulnerable.  Loosen up and use these provided tips to ease through your IT job interview starting with your elevator pitch.


Prepare your elevator pitch by sitting down and writing out your key accomplishments and experiences that are unique to you.  After you have drafted up some points, make it concise by highlighting your education and employment history.  Keep repeating until you have the most important facts along with a theme.  This will be your elevator pitch.

Longer is NOT better: You have the whole interview to discuss your other relevant experience and resume, so leave some material out of your pitch.  Also, after about one minute, the attention span of hiring manager and IT recruiters begin to diminish.  To maintain the spotlight, keep it short by limiting yourself to sixty seconds.

Be Honest

Be honest about your skills and experience.  Do you want your first impression for hiring managers or IT headhunters to be that you are a liar?  Embellishing what you did during your elevator pitch is a slippery slope because you will have to explain yourself later in the IT staffing interview.  Stick to the facts, but do not be too modest by selling yourself short.

There is a difference between talking yourself up and lying.  Eventually, the truth will come out and you will burn bridges in the process if you are dishonest.  Stick to the facts and win over IT recruiting companies with your personality!


Always practice your elevator pitch so there is a smooth transition from first introductions.  You may be nervous, but the more your practice, the easier it will become.  Try not to make the routine too rehearsed and vary your tone and body movements so it appears natural.

Nearly anyone can memorize a speech, so bring some life and personality to your elevator pitch.  It may be what sets you apart from other candidates and snags you the position!