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IT Recruiting: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Technical recruiters typically take notes during phone conversations with prospective candidates and hiring managers.  The writing may be scribbles with some mark ups such as doodles on the margin or perfectly neat and aligned.  Ever wonder what the penmanship of IT recruiters says about their personality or mood?  Continue reading for some insight on everyday calligraphy.


Take note of the degree in slant for handwriting.  If it is leaning to the right, the IT recruiter may be more of a social butterfly and enjoy working with others.  When writing slants more to the left, the technical recruiter typically prefers working alone, focuses on attention to detail, and does not appreciate others trying to trump him with authority.  When recruiters of IT staffing companies have penmanship that seems to have no slant, they may be more rational decision makers and tend to let their emotions guide them.


When handwriting is large it means technical recruiting companies have confidence coupled with outgoing personalities… think John Hancock, they want to be noticed!  If penmanship is small, recruiters prefer to be focused or working in the background and may also be shy and thoughtful.  Those with average sized handwriting are considered easy going and well adjusted to different situations within the IT staffing industry.


Scrutinize loops if the handwriting is in cursive.  If loops tend to be closed, consider one’s mood.  Are they feeling agitated or easily annoyed?  Closed loops signify that one is unconvinced and discouraged while wider loops indicate an adventurous personality and expression of oneself.

Other Things to Think About…

Is the penmanship half cursive half print?  Some believe these may be the most intelligent workers of IT recruiting firms because the brain is working faster than the hand in these instances.  If words are rounder, this person may be a people pleaser and avoid confrontation.  Pointier letters indicate one is focused on his own wants and needs at the technical recruiting firm.  People who doodle in the margins tend to be the creative thinkers while those with neat notes have more organized thoughts.

All of these indications are up for debate, but fun to think about.  Next time you are on the phone with a client or taking notes at a presentation, take note of your handwriting.  It may be telling you more than you think!

Technical Recruiters Warn: The Flu Season Approaches

As the temperature drops, fevers rise.  From October through the month of May, flu season raises its ugly head to spite IT recruiting offices throughout the Northeast.  When IT recruiters find they are the victim of the plague, should they be the office heroes or stay curled up in bed?  Here are some reasons why it is better to stay quarantined at home than in the office when a technical recruiter becomes ill.

Causes of Illness

Germs and viruses are incubated in colder weather as more people opt to stay indoors longer.  The air becomes stale and recycled.  Another reason illnesses are on the rise is because children are back in school.  Children are more weary of bacteria and easily spread their germs, bringing it home to their families as well.  Soon the whole household will be sick and will share it with fellow IT headhunters, wiping the IT staffing company.

Reasons People Come to Work Sick

Whether they are afraid of being reprimanded for their absence or hurting their chances of being promoted, some employees try to make it to technical recruiting companies under any condition.  With jobs being cut across the country as the recession continues, there are less replacements to cover workloads and cross train on projects.  Employees may avoid taking a sick day because they would prefer to use their PTO for vacation time, but which is more important: overall health or a day’s work of pay?

Reduced Productivity

An IT recruiter will not be the office hero if he is working at fifty percent of his healthy productivity level.  Soon he will be bringing other’s efficiency levels down with him whether from contagiousness or pure distraction.  If a recruiter must work while sick, he should offer to sift through resumes at home if possible and be available via phone or email.

Hiring managers would rather have happy and health employees than ones who miserably strain themselves while taking a toll not only on their physical health, but also their mental health.  If you are not feeling one hundred percent well or begin to feel sick, notify your supervisor in a timely manner and request a sick day.  IT staffing companies will thank you in advance!

IT Recruiting is not Day Care

Hey technical recruiters!  Do you trust your IT contractors?  Are you confident your candidates can make the right decisions on their own?  Some IT recruiters feel it is necessary to walk their clients through the IT staffing process, which is completely acceptable.  What is not acceptable is talking down to your contractors, holding their hand, and giving into outlandish demands throughout their contract duration.

The Customer is Always Right

IT recruiting companies want to keep their clients more than satisfied with their services.  How much can technical recruiting firms give before they begin to break?  By repeatedly meeting contractors’ unrealistic demands and expectations, IT staffing companies will find it difficult to say no in the long run.  Clients may begin to take advantage of a company’s generosity, so an IT recruiter should put his foot down early to prevent things from getting out of hand.

Flip Side: The technical recruiter is not always right.  Be open to suggestions and encourage feedback from your contractors.  Their criticism and praise can help your performance and work ethic!

Making Decisions

Contractors are typically experienced adults and seldom does a recruiter come across a client who cannot make choices on his own.  Only the candidate knows what is best in terms of his wants and needs and never should a recruiter make a decision for him.  Rather than taking the reins, IT staffing firms can help candidates make decisions in terms of which IT jobs would be the best fit for their experience and lifestyle.

Flip Side: If a candidate cannot make up his mind or seems indifferent about an offer, remind him the benefits of taking the position, but reiterate that other candidates would be happy to be in his place. 


Sometimes it is not what you say to a candidate, but how you say it.  Contractors may be more sensitive while others have a tougher skin and can handle a strong personality or attitude.  The most important aspect of recruiting is staying positive throughout the experience.  Get to know your clients so you know how to conduct business effectively.

Flip Side: Babying your client helps no one.  Coach your contractor with proper instruction and feedback to help his progress.  If he reacts poorly to your advice, it may be time to sever ties and stop representing him.


IT Recruiters Boston Get Around Town

Ask IT recruiting companies that call Boston their home how they get around and you will get a number of answers.  The technical recruiters of AVID Technical Resources weigh in on their choice methods of transportation.  Which do you use?


Those who do not fear traffic, pedestrians, or the inevitable parallel parking in the streets of the city choose to use their own car.  While courting yourself around might seem more convenient, IT recruiters must remember the costs associated with owning a vehicle such as insurance, gas, and routine maintenance as well as the random perks of parking tickets.  To help lessen the burden of owning a car, an IT recruiter should consider joining a car sharing company such as Zipcar. Those who have flexible spending might enjoy the luxury of letting someone else grab the wheel by taking a cab.


The more health conscious or eco-friendly technical recruiter rides their bikes to IT recruiting firms or across the city.  The benefit of owning your bike is that you do not need to worry about fueling or traffic.  You will be reducing your carbon foot print, having fun, and taking care of daily exercise in one punch.  If you are uncertain if you want to invest in a bike, try Hubway bikes which are conveniently located throughout the city.  Always review terms and conditions as well as prices when considering your choice.

Public Transportation

If you do not mind crowds and a few delays, the MBTA is the most convenient way for technical recruiting companies to get around town.  The MBTA runs boats, busses, and trains to accommodate Bostonians at affordable prices.  Taking opportunity of these rides is not only good on your wallet, but it also helps the environment and reduces traffic, too.  There are private companies that even offer services to distant towns, cities, and other states.


Sometimes walking is the best solution for IT staffing firms, especially with there are one way streets and parking issues.  The best things about walking are it is a form of exercise and easy for almost anyone.  Next time you have an IT job interview, check to see if it is in walking distance so you can enjoy the weather and beat the traffic.

Boston may seem like a tricky city to get around if you are tourist or new, but once you get the hang of it explore the history and have some fun.

Should Pets Be Allowed at IT Recruiting Companies?

When an IT recruiter leaves home to go to work, do they feel guilty about leaving their pet at home?  Do they think about what their buddy is doing or what trouble it is causing throughout the day?  Some technical recruiters wish they could have their furry companion by their side and, according to APPMA and St. Petersburg Times, nearly twenty percent of companies allow dogs and cats in the office as business become more lenient on animal policies. Before IT recruiting firms follow suit, here are some thoughts to consider.

The Pros

Bringing pets to work has been linked to improving workers’ moods and performance.  Employees are less likely to be absent and productivity levels increase with more satisfying working conditions.  Pets in IT recruiting offices allow bonding between co-workers who share a love for animals and bring out different personalities of a technical recruiter from the everyday office life.

The Cons

Unfortunately, not everyone is an animal lover.  Those who choose to bring their pet to work must be mindful of other IT recruiters.  Some employees might find animals in the office to be unsanitary or distracting while others might feel uncomfortable.  Managers must be weary of potential damage and accidents that could occur while pets are exposed to the office as they pose a liability.  Also, bringing a pet to work might create a domino effect and cross the line, for example an employee brings his dog , the next a cat, and the next a bird.  Most importantly, what would hiring managers or prospective candidates think if they came to an IT staffing office and there were animals running around?


When you choose to bring your dog or cat to work, always check with co-workers beforehand and let others know the office will have a guest.  Make sure your pet is completely housebroken, trained, and healthy, especially if it will be around other animals.  If you find your work is being distracted by your friend, you might want to consider leaving him at home next time.  Flipside if you are being distracted by a co-workers dog or have allergies, speak up before the problem escalates.

IT Recruiting: Lunch Etiquette

Technical recruiting companies frequently engage in lunch meetings with their candidates to discuss business and life in general.  These gatherings can range from low key to a strict agenda depending on the client.  If IT recruiters are uncertain of how to behave during a meeting, here are some tips to stay in line during a standard corporate lunch.


Technical recruiters should look up the menu in advance so they do not waste time deciding on lunch.  Choose two different meals, one light and the other a full meal while avoiding messy and finger foods.  Plan to arrive fifteen minutes early and dress professionally.  IT headhunters may be over dressed for the restaurant or relative to their client, but it is better than standing out in a negative way.  Prepare an itinerary for the meeting and leave phones off or in the car.

At the Meeting

IT recruiting firms should greet their client with a firm handshake and wait to be seated.  Place napkins on the lap and do not put cell phones on the table even if they are on silent.  The contractor should place his order first, and then the IT staffing rep can choose his meal depending on what the contractor orders.  This way the contractor will not be waiting for the recruiter to finish his steak if the candidate only ordered a salad.  Also, try to avoid going to the meeting hungry because technical recruiting firms may become too distracted with food to discuss the importance of the meeting.  Before diving into business, make small talk to set a comfortable mood and then transition the subject after placing the order.

The Food

Anything that can stain or get stuck in the teeth of an IT recruiter should be saved for a night out with the pals.  Also, food that is messy and difficult to eat is distracting and can upset the client while alcohol is typically avoided.  When the technical recruiter is finished eating, rest the utensils on the plate with the napkin on the table.  It might be tempting to take a doggy bag with you, but fight the urge.

Be polite to all wait staff and maintain focus through the meeting.  If the recruiter extended the invite, cover the bill and be discreet in regards to tipping.  Remember to thank clients for their time!


IT Staffing Firms Enjoy Apple Treats

October 21st is a festival called Apple Day for residents of the United Kingdom.  Over here in New England, everyday can be Apple Day in the fall.  Rinse off those apples you picked a few weeks ago and get ready to bake for your IT recruiting office!

The Baked Goods

Most IT staffing agencies have a designated baker along with a clan of voluntary eaters.  If you have a surplus of apples, go with classic favorites such as apple pie or apple crisp.  Want to really win over IT recruiters?  Bring in a gallon of vanilla ice cream to go with the warm treat.

If you are concerned about temperature sensitive dishes, bake an apple strudel or bread.  When making bread and muffins, substitute apple sauce for any oil to cut down on fat and extra calories.  Cookies and muffins are also excellent solutions in terms of portion control and serving sizes for the diet conscious IT headhunter.

The Treats

Almost all candidates and patrons of IT staffing firms cannot turn down candy apples.  Whether you dip them on a Friday night with your family or socializing with friends, making caramel apples is a fun and filling process.  After dipping the apples, consider rolling the apples in chopped nuts for added protein and a crunchy kick.  If you are daring, drench the dried caramel apples in chocolate and roll in crushed candy, cookies, or brown cinnamon sugar for an over the top dessert.

In addition to homemade applesauce, consider making some fresh apple jam or butter for technical recruiters.  You can also give the jars as small thank you gifts for hiring managers or those who help you and make your time enjoyable at IT recruiting agencies.

Go Raw

Apples do not always need to be all dressed up in sugar or baked into sweets.  Bring in some fresh apples at your IT recruiting company for a healthy treat.  Studies have shown that just one apple a day can help with cholesterol and weight management as well as diabetes prevention.

Recruiters deserve a break after working hard sifting through resumes and setting up IT job interviews.  Suddenly the fall just got sweeter for IT recruiting firms!

IT Recruiting Tips: When You are Caught in a Lie

Technical recruiters search the web for candidates from sites such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn.  When the resume of a prospective candidate catches their eye, they add it to their database and try to contact him for IT jobs.  If an IT recruiter found out a contractor’s resume was falsified and skills were exaggerated, would he give the IT professional a second chance?  The answer is typically no, but some IT recruiters may be more understanding.  If you are lucky enough to find these rare recruiters, here is how to make penance…

Admit Your Fault

Covering a lie with another lie is a slippery slope that should be avoided at all costs.  Come clean to your technical recruiter by admitting your faults and taking responsibilities for your actions and its outcome.  Explain why you lied and the truth.  It might be difficult to admit you were wrong, but IT recruiting companies will respect you for owning up to your mistake.

Take the Next Step

Apologize to the IT staffing agency and all parties involved.  If your recruiter is still willing to work with you, send over a corrected resume with the accurate dates of employment and your skills.  When you apply for other positions in the future, explain your gaps of employment or your level of skill so technical recruiting companies and hiring managers are not mislead.

Don’ts of Lying

Never justify deceit with dishonesty because you will lose track of your deception and truths.  Also, never blame others for your lies.  Only you can control your actions and by blaming another party you are showing IT staffing companies that you have no responsibility.

Remember that you can always prevent the effects of a lie by starting with the truth!

IT Recruiters: What Color is Your Mood?

Ever wonder how you choose your outfits in the morning?  You might prepare the night before or grab whatever is hanging in your closet, but often there is an algorithm to the process.  Next time you are in the IT recruiting office, take note of what colors your fellow technical recruiters are wearing to get an idea of their moods.

Responsible, Credible, and Confident

Patrons of IT recruiting firms who wear neutral colors such as grey, brown, and navy blue wish to be perceived as serious and trustworthy workers.  This explains why most potential candidates opt for a conservative color scheme for IT job interviews.   Though often perceived as bland, these colors work in favor of an IT recruiter for staying in style while also appropriate for most occasions.

Energy Drive

If a technical recruiter is feeling driven and ready for action, he might choose a red shirt or orange tie.  The red is attention grabbing, but beware if you find you are hungry throughout the day.  Red can also stimulate appetite!  The orange is a softer, soothing energy color compared to red and radiates positive energy throughout the day.


How can you tell IT headhunters are having a good morning?  The color yellow is a cheerful color for IT recruiting companies and sets a joyful feel.  Be careful though, too much yellow can cause agitation and irritability.


Green is the color of not only money, but also relaxation.  Those who wear green at IT staffing firms are sending off soothing signals of stress relief and calming vibes.  While white is a conservative color, it also signifies peace and ease.

Big Decisions and Projects

If you have a big decision to make or assignment to lead, you may need to throw on a purple tie or blouse.  Purple is known to stimulate the brain and drive inner creativity.  It also has been connected to one’s intuition, so it can help an IT headhunter follow his instinct.  If you cannot find a piece of purple garb, grab yellow!  Yellow has been coupled with intelligence and inspiration.

A Little Bit of Everything?

The most complex color seems to be everyone’s favorite, blue.  Blue is known to be stress relieving and calming, but it is also known to drive creativity.  Those who wear the color may feel cheery and uplifted, but darker shades can make you feel more upset when you are stressed.  A tip to those who are looking to shed a few, eat your meals around the color blue.  Blue is an appetite suppressant because no natural foods are blue in nature so the brain is turned off!

Next time you go to your closet you may have a change of heart about what you wear!

IT Recruiters: Food Survival Guide

IT staffing agencies can spend hours in the office chipping away at work and consistently achieving goals.  With their dedication, one may begin to wonder how recruiters find time to eat.  Here is a list of necessary food supplies for IT recruiters Boston to make it through a typical week.


Take a peek at a recruiter’s cube in the early morning hours.  You may find the IT staffing rep stirring up some oatmeal or nibbling a breakfast bar.  Some might change up their breakfast with a Chobani yogurt while others stick to a strict Pop-Tart routine.  On special occasions, there may be a trip to the local Bruegger’s or Dunkin Donuts for bagels and coffee.

Mid-morning Snack

Come ten o’clock, you will begin to hear stomachs grumble as IT staffing companies reach their mid-morning peak.  Some recruiters reach for their perfectly ripened banana while others grab a handful of nuts.  The more spontaneous recruiters take a trip for a donut or muffin along with a coffee to make it to noon.


IT recruiting firms look forward to their lunch more than any meal of the day.  In technical recruiting offices, one will notice the noise level and productivity rise after a recruiter’s midday meal.  From grabbing a sandwich at the local deli to eating last night’s leftovers, these sources of energy send recruiters into overdrive and on a mission to round up potential candidates.  For tips on dining out, check the Phantom Gourmet or go with the suggestion of fellow technical recruiters.

Mid-afternoon Snack

At around two thirty or three o’clock, the lunch activity begins to die down and IT headhunters rise from their desk for an afternoon kick.  A trip to a local convenience store or CVS is in order for an energy drink as well as candy or healthy pretzels and humus.  These snacks will give recruiters a boost to make it through closing time while rounding up candidates and scheduling interviews.


IT recruiting agencies may enjoy dinner together from time to time to discuss life outside the IT staffing industry.  These sit down meals can help to building networks while also establishing relationships out of the office.  If recruiters cannot commit to a full dinner, they can always grab drinks after work to celebrate a successful day!