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IT Recruiting Companies: Building Your Own Brand

Technical recruiters not only work within IT staffing firms, they also work for themselves.  Their hard work, inner passion, and drive are reflected in the quality of their work and results.  How can they replace the label of IT headhunters and make it one of their own?  Read on for some tips to develop a unique IT recruiting brand.


Find what you enjoy most about the IT staffing industry and take advantage of it. Take that aspect and perfect it to make the process more enjoyable.  Research your areas of weakness for improvement and set realistic and attainable goals by building your skills.  If IT professionals are not passionate about their work, hiring managers and IT recruiters will notice.

Define Yourself

Think of how you perceive yourself, and then how others view you.  If you are extremely organized, make that your thing.  If you are always prompt with meetings, phone calls, or emails, others will take note and look to you in terms of responsibility.  Keep a clean, professional appearance and demeanor because what it can take you far.

Stand Out

Do something differently than the competition or your peers to stand out at IT staffing companies.  Getting people to talk about what separates you from others is buzz marketing.  It’s the best kind of promotion because it is free advertisement!  Tangibly get your name out there as well, be it through resumes or business cards, and find a tag line.  The more exposure an IT headhunter has, the more opportunities will arise.

Try to avoid getting ahead of yourself and stay loyal to your commitments.  Backing out of your agreements or failure to meet expectations can set you two steps backward and give you a hard reputation to shake!

IT Staffing: Unemployed…Now What?

You lost your job due to a recent layoff– and you are not alone.  Plenty of IT job seekers are unemployed IT consultants at one point or another.  They know what they should be doing, they hear it every day, and it becomes frustrating.  Rather than simply blasting resumes to technical recruiters and going on countless IT job interviews, supplement your daily routine with activities you did not have the chance to enjoy until now!

Unpaid Experience: Volunteering and Internships

Volunteering is a sacrifice of your time to help others.  While volunteering may not lead to a career opportunity, you will still be helping those who may be less fortunate than you.  Hiring managers and IT staffing firms would rather see prospective candidates make use of their free time by volunteering, rather than waiting for IT jobs to land at their feet.  This selfless act shows a passion to work and dedication without a paycheck.  Use internship and volunteering opportunities to keep your skills sharp, network with managers, and potentially be hired full time!

Discover a New Hobby

Have you ever wanted to run a marathon or learn to crotchet?  Maybe you wanted to travel across Europe or visit college friends, but never had the time.  Well, the time is now!  Depending on your budget and goals, you can turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity to achieve your dreams.  You’ll also provide an excellent topic to discuss with IT recruiters.  With the proper planning, you will not regret your choice or wonder if you should have done things differently.

Further Your Education

Make yourself more valuable to hiring managers and technical recruiting companies by enhancing your skill set.  You will be more marketable by IT recruiting companies with new experience and the latest technical skills.  If a certain area of technology interests you, test it out.  You might get to enter competitive, emerging fields.

Being unemployed is less than ideal, but having a plan can ease the transition from jobless to a new career.

Should IT Recruiters Respond to Emails on Vacation?

You have planned a week long getaway from the IT recruiting office in another country, far away from hiring managers, ongoing IT job interviews, and IT consultants.  You set up your auto response and request all urgent matters be sent to a fellow technical recruiter.  Before you press save, be mindful of these vacation email response tips.


Providing an automatic response confirms your email address to potential spammers.  Stop before you give out your account managers’ or technical recruiters’ email addresses in your vacation auto-reply.  You may be unwittingly exposing them to spam.  Instead, try to customize your message for those on your contact list, and then have a template for others.  Also, you may want to set up the response so it only reaches contacts once.  Then they are not repeatedly spammed with your out of office message.


For security purposes, do not provide the location of your vacation or the itinerary unless it’s a trusted family member or friend.  Letting others know your house will be vacant during your absence creates a threat of vandalism and theft.  Also, others outside IT staffing firms simply do not need to know your business.

Warn Ahead of Time

The IT staffing world will go on without you while you are on your holiday, so think twice before you check your email.  Warn others at technical recruiting firms ahead of time for projects that will need your approval, consent, or opinion.  By repeatedly checking and responding to emails while you are away, you’re letting work consume your life and disrupt your time to relax.  By providing a heads up, there will be no excuse, guilt, or blame for when you return.

IT Recruiters Should Borrow and Share Ideas

IT recruiting firms have been encouraged to be creative, unique, and think outside the box.  What happens when technical recruiting agencies run out of ideas?  How can they take a thought from someone else  and make it one of their own?  Here are some tips for technical recruiters and hiring managers to gain inspiration from others, while improving their own work ethic.

Build On an Idea

There is always room for improvement at IT staffing firms, which is why IT recruiters should take the opportunity to build upon others’ accomplishments.  If certain IT headhunters have a technique, ask for suggestions and helpful tips to improve output.  A technical recruiter may be able to add to the process or make changes that are even more beneficial.  Avoid over complicating procedures.  Just tweak the areas of weakness one step at a time.

Apply to Different Situations

Borrow ideas and apply them to personal circumstances.  If an idea is working for filling IT jobs or sifting through resumes, try implementing the plan with other tasks.  Trial and error is an excellent way to see if different processes work in multiple situations.  Do not be afraid to make mistakes and be open to suggestions.  The best way to learn from change is taking the risk with a test run and handling the consequences.

Give Credit

If a recruiter comes across a great idea, give props to the owner.  The more someone is praised for their thoughts, the more likely they will be to contribute in the future.  Stealing ideas and claiming ownership will cause others to be defensive and unwilling to share.  Be open and communicate with feedback and reviews.  Output will improve oneself, as well as helping IT recruiting companies to thrive from internal suggestions and accomplishments!

Keep It Simple at IT Recruiting Firms

An IT recruiter is assigned a project and he immediately begins planning.  After creating a plan, he realizes there may be a better way to implement the steps and scratches his initial idea.  He develops a new method, which includes different steps, but also checks and balances along the way and incorporates other IT headhunters into his work.  Before he knows it, he has overcomplicated the whole procedure when in reality he just needs to keep things simple.

To some, the idea of simplicity is boring or too easy and additional steps need to be included to feel a challenge.  Often, these supplementary steps are where mistakes are made, which may make the project more cumbersome than necessary.  Rather than over complicating tasks, here are some reasons to keep some routine tasks as simple as possible.

Less Stress

Why add extra work where it isn’t needed if it produces the same outcome?  Stressing over trivial details can make IT recruiters irritable and difficult to work with.  They may also overstep their boundaries, causing others to become frustrated with them as well.  Rather than taking on unnecessary work, try the simple route and keep it cool.

Less Wasted Time

Focusing on irrelevant details and creating new steps takes time and attention that could be used in other areas.  Rather than wasting effort on fixing something that does not require change, maintain a routine.  By perfecting the required steps, IT staffing agencies will save time to focus on other projects, such as editing resumes that may require more work.  Also, creating new ways to complete projects is a form of procrastination.  Stop procrastinating by taking the initial step!

Less Mistakes

The simplest procedure is sure to highlight any outliers or mistakes.  The more convoluted a plan is, the more likely there will be errors or failure to meet deadlines.  Keep the process smooth and avoid having multiple people handling the project.  Let others become information technology experts in certain areas to keep things moving.

While some change is beneficial at IT staffing firms, it is not always necessary and can actually hinder productivity.  Before technical recruiters implement new procedures, they should have a trial run first.  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas.

Keeping IT Jobs in Massachusetts

In November 2011, the national unemployment rate was 8.6 percent, while Massachusetts’ unemployment rate was 7.0 percent.  With some of the most prestigious technical engineering schools including MIT, Wentworth, and Harvard, IT staffing firms wonder why graduates are choosing to migrate west when it comes to landing an IT job.  The Boston IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources suggest some reasons IT consultants should stick around the bay state.


If workers or technical recruiters are wishing to further their education, the bay state is a perfect location.  With such an elite selection of competitive colleges and universities, Massachusetts is ideal for those who are pursing flexible degree programs and course schedules.  To find the best school for you, check this technical school guide.


There is so much history and culture that Boston has to offer.  Why not be a part of the history and make Boston your home or place of work?  You will not only be enhancing your career options, you will also add culture and a bit of diversity to your life.


Despite the ongoing recession, Boston’s unemployment rate is below the nation’s average, which means growing opportunities for job seekers and IT recruiting companies.  If IT consultants are looking for different work atmosphere, they do not have to limit themselves to business professional or totally casual.  They can find the perfect fit by consulting their IT recruiter.

If you wish to work in Boston, but prefer the suburban life, plenty of jobs allow telecommuting and travel.  Expand your options and contact Boston IT headhunters today!

IT Recruiting: Skype Interviews for Hiring Managers

Last week, the IT recruiters of AVID Technical Resources provided prospective candidates with helpful information regarding Skype interviews.  This week, the spotlight is on the hiring managers.  If IT staffing companies are looking for innovative ways to interview and screen candidates, the Skype interview may be the right choice!

Saves Money

The Skype interview is perfect for saving companies money, while also expanding their candidate search.  The webcam-based interview allows hiring managers to interview candidates who are from outside the area without the burden of travel and lodging accommodations.  The cost of the equipment may pay for itself in just one screening.

Saves Time

Often hiring managers and technical recruiting companies will know within the first five minutes if IT consultants will be a fit for their IT job opportunities.  Rather than flying in a candidate, taking them out to lunch, and conducting three round interviews, a team can sit in together or take turns interviewing the IT contractor.  A whole day ordeal can be drastically reduced to an hour, leaving plenty of time for other projects and interviewing more candidates.

Body Language

IT staffing firms may use Skype interviews rather than phone interviews to read a candidate’s body language and see how comfortable they feel around information technology.  Also, the webcam provides technical recruiters the opportunity to witness how a consultant responds to questions social cicumstances.  Check for indicators that the applicant is professional by his attire, behavior, as well as the setting and background he chooses to conduct his interview.

Record for Review

The video conference allows hiring managers of IT recruiting firms to review the interview and take note of subtle details.  They can also use the replays to compare candidates’ answers and responses to questions.  If a hiring manager was absent from the meeting, he can view the interview as well for feedback.

While the typical phone and in-person interview will not be disappearing any time soon, the Skype interview may become a more viable option for money and time-conscious IT recruiting companies.

Incorporating Skype into IT Job Interviews: Candidates

Phone screens are quite common during interview rounds as hiring managers select final candidates for IT job opportunities.  With new information technology, IT recruiting firms may even vamp up their interview procedure with an innovative type of screening known as the Skype screen.  If you are a prospective candidate, read on for information and tips to make the most out of a Skype screening.

Check Technology

Prior to the interview, check your audio equipment and microphone.  Though most laptops come with standard webcam features, you may want to invest in newer equipment so your IT staffing interview runs as smoothly as possible.  Check your network connection for a clear signal and send all attachments to technical recruiters prior to the interview.  Have the attachments and your resume open and ready at the start of the Skype call for quick access.

Dress the Part

Just because the interview is in your home, candidates should not become too comfortable.  Opt for an entire suit rather than a dressy shirt and casual pants while maintaining a business attitude.  Use a professional Skype handle versus personal accounts.  Remember to smile and have natural facial expressions during the conversation with IT recruiters.  Also, the camera is where you will be making eye contact, so do not become distracted by staring at yourself while speaking or watching your IT recruiting audience.

Beware of distractions

Interviewing in the privacy of your own home is a luxury, but remember to keep it a formal interview.  Ask family members and roommates for privacy while keeping pets out of the picture.  Use a blank wall or cleared space for your background.  IT headhunters will find it hard to believe you are organized if they spy a cluttered background or mess!

One of the best reasons to conduct a Skype interview is to record and review it after.  Take notes on areas of strength and room for improvement.  The Skype interview may help candidates of technical recruiting firms better communication skills as you become more comfortable with the experience!

IT Recruiting: Persistent or Overly Aggressive… Back Off

Chances are you have heard it is good to follow up with hiring managers after IT job interviews.  Sometimes, this is not the case if you are working with an IT recruiter.  When IT contractors choose to work with technical recruiting companies, they develop their relationship with client companies through IT staffing firms.  Before you sit down to type out a thank you email to the hiring manager, consult your technical recruiter and read on for more tips.

Let IT Recruitersdo their job!

The gift of IT headhunters is they do some of the hard work for you.  Trust that they will in fact follow up with hiring managers for a prompt response and relay that information to you in a timely manner.  Remind yourself that IT recruiting companies would not be in business if they were not determined to land their IT consultants positions.  Instead of trying to nix the middle man, sit back and let technical recruiters take the reins.

Desperation is a turn off

A phone call with the recruiter along with a thank you to the hiring manager is necessary.  In the thank you, ask your recruiter when to expect feedback or a decision timeframe.  If you follow up more than the suggested time frame, you will be pestering your recruiter, which may lead him to believe you are impatient rather than persistent.  It is unlikely that he would forget to provide feedback, so he most likely has not heard back yet.  Also, by keeping to yourself you will be able to focus on other upcoming interviews and IT job opportunities.

Did the interview go well?

If you are sitting by the phone waiting for feedback, try to reflect on how the interview went and how badly you want this role.  If this position did not fit your interests or skill level, then you can relax during the wait period.  For IT jobs that meet your qualifications, calling in to check with your recruiter once is acceptable, but avoid going overboard with emails, texts, and phone calls.

If your recruiter gave you a specific time frame and has not responded to you in a timely manner or provided feedback, reach out to them.  They may be busy, but it is no excuse to not respect your agreement and keep you hanging.

IT Staffing: Seeing Candidates Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Most technical recruiters admit to having a choice contractor and play favorites whether it be their first placement or IT contractors with similar interests.  While it is great to find the good and positive in others, are some IT recruiting firms seeing candidates through rose tinted glasses?  Before a technical recruiter recommends him for other assignments, he should focus on the candidate’s actual work performance and goals.  They may be putting the contractor before more qualified individuals for open IT jobs.


It is acceptable to have a friendly relationship with candidates, but IT recruiters should keep their work relationships professional.  IT staffing firms should not let their candidates take advantage of them based on friendships.  Treat contractors with the same amount of respect as any hiring managers or other clients and expect the same from him.  If he asks for honest feedback, avoid sugarcoating information by providing him with the truth, especially if he is unfit match for an open position.


When a hiring manager makes suggestions for improvement in a candidate’s performance, do not take it personally or make excuses for him.  Technical recruiting companies should coach their candidates on ways to make the most of assignments and expand experience.  The more they learn, the more experienced they will be for potential, future placements.

Open to New Candidates

If candidates are more qualified than a favorite IT contractor, do not punish prospective candidates and hiring companies for a favorite.  Be open to networking and expanding client bases by meeting with new contractors.

IT recruiting requires mutual respect throughout the relationship.  By favoring another contractor over others, the IT recruiting company is not being fair to some who may be more qualified.  Rather than letting personal preference become involved, focus on the outcome of the placement.